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Working With Archangel Uriel For Enlightenment During Twin Flame Separation


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Lately, I've been working with Archangel Uriel for enlightenment during twin flame separation! I guess you could say that I'm at a crossroads in this situation.

This year, I made a connection with my twin flame. At the time, I had no idea he was my twin flame. It was the soul shock of twin flame separation that taught me that lesson.

Now, I'm standing at a crossroads, not knowing what to do. I've been having trouble sleeping and trouble sleeping means a troubled mind.

I am troubled. I am heartsick over my twin flame. I've tried to explain it to a few people that I've kept in the loop, but how do you explain what you don't understand yourself.

Imagine having intense feelings for someone you've never kissed or held hands with.  Someone you've never even gone on a date with.  

Such is the case with many twin flame or soulmate styled relationships.  You have this feeling as if you've known this person forever, like in a past life or something.

You feel this intense sexual attraction for your twin flame and you look into their eyes and you know they feel the same.  Soul connections can be heated and intense, activating your kundalini awakening in an instant.  

Then, somewhere along the way, you start to feel something between you.  You can't pinpoint it, you can't put your finger on it, but it's there.  It's like you wake up one day and realize you have feelings for this person.

Somewhere along the way, the universe steps in and separates the two of you, sometimes before you even get a chance to start anything.  This causes something referred to as soul shock.

It's one of the most painful experiences I've ever gone through.  It's like this big huge tower moment with lots of mini-tower moments ahead.  It's the aftershock of it all.

Finally, you get to the point where you've had enough.  You begin to lose faith and doubts creep in that you'll ever get to see this person again.  You begin to wonder if maybe it was all in your head.

That's when having the Archangel Uriel by your side can be invaluable!  Archangel Uriel can bring the shocking truth to any situation you aren't clear on in a twin flame runner situation.

Despite there being so many twin flame reunion stories, I have come to find that not all twin flames come back together in this lifetime.  That can make uncertainty and doubt even more painful.  There's always this possibility in the back of your mind that union won't be possible for the two of you.

Many twin flame divine masculine, have no idea that they are part of a twin flame story!  They know they have an intense attraction for the divine feminine, but they don't know why.  

It's not uncommon for the divine masculine to be living a 3D party lifestyle in an effort to repress their feelings for you.  It just depends on what your situation is and every twin flame relationship is unique.

In my case, I'm not sure how my twin flame feels about me.  I know he likes me and has an intense sexual attraction for me, but I have no further knowledge than that.

Then, when we were separated, it was before we really had the chance to act on anything we were feeling.  I moved to a tiny house around the corner, and we rarely, if ever, see each other.  It's like we have all this unfinished business with each other and words left unsaid.

All of this has left me reeling.  Part of me thinks I should move on, but something keeps telling me to hold on a little longer.  

I think what I need is clarity.  I need answers to the enigma this relationship has placed on my heart.  Therefore, I reached out to Archangel Uriel for enlightenment and truths revealed.  

Working with angel Uriel is like working with the solar power of the sun.  In fact, I often see sun symbolism everywhere when I call on Uriel!

Working With Archangel Uriel For Enlightenment During Twin Flame Separation

Working with Uriel is like working with the sun card in the tarot deck. The sun card is a card of revelation, bringing truth and clarity to situations where the moon was clouding your judgment.

By the moon, I mean the moon tarot card in the tarot card deck! It's a tricky card to get, especially in a love reading, as it often creates confusion on purpose.

That's what twin flame separation often does. It creates chaos and confusion between the two people involved in an effort to create exponential spiritual growth. Oftentimes, it's the divine masculine creating the confusion without even knowing it!

Archangel Uriel works in the earth realm a lot. You can find him canoodling in mother nature or anywhere you feel relaxed and sunny.

He's very down to earth and relatable, as far as nature angels go! If you have a problem, Uriel will work to clear things up. After all, how can you really solve a problem if there's a mental brain fog shrouding things?

Archangel Uriel will step right in and clear up any fog or confusion the moon creates! It will be like the sun coming out and the dawning of a new day.

Sometimes, like in my case, you just want answers. I've spent my entire summer trying to make sense of what happened between me and my twin flame. It's brought me no closer to the truth.

That's how I knew it was time to call on the angel Uriel. I knew that he'd be able to help me gain clarity and insight into what's going on with my twin flame.

Even if the answers aren't what I'd hope to find, at least I'll be able to move forward with my life either way. It's better than feeling stuck and stagnant, hoping someone will come around again.

Maybe it's my fiery Aries nature, but I'd rather know than not know. I'd rather hear the truth, even if things don't turn out the way I'd hoped.

By now, you're probably wondering how Archangel Uriel is going to bring truth, clarity, and healing to this situation. I have already started taking actionable steps in the right direction, using the guidance of Uriel.

Working with Uriel reminded me that it's okay to ask for help. I've gotten readings from Liz of Arcane and Stellar before, and she's refreshingly honest! She's really been a godsend to me in the past, so I ordered a one question reading from her.

I asked if I should move on from my person. She's going to send me a video in a couple days with a tarot reading. I'm nervous and excited, because either way, I know I'll finally feel at peace in this situation.

Of course, I want to be with him. He's my twin flame. I'd want nothing more than for the reading to come back and say we're going to be together.

But, I'm trying to prepare myself for anything. There are no flat out yes or no in the tarot, as life can be subjective and dynamic. However, this will give me the clarity I need to make my own decision on what to do next.

Archangel Uriel reminded me that it's okay to get readings when you're too much in your head to trust your own intuition as a tarot reader. The funny thing is that all my readings come true, sometimes on a daily basis for other people.

But, I'm so hung up on this guy that I can't trust my own readings that I do on myself anymore. At least, not when it comes to my twin flame divine masculine.

More than likely, it will turn out similar to my own readings. It has before. But, sometimes we need that outside validation, as much as we fancy ourselves to be intuitive warriors.

Thankfully, Archangel Uriel reminded me of the help and resources that I have at my disposal! Sometimes, signs that Uriel is nearby include intuitive downloads, lightening, sun signs and symbolism, the color red or yellow, and thunderstorms and electrical wiring.

When I asked for his help with twin flame union, I knew he'd get the job done. I instantly was reminded that I could get another reading from Liz. Last time her predictions came true and I loved her straightforward reading style.

Sometimes, clarity and insight might come through other people, and that's perfectly okay. I feel oddly at peace now knowing that enlightenment is coming.

I also did a crossroads spell and a crossroads tarot spread yesterday to dig a little deeper into the truth. If you're in the midst of a twin flame separation, I highly recommend calling on Archangel Uriel for assistance today!

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