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Currently: Embracing the Magical Path I Am On as a Green Witch + Herbalist


An ethereal garden of flower crowns, flower fairies, midsommer's dream of vining purple trumpet plants on the trellis in a botanical garden in Florida

Currently, I am embracing the magical path I am on as a green witch + herbalist! It turns out, working with plants and herbs, spending time in cemeteries with folk magic, and walking the path of the fae is the path for me.

To be honest, admitting that I am a witch hasn't been the easiest path for me. I come from a family of conservative Pentecostal Christian upbringing, so coming out as a witch is like pretty much dooming yourself to eternal hell and damnation. Only, it isn't.

While I'm grateful for my Christian upbringing and I consider myself to be a Christian witch, I know in my heart that becoming a witch is about as close to God/Goddess as one can get. My understanding of the world has transcended into something magical and inexplicable.

For one thing, I've spent my entire life feeling alone in the world and not feeling like I fit in anywhere and now I know why. Since becoming a witch in 2013, I have met many different deities, angels, fairies, and spirit helpers of different kinds.

It's one of those things where once you know something like that, you can't go back. Guess what? I don't want to!

This has been the first time in my life where I am fully embracing myself and who I am, even to people that I'm a little intimidated by and afraid of. My mom, for example, is one of my best friends in the whole world, but she's not exactly known for her open-mindedness.

In recent years, I've seen her open up to many different belief systems and ideas, especially when it comes to spiritual practices. Lately, I've been opening up to her, telling her about the spells I'm doing and the spirits that I talk to.

She even gave me the gummies for when I went to do some graveyard magic, so I had some offerings on hand to give the deceased loved ones and ancestral spirits. That's huge! This is a woman who is extremely conservative and adheres to the structure of the church.

I've found myself growing comfortable in my own skin when it comes to telling people that I'm a witch. I think for the longest time, I couldn't even admit it to myself because I still had a lot of fear from a past life I had where I was burned at the stake as a high priestess.

Now, I'm fully embracing the magical path I am on! I became a witch because I had already been living my life as a magical person. Unbeknownst to me, I had already been doing spells and enchanting things without knowing it.

Another reason I came to be a green nature witch is for the same reason that a lot of witches come into the fold. I felt powerless over my own life and doing witchcraft gives me power in a world full of chaos.

Why has it taken me so long to come into my own?  Again, it comes down to acceptance.  I remember a couple of years ago, telling my oldest daughter that I wasn't ready to label myself yet.  

I had told her that I was confused about what to call myself and that the only thing I knew for sure was that I was a spiritual person with an eclectic belief system.  It wasn't until twenty-twenty came along that I knew this was it, that I was ready to call myself a witch and be proud of it.  

That takes guts!  We have many different kinds of people in my family, many with conservative Christian beliefs.  So, for me to come along and say that I am a witch is kind of a big deal.  

But, it's where I belong and it's how I fit into the world.  It's like I'm the puzzle piece in a magical jigsaw puzzle and this is where I fit into the big picture.  I finally have a place of belonging and that feels really good to me.  

Not only that, but my psychic abilities, tarot readings, and intuition have been at an all-time high this past year!  It's crazy how many things have been taken to a brand-new level this year.  It's like an influx of downloads and information all at once.  

I keep thinking I am not alone in this, that I'm not the only one.  Twenty-twenty has undoubtedly been a year of rapid change, growth, and evolution for the human species as a whole and even more so for the witch stepping into her power.  

Why did I choose life as a solitary green witch?  It was a natural fit for me.  I've always been a nature lover and friend to the animals.  

I've always had an affinity for working with plants and herbs, most especially.  A lot of my magic has always been done from my home and garden and in the wilds of mother nature.  

I'm the kind of person to set a sigil in the heart of nature to be activated by the full moon and the fae that live in the forest or at the beach.  You can learn more on sigil magick for instant manifestation if that's something you're interested in. 

I'm the type of person that spends time in the forest talking to the gnomes and tree elves and working with botanicals to create a vortex of magical energy.  There are tons of faery portals all over the forest and in your home and backyard oasis so this is definitely a topic I'd like to talk more about in the nearby future.  

I might spend a day hiking the trails wearing flowers in my hair and snapping photographs with the fun of butterfly photography to make a difference.  Whatever I'm doing, it all seems to unfold organically!

I was always somebody who lived at a slower pace by practicing a slow living lifestyle.  I was always the person who would pick up trash at the prompting of the fairies and who loved the feel of walking barefoot in the grass.

That's the thing about choosing a lifestyle.  You may already be living it.  You may already be walking on the path of the solitary green witch and not even know it.  

Lately, that pathway has been expanding into plants, herbs, flowers, and gemstones even more than before.  I'm connecting with the built-in nature spirit that dwells within my botanicals and waking them up for spells and homespun magic!

I've found that my relationship with herbs has been building and growing stronger over time.  I've noticed that I communicate with my herbs and graveyard dirt more and more and that's a topic I'd like to touch on at a later date too.  

It feels like the magical pathway I am currently on is the most natural fit for me as a human and most especially as a nature-loving witch!  I've always felt that every living thing is ensouled and this belief (known as animism) has cropped up more and more in my spellwork and herbalism.  

I can't help but feel that the more you know your herbs, the more they can enhance your spellwork to a higher degree of understanding!  It's really created a familiarity and safety net in my spells that I never had before.  

It's the same thing with graveyard dirt.  Waking up my graveyard dirt for graveyard magic spells seems to create a personal essence and energy to my spells, making them ten times more potent and powerful!

So, don't be surprised if you start seeing me list out more herbs on the blog.  It's something that I really want to get into.  I plan to only touch upon the herbs I work with closely and have a personal relationship with!

For more on herbology, you might enjoy reading, How to Make An Herbal Envelope Spell With Herbs, Spices, and Elements of Nature!  Adding herbs to your spell will bring your magic to life.

A botanical garden of simple delights in a dreamy Alice in Wonderland styled world of possibilities

Currently: Embracing the Magical Path I Am On as a Green Witch + Herbalist

Where do I go from here?  It's interesting to me that I always thought that I might be a green witch with a bit of hedge witchery wedged in there since I do a lot of the work I do from home.  One of the major deterrents for me was thinking that I had to be a kitchen witch in order to work with herbs.  

While I do some kitchen witch magic with the alchemy of food, I would say that much of my magic lies in using my herbs to mix in potions with oils, container spells, and throughout my herbal envelopes that I like to make.  I have an entire decorative box filled with herbal remedy spells!

As much as I wish I could be one of those witches that makes tinctures and the like, it seems like I'm better at spending time with my herbs, talking to them, getting to know their magical properties.  In addition to that, I really enjoy adding herbs to my sigil magick for quick activation!

I also like to take my time with each herb and get to know it on a more personal level.  Most witches are aware that not every plant, flower, or gemstone you work with is going to like you.  The same can be said for herbs.  

Some herbs, such as ground lemon pepper, were a surprisingly good match for me!  Other spices, like fresh cumin, are less agreeable and less likely to work with me on spells.  What I find that works is coaxing the herb out of her shell, so to speak.  

Take your time getting to know your fresh organic herbs and spices and I think most of them will eventually come around.  I've also noticed that certain herbs will enjoy working with a witch if they've been cooking with them all their life or eating them.  

For example, I do really well with fresh cilantro because I often make my own chunky guacamole.  Therefore, I already have a previously established relationship with cilantro so she's happy to work with me in the kitchen and when performing a spell.  

I've found that when you go to the grocery store or when building an herbal apothecary, you might let your intuition lead you to the herb that you'd like to work with.  That's what happened to me with bay leaves and dill weed.  I let my intuition be my guide!

It's like a built-in witch sensory that the herbal green witch has up her sleeve!  She knows which herbs and spices that will enhance her spell.  It's an instinct thing.  

What else have I been using herbs for?  I've been making a lot more spell jars lately, as well as potions and oil remedies that contain graveyard dirt and herbal ingredients fresh from the garden.  It's life-changing!

I would say that the number one indicator that you might be on the solitary green witch path is working with herbs!  It's not the only thing, but it's a strong indicator that you are connected to the divine in that way.  

I would say that I started out with a simple love of nature!  I've always loved the great outdoors since I was a little girl climbing rocks in the Mojave Desert of Southern California.  That love of nature has only grown stronger as I've spent my entire adult life in Florida.  

I've gotten to know the lay of the land.  I've connected with the fae and genius loci living in the area that surrounds me, whether it be a beach or woodland setting.  

If you too feel connected to where you live and know the spirit of the pristine mountains and trailways where you live, always feel free to go a step further.  Choose a favorite park or place and spend a lot of time there.  

For me, it was always Hammock Park in Dunedin, Florida.  I swear I know that place like the back of my hand!  I even volunteered at the butterfly gardens there at one point.

Keep a nature journal and talk to the nature spirits that live there and respect the land.  Whenever you can, pick up trash and leave offerings in exchange for yarrow flowers and baby's breath flowers.  The fairies will take notice of you!

In addition to being a granola nature girl, you might also notice that you're in love with houseplants like I am.  I've gotten to the point now where I try different things with plants in order to make them happy.  Plants make people happy too, so why not?

What I find is you get to know their likes and dislikes, which makes perfect sense as plants have a distinct personality and energetic blueprint.  I've even found some plants don't like me at all and that's okay.  Start with the houseplant species you already have a relationship with.  

I'm from the desert, therefore cactus and aloe vera plants were a natural next step to me.  It's taken me years to build relationships with other plant species and I have to tell you, they are well worth the wait!

It's the same thing with gemstones.  I have many different types of gemstones, probably hundreds of them in and around my home.  However, there are some that I play better with than others and that's okay too.  

For more on crystals, you might like to read, Talking Gemstones: Healing Crystals For Emotional Healing and Talk Therapy!  I have a really sweet relationship with my rose quartz crystal and lepidolite that's added an extra boost of magic to my life.

With flowers and blooms, it's important to thank the flower fairies if you'd like to work with them.  Flowers are magical creatures with magical healing properties so be sure to know what you are bringing into your home.  

For example, a sunflower isn't just a sunflower once you get to know him.  Sunflowers are symbolic all throughout the tarot cards from the infamous sun card tarot to the queen of wands sitting on a throne with sunflowers in bloom.  

If you feel a natural affinity to mother nature and at least some of the things mentioned throughout this article, you may be on the path to the green witch!  At the end of the day, let the magic take you where you need to go.  I know I will 💛

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