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Grounded in Good Luck Energy: My New Lifestyle Theme


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Lately, I've been feeling grounded in good luck energy, which also happens to be my new theme! I've come to find that when luck meets something grounded in reality, that's when magical miracles begin to happen, and that's what I want to talk about today!

Many of you know that I like to choose new lifestyle themes every now and then in an effort to learn something new and keep things fresh in my life. Grounded in good luck felt right.

For the longest time, I've lived on luck, coffee, and some hard work along the way. What I've come to find is that I often have my head in the clouds and I'm not rooted in enough physical earthly realm reality.

I'm ready to get back to being me! This summer, I was definitely going through some kind of spiritual awakening, with symptoms of feeling restless with sleepless nights and 3AM witching hour wake-up calls.

This morning, I had another one of my early morning spiritual breakthroughs. I awoke at the witching hour and couldn't go back to sleep. I opted to write a heartfelt letter to Archangel Ariel instead and this is the result of that!

I have to say that this transformation within started earlier in the week when I took several nature walks to talk with Goddess Fortuna, the goddess of good luck and fortune. I went over how I want to have more good luck in my life and all the different areas of my life where I'm not seeing the opportunities right under my nose.

Right after that, I got pink eye. At first, I was like, how is this good luck? How is this a fortuitous event?

After going into hermit mode for a few days, I came to the conclusion that I must have needed some time alone, to pull back and go within. I needed to go on the mend and heal with four of swords energy.

Talking with Lady Luck got me thinking about chance meetings, good luck, and golden opportunities. It made me think there are probably money-making opportunities right under my nose. It got me thinking about how maybe I can be lucky in love again.

I started thinking about all of it and after writing to the Archangel Ariel this morning, I came to realize that I need more than fate on my side! I need a mixture of good luck meets earthly physical realm, which then creates a physical manifestation.

I've always been one of those people that lights up with ideas but has trouble with the execution of them. I've always struggled with material needs and wants on some level. Naturally, I know that means my root chakra is out of alignment and it's out of alignment because the spiritual awakening I'm going through is my kundalini awakening.

I've decided that in order to complete my full kundalini awakening, I need to work on the earthly physical realm more.  It's one of the reasons I got into green witch magic in the first place.  I need to shift my focus to where luck meets the physical realm.

The way to do that is through grounding rituals and root chakra exercises!  The biggest outlet for kundalini sexual energy and a restless spirit is to really get back down-to-earth with my yoga practice!  Maybe even take my yoga outdoors more.  

I'm going to do a thirty-day yoga challenge!  My challenge is to do thirty minutes of yoga every single day for the next thirty days at an advanced level.  

I've also started a notebook for my goddess transformation journey that I may share bits and pieces of here on the blog!  For me, I really want my kundalini rising to breakthrough, and yoga is one of the best ways to do it.

It's not the only way to have a kundalini spiritual awakening rise to the surface, but it's definitely a surefire way to make it happen!  I'm at a point where I feel like I'm over my weird summer spell where I felt like an untethered balloon floating around aimlessly.  

By some stroke of luck, getting pink eye turned out to be a blessing in disguise.  Once I came to that realization, I knew that it was Goddess Fortuna at work in my life.  I plan on writing an article on her soon!

I chose grounded in good luck energy as my theme because it's exactly what I'd like to work on more diligently right now.  I want to work on seeing blessings in disguise and hidden gems in nearly every situation.  

I want to be able to work on setting up more chance meetings, golden opportunities, and bringing more good luck energy healing into my life!  I want to do it in a way that is grounded and rooted in mother nature.  

I really need to connect with a combination of good luck and physical grounding exercises like forest bathing and walking barefoot in the grass!  I need to connect with my body as well as my spiritual energy.  I need to learn how to make my own fortune and good luck.  

Grounded in Good Luck Energy: My New Lifestyle Theme

What does this mean for me?  I spoke about my goddess transformation journey notebook and how I'm going to keep track of things there.  

What I want to include in my notebook are money-making opportunities that have been hidden in plain sight all along.  I also want to keep a page where I can identify the secret, hidden places of good luck in my life!

I think yes, there is such a thing as having good luck.  It's an invisible thread that runs through our lives.  On the other hand, I also think serendipity is where luck and hard work come together in perfect harmony.  

In other words, I think we make our own luck.  We do it through thoughts, ideas, and words.  It stays a dreamy haze inside our heads as long as there is no physical realm there to back it up and make it possible.  

I'm learning that we can't always lean on spirit to be our crutch.  Spirit is here to guide us and help us tune into our own intuition with ease and grace.  But, we still have to put in the work and do our part in order to meet spirit halfway.

We do that through our physical earthly bodies.  That's why it's so freaking important to stay grounded and rooted in the world we live in.  It's even more important when you're a witch, walking the hedge between both worlds.  

I live in the spirit world so much that I sometimes forget to come back down to earth and live in my body.  There is such a thing as being too spiritual, on too high of a vibration here on earth!

I'm learning that I need to root and ground my chakras and sacral energy.  It may be the most important thing I ever do for myself as a green nature witch!  

This will help me have my kundalini breakthrough sooner rather than later.  Believe me, you want to have your spiritual kundalini awakening happen! 

This way, you won't be stuck between chakras.  It's not uncommon for people experiencing their kundalini transformation to get stuck in the lower chakras.  I'm ready for it to happen now and I can feel it nearing closer.  

I'm focusing on the wellness of grounding my energy, activating my root chakra, and connecting with mother earth through earthing on the go!  That's why I love green magic so much.  There's so much holistic healing energy behind it.  

My goddess makeover notebook will have a section on actions that I can take to heal my root chakra through rooting exercises, getting my body anchored in place.  It will also have a section on how to bring more good luck into my life!

Part of it will be seeing the good luck and golden opportunities that surround me because they are already rooted in existence.  Part of it will be to discover new ways of bringing good luck, fame, and fortune into my life through my root chakra rituals.  

I'm really excited about this new lifestyle theme!  I plan to carry it well into 2021 if I can.  I think it will be good for me to get back to a magical place in my mindset with positive thoughts and good vibes aligned with the earthly realm.  

This is where the magic of manifestation happens!  I need to find my middle ground by combining the two as stable forces in my life.  

I plan on working with the Archangel Ariel a lot.  She's not only my patron angel, but she's the angel that oversees nature.  She works within the earthly realm to help you build your pentacles and create your own luck.

I will also be working hand-in-hand with Goddess Fortuna on this project.  The project being that I'm grounded in good luck, wherever I go, whatever I do!

The cool part about working with Lady Luck is that I was looking for the "right" goddess who could assist me with fame, fortune, and increasing my good luck energy.  That's when the Goddess Fortuna came to me!

We've talked before, but hadn't spoken for years.  I was really happy to reconnect with her and I can't wait to honor her with a featured blog post in her favor.  She's really good for me and I want to show thanks!

I was wearing a green ribbon in my hair that day.  I plan on writing about the lucky green ribbon I wear and how it's connected to Fortuna very soon.  When I wear it, good stuff always happens to me!

See what I mean?  You can create magical occurrences and good luck in your life anytime you want to.  You just have to be willing to explore and discover the nether regions of your mind!
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