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Hiking Magic: How to Activate Sigil Magick in the Forest


A naturally found bird's nest with a pretty green leaf in the woodlands of Florida's wildlife preserves

Today, we're going to talk about hiking magic and how to activate sigil magick in the forest! As many of you know, I love working with sigils for instant manifestations. I find it doubly rewarding if I can find new and creative ways to activate my sigil, beyond sex magick!

For more on sex magick, you might enjoy reading, Meet Goddess Isis: The Lunar Goddess of Full Moon Magic and Secret Moon Rituals!  This girl can really help you amplify spells that require sex magick with ease and grace.  

The sigil magick that we're about to talk about today is an advanced course in learning witchcraft.  When making sigils, you really have to start with getting into a state of altered consciousness, which requires masturbation or what I like to call traditional.  

Once you've mastered the beginner's course in crafting sigils, you can then move on to bigger and brighter things!  Things like activating a sigil with an herbal envelope spell or through walking into the woodland on a healing walk in mother nature.

To me, this is one of the easiest ways to activate your sigil by using the magic of nature!  The forest is alive and it's important to keep that in mind when doing a sigil spell, which is one of the most commonly done spells for witches everywhere.

Hiking Magic: How to Activate Sigil Magick in the Forest

How It Works:  First, you'll need to craft your sigil before going on a nature walk or trekking through the woods.  You'll need to refer to this post on how to make a sigil for instant manifestation.  Once you make the sigil, the power is in your hands!

Go in with a plan.  That's my first advice to you when using the forest to activate your sigil.  In order to make a plan, think about some things that you would like to go with your forest magic spell.  

For example, is there a particular nature goddess you'd like to work with?  Know that ahead of time and be sure to bring her an offering that you know she'd like.  It's okay to use your intuition on this.  

Sometimes, before you even leave the house an earth goddess will kind of lead your heart on what to bring.  There might be something in your house she likes or a special object that you love that she may have been envying.  Trust your instincts on that!  

One time, I was prompted to do a ritual sacrifice spell with Goddess Rhiannon in exchange for the activation of my forest sigil.  She really, really wanted my tiny gemstone aquarium I had made and even though I loved it, I knew she loved it more!

Remember:  Even though I refer to goddesses here, this can apply to the lords of the forest too.  Even though I haven't written about masculine Gods as much on my blog, it doesn't mean I won't be touching on them in the future!

Feminine Goddess Energies to Choose From:  Fairy Queen Aine, Goddess Aeracura, Goddess Rhiannon, Goddess Oonagh, Goddess Nemetona, and the Butterfly Maiden and Butterfly Fairies!  Just to name a few.  

Masculine God Energies to Choose From: Lord Pan, The Hermit, Green Man, Hermes, and the Sun God Lugh!  Again, just to name a few.  

If you'd rather work with the fae directly, the forest is a surefire way to do that!  Just make sure, like with all forest deities, that you've built a solid relationship with them first.  The fairies are especially picky about who they choose as their patrons.  

For more on working with the fae or performing faery magick, you might enjoy reading, What Life is Like in the Fairy Realm: A Field Guide For the Nature Spirits!  It's a good way to get to know them and establish a working relationship with them.  

Now, that you've got all the details figured out, you'll want to have your fairy offerings, sigil paperwork, and whatever else you need to be assembled and ready to go for when you find the perfect spot!  I often like to use a cute hiking backpack when I go trekking into the forest for little woodland magic.

Once you have scoped out a spot that feels private and secluded, you can set your sigil out on a log where you know that either the sun or the moon will be hitting it directly!  It's important to decide ahead which energy you'd like to work with.

You'll obviously want the sun and a chosen sun God for sun magick healing and the perfect moon phase and a chosen moon deity for moon activation healing!  Again, it's really important to know which energy you'd like to work with, as well as what season, what kind of weather, and what moon phase we are in.  

If you are doing a banishing spell, you'll obviously want to work with the energies of the waning moon!  If you want to work a solar-powered spell, you really want to head into the midday forest at noon, which also happens to be prime fairy sighting time!

For more on fairy sightings, you'll adore reading, Twilight: The In-Between Times On How to See a Fairy!  It will help you scope out a sunny spot in the meadow for your sigil activation magick.

Use the gift of discernment and your knowledge of the genius loci of the forest to make decisions on how and where you want to take your spell!  Energies play a huge part in the activation of spells.  

Finally, now that you've lain your sigil artwork on a wooden tree log or in the heart of faery meadow, be sure to anchor it in place so the wind and weather don't blow it away!  I often use rocks, wooden branches, and sometimes even gemstones to keep them held in place.  

Surround your sigil with the proper accouterments to actively support your spellwork.  This can be anything from a goddess offering to making an actual moon altar for your favorite moon goddess!

Once you've got everything set up, you can even take a picture of it to record where you left your spell.  You might like to wait a few days to return to it for cleaning up trash and debris.  Leave everything else behind, including any gemstones and party favors to the woodland goddess.  

I always give it a few days for each lunar cycle and maybe one day for solar-powered magic spells with sun goddesses!  Again, it's really about using your intuition as you walk through the heart of the dark faery forest.  

In the meantime, this is your last chance to say any incantations that need to be said out loud or in your mind.  Blow a kiss to your sigil and take a hike through the forest!

By the time you leave the park, you should feel a surge of power letting you know that your sigil is activated or underway!  Hiking magic is a fun way to add more enchantment to your life.  Enjoy! xoxo

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