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Meet Goddess Hecate: Dark Triple Goddess of Herbal Witchcraft and Poisonous Plants


A swallowtail butterfly of the Florida butterfly species variety in a Florida green meadow in the autumn daylight

Meet Goddess Hecate: Dark Triple Goddess of Herbal Witchcraft and Poisonous Plants! If you're a green witch or walk the path of hedge witchery, then you're going to want to know this goddess of crossroads, doorways, and ghosts. She's awesome!

Actually, even if you're an herbalist or dabble in kitchen witchery, you can benefit from working with this master herbalist.  Although there are many aspects to the triple goddess, which I will get into in a moment, herbalism and green magic certainly stands out above the rest!

What is a triple goddess?  A triple goddess is someone who has three goddess-head aspects of herself.  The mother, the maiden, and the crone (wise woman).  She is the ultimate mother goddess and feminine energy!

You can meet triple goddess Saint Bridget if you'd like to work with someone more steeped in the Christian faith.  Saint Brigid has the same fiery transformative energy that Archangel Michael brings to the table!

What is a dark goddess?  A dark goddess is a female deity that's willing to do anything to get what she wants.  She might use force and manipulation.  She might even push the boundaries on the law of ethics.  

You might like to work with Goddess Kali Ma if you are into dark magic and aren't afraid of Shadow Work and Getting in Touch With Your Dark Self!  Kali is a dark goddess too, usually portrayed with pictures of severed heads beneath her feet.  

Let's do a deep-dive into the world of Goddess Hecate and how I've come to know her!  We formed a relationship years ago when I was at a crossroads in my life.  I'm also certain that she was with me throughout my entire dark night of the soul experience, waiting for me to come into my own.  

One thing I've learned about the dark goddess Hecate is that she is a very patient and loving mother, waiting for your return.  She doesn't want you to come to her before you're ready.  She wants baby witches to find their pathway on their own and that requires a spiritual awakening.  

When you are finally ready to enter the world of witchcraft, it's as if she opens a door for you!  This makes perfect sense, as Goddess Hecate is also the goddess of doorways too.

Recently, during this baneful moon, I became fully ready to emerge from the darkness and that's when I saw Goddess Hecate, patiently waiting in the wings.  It was a magical moment because I knew then she was equally ready to work with me too!

It meant that it was time to take my witchcrafting abilities to the next level!  That's when she started getting me into herbology.  

On some level, I have always admired herbs from afar.  I'm a huge plant lover, to begin with, so it's only a natural next step that I would be intrigued by herbs and spices too.  Herbs are kind of a telltale sign that you might be working with Goddess Hecate soon enough!

If you'd like to start working with Goddess Hecate on using herbs in your witchcraft, you might like to start by cleaning out your spice rack!  You want fresh, organic herbs and homegrown herbs that live in windowsill gardens overlooking the sea.  

One of the first things I did when I got my stimulus check was to buy all the herbs and spices that I had always wanted to use in witchcraft!  There's just something about having magical healing herbs at your fingertips that makes you feel like a goddess.  

When I moved into my new tiny house in mid-June, I finally had the cutest shelving for all of my fresh herbal ingredients!  I cleared room for jars and repurposed spice jars that I could use for jar spells and as a place to keep my grave dirt and graveyard dirt.  

That's another cool thing about Goddess Hecate, this triple goddess can help you with protection during graveyard magic!  She is known as the goddess of ghosts and spirit work for a reason.  

Even if you just like hanging out in graveyards and writing poetry, she's still good to offer you up some of her hardcore goddess protection!  See, ghosts can follow you home and try to get in on your life force energy and Hecate can protect you from that.

I personally like going to graveyards for snapping photographs of graveyard photography and reading books, as well as writing poetry.  It's a peaceful place to be and I always feel at home in cemeteries.  

If you'd like to work with Goddess Hecate, the dark goddess of sorcery and magic, keep reading!  There are so many layers to the dark goddess that is yet to be uncovered.  

A beautiful Florida swallowtail butterfly with blue wing markings in a Florida haunted woodland in the shade

Meet Goddess Hecate: Dark Triple Goddess of Herbal Witchcraft and Poisonous Plants

Let's talk more about the herbal witchcraft side of Goddess Hecate and how she likes to work with poisonous plants too!  She definitely has a fearless aspect to her, as she walks between crossroads and dark places.  

Goddess Hecate is well-known for her penchant for using poisonous plants in spells and assists with creating an herbal witchcraft apothecary.  If you'd like to learn more about my journey into herbalism, you might enjoy reading, Currently: Embracing the Magical Path That I Am On As a Green Witch + Herbalist!

If you are on a similar path such as myself, Goddess Hecate is your go-to witchcraft girl!  She will help you with finding the herbal ingredients that agree with you.  

This means that you'll have to spend some time with your herbs, getting to know them on a spiritual level.  Learning the magical properties of herbs is of the utmost respect to this dark triple goddess!

Sometimes on the weekend, I'll spend hours pouring over herbology books and books about botanicals, butterflies, and green magic!  If you show interest first, Goddess Hecate is more likely to take a liking to you.  She'll see that you are a serious herbal witch!

That would be my biggest piece of advice to you:  Spend time learning about herbs and getting to know your herbs on a more personal level.  You can even craft a grimoire where you keep illustrations or cut-out pictures of herbs that you took from your phone.

It won't take long before you find the herbs that agree with you.  What are agreeable herbs and why do they agree with you?  

Agreeable herbs are the ones that want to jump off the page to work with you!  These are the types of herbs that you'll form a special relationship with.  

But, it takes time, dedication, and practice to know your herbs.  Part of doing herbal work is deciding if you'd like to work with poisonous plants are not.  

I can say without a doubt that I definitely want to work with poisonous plants and herbs in my craft.  It's a personal decision that I'm comfortable with.  You have to find what works best for you!

Remember, I'm the same girl who loves graveyards, dark goddesses, and the underdogs of society.  You might have a different way of looking at the world.  

I decided that I want to work with poisonous plants because it's dark and exciting.  I love the thrill of working with somebody fickle like myself.  

I'd like to work with Belladonna and white oleander, which just happens to grow locally in the tiny, seaside fishing village I live in.  I'm going to do some extensive research and reading before handling any type of poisonous plant, as should you!

Please be sure to err on the side of caution when handling poisonous plants and mushrooms, which can also be worked into spells.  For more on mushroom hunting season, you might love reading about Mushrooms Designed By Fairies!

If you'd like to get into working with poisonous plants and herbs, be sure to call on Goddess Hecate for assistance!  She might point out plants that are agreeable with you and herbs that are attracted to you.  

One of my favorite herbs isn't really an herb at all and that's graveyard dirt!  Goddess Hecate has assisted me in collecting graveyard dirt and grave dirt (that comes from a specific grave) on many occasions.  

I use graveyard dirt, which is rich in life force energy and dense nutrients, in many of my spells!  It's kind of an all-purpose herb that's not really an herb.  Whatever, I keep it on my shelf with all my herbal ingredients so to me she fits right in!

The dark one will use her Goddess Hecate energy to help you with scouting out the right locations for collecting specimens.  Again, if you're interested in folk magic, you really want to read all about how I'm getting into graveyard magic and spirit work!

Again, whatever kind of herbal witchcraft you'd like to do, Goddess Hecate can help you make it right!  She will assist you with gardening and growing fresh herbs.  She'll help you choose which herbs and plants would like to work with you.  

She'll help you build an apothecary of herbal remedies and magical herbal envelope spells.  Once she has chosen to work with you, get ready to become a student in the garden of life!

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