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Meet Goddess Kali: Goddess of Empowerment, Transformation, and Destruction


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Meet Goddess Kali: Goddess of Empowerment, Transformation, and Destruction! If you're looking for a powerful goddess that can help rid you of negative thinking patterns and beliefs, then look no further. In order for new growth to come in, everything in your life needs to be flattened by the goddess of destruction first.

Trigger warning: Goddess Kali Ma is a fast-acting goddess who will destroy and flatten everything in your life in order to make room for the new. Do not call on her lightly!

My relationship with Goddess Kali goes way back.  I remember reading a Tess Whitehurst article about her and I was immediately captivated.  I found a powerful artist rendering of her online and printed it out and put her up in a frame.  Sometimes, I would even sleep with her picture at night, as she got me through some dark times.  

There comes a time in our life when we get overwhelmed with negative belief systems and thinking.  When I first began with Kali Ma, I was going through my dark night of the soul experience.  There was something about her energy that instantly began to transform me.  

This morning, I wrote Kali a four-page letter about some thought patterns and negative behaviors that were destroying my sense of autonomy and self-worth.  For more on writing letters to the universe, you might enjoy reading, Letters From the Universe: Writing Distance Energy Healing Letters!

Instantly, I could feel her go to work on me, destroying everything that no longer served me in my life!  Kali is also the goddess of endings and new beginnings.  She brings new growth and life to the garden table for you.  

Kali will never waste your time.  She will go to work on you instantly, treating your situation as urgent!  She is a mother goddess, first and foremost, and she works actively to bring instant healing to her patrons.  

I've been at a place in my life where I've been living with some pretty dark thoughts about myself.  Like any good mother, Goddess Kali will destroy and flatten those dark, negative thoughts about yourself with ease and grace.  

One of the things that I've been working on is bringing good luck into my life.  I even made, Grounded in Good Luck Energy: My New Lifestyle Theme!  This morning, I realized that in order to change my luck, I needed to change my belief systems about luck, fame, and fortune.  

What better goddess to call on for changing belief systems than Goddess Kali Ma!  It's kind of difficult to bring fame, fortune, and good luck into your life when you feel like one of the unluckiest people alive.  

Therefore, Kali Ma was invoked and I burned her letter over my kitchen sink as a symbol of destruction.  After that, Kali went to work one me big time!  I could feel her powerful energy move through me like a force of nature.

The mother goddess of darkness and destruction is often depicted in pictures of her standing atop of severed heads.  She destroys things and flattens them out in an effort to create healthy belief systems.  If you feel like your mindest may be what's holding you back from succeeding in life, then Kali Ma is your girl!

To be honest, she's one of the most misunderstood goddesses I know of!  People are often frightened of her powerful, transformative energy and call her names.  

For some reason, that's actually what attracted me to her in the first place.  Her darkness was exactly what I needed to take my power back way back when and in this morning's energy healing session with her.  

If you are feeling powerless or helpless when it comes to obsessive thoughts, patterns, and ego-based behaviors then Kali Ma will have you standing in your power at the end of it all.  You'll be the one standing on severed heads!  Metaphorically speaking, of course.

Empowerment is one of Goddess Kali Ma's specialties in life.  She'll give you the crash course on empowerment and strong, feminine thinking.  

Like with me, I've had this helpless mentality my whole life, often feeling like a damsel in distress when it comes to being a single woman.  When I talk myself into victim mode, Kali comes in with her surefire ways and destroys that way of thinking by empowering me!

Kali Ma will show you what you are made of.  Not only that, she'll do it instantly by snapping her fingers and making it happen for you, not to you!

She'll teach you how to be a strong, independent woman better than any empowerment class you've ever been in!  This powerful goddess will work on every layer of your life right down to the tiny details.  

Goddess Kali Ma roots for the underdogs of society.  She will walk in and command respect for you without blinking an eye, that's how much of a formidable force she is!

One thing that I've learned about Kali is that she'll defend your honor and lift you out of the muck you were buried in.  She won't allow people to walk all over you as if you were a doormat.  If she loves you, Kali Ma will fight to the death for you!

Kali is a mother goddess and a mama bear who always protects and watches over her cubs.  She doesn't mess around.  

One thing that I spoke with her about this morning, was how I've been being treated badly by someone in my life.  

This person has handled nearly every situation with me badly, knowing how vulnerable I am.  He's not said he's sorry and he has not even attempted to make things right with me.  

Goddess Kali Ma to the rescue!  I am letting Goddess Kali Ma deal with him in a way that's fair and justified for everyone concerned in this situation.  I trust her with my life.

Goddess Kali doesn't mess around with people who mess with her patrons.  She's going to defend my honor and the person that crushed me will be dealt with in a fair and partial manner.

If you're dealing with a bully in your life or someone narcissistic and abusive, call on Goddess Kali Ma to deal with them immediately.  She will make you victorious!  She knows exactly how to deal with people like that.  

Put your trust in her and she'll completely handle the situation for you!  All you have to do is ask and get out of your own way.  You can even ask her to give you a sign when her mission is complete.  

Just to clarify, no harm will be done to this person other than the harm they will do to themselves!  They will simply get a taste of their own medicine.  There are times when we simply cannot sit and wait for karma to do its job.  

In those situations, call upon Goddess Kali to work her magic mojo! I feel much safer knowing he will be dealt with.  If this is something you are up against, invoke Kali for protection!  She'll go to work on you and said person immediately.

Sometimes, we need to know we have someone in our corner.  Working with Kali will begin the process of transformation!  She destroys the people, places, and things that no longer serve you.  

Much like Archangel Michael, she works fast to make things happen!  Think of her like a wildfire with a controlled burn.  That's Goddess Kali Ma at work in your life.  

You'll be left with the real you.  Imagine the possibilities of being your true, authentic self without destructive thought patterns and dark belief systems.  

Meet Goddess Kali: Goddess of Empowerment, Transformation, and Destruction

What can Goddess Kali help you with?  One of the biggest things Kali brings to the table is transformation.  It's a long road to transformation, but with Kali Ma, you have time on your side.

She can help you get serious about transforming your life and your livelihood.  Like I wrote in my disclaimer, do not call on her lightly, as she is a goddess who doesn't mess around.  She gets things done and fast!

She'll push you outside your comfort zone.  She'll challenge your belief systems.  She'll make you see the real you and what isn't pretty, she'll help you face it.  

We all have things about ourselves we don't like and that can be difficult to face.  Goddess Kali will work to help assist you in facing your fears and challenges head-on!

If that's not something you're ready for then better to wait till you are.  If you feel ready to conquer the world, invoking Kali will be fast-acting and extremely rich and powerful.

What I love about Kali is that she will actively work in your favor!  She will remove obstacles and challenges in your way by helping you look in the face of fear.  

Not only that, but Kali works on the physical earthly realm too.  As soon as I got home from my morning walk, I started decluttering and cleaning my house!

If you work with her, she will begin to help you cancel subscriptions, unfriend people, and declutter your entire home inside and out.  That's some powerful, transformative magic right there.

Even though Kali looks frightening, she's actually very peaceful and has a zen-like attitude.  When you have the kind of power she has, you build a quiet fire within you that works to transform things.  

What Can Goddess Kali Help You With?

  • Empowerment, first and foremost.  She'll leave you standing in your power and you'll actually know what people mean when they say that.
  • Getting rid of limiting belief systems
  • Destroying all the things in your life that no longer serve you
  • Defending your honor and rooting for the underdog
  • Getting things done
  • Decluttering your home and office
  • Creating a healthier mindset and positive belief systems
  • Dealing with bullies and mean people in your life
  • Transforming situations that made you feel hopeless or helpless in your own life
  • Motherhood, nurturing, and supporting with loving energy
  • Protection of the highest order
  • Diet and weight loss.  Try the Goddess Kali Weight-Loss Diet and Motivation Kit!
  • Ridding your mind of "fat thoughts" and an unhealthy relationship with food
  • Exercise and yoga practice motivation
  • The transformative, healing energy in working with dark magic such as, hexes, curses, banishment, and binding
  • Canceling subscriptions and downsizing bills
  • She turns a damsel in distress into a damsel in an empowerment class
  • Gets rid of negative belief systems about sex and sexuality
  • Feminine energy and female empowerment
  • Actively brings you out of victim mode and victim mentality
  • Helps sexual abuse survivors and fights against victim shaming
  • Works with little girls for young female empowerment 
  • Badassery in business, especially for female entrepreneurs
  • Taking charge of situations where you feel helpless
As you can see, Goddess Kali Ma can do so many things to empower you!  To work with her, simply call her name three times aloud and then openly discuss with her what you need help with in your life.  

Feel free to get personal with Kali as you work to build a relationship with her.  She likes people who are earnest and will instantly improve your mood and thoughts.  

As far as altars go, Kali Ma is a no-fuss type of goddess!  This means that she really likes a space that is minimalistic and zen-like.  Something simple like a candle and her picture in a frame will suffice.  

In my case, I am writing this article about her as my offering to her.  I appreciate her place in my life so much and enjoy having her around.  She's like a best friend and a mother all rolled into one goddess!

Thanks for reading about the mother goddess of destruction.  I like dark goddesses for a reason.  They have a way of showing you your dark, shadow self and somehow showing you the light in it.  

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Working within the Hindu Goddess Kali will definitely change your life for the better!  She is simple to invoke and once she comes into your life, she'll protect you like any good mother would.  Thanks for reading, friends! xo

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