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Sweet Moon Diaries: Full Moon in Taurus + Samhain Holiday (October 2020) Blue Moon


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Sweet Moon Diaries: Full Moon in Taurus + Samhain Holiday (October 2020) Blue Moon!  This edition of my moon journal is fully-loaded with Halloween magic and is a celebration of the witch's new year, which begins on October 31st.  

Welcome to the latest edition of Sweet Moon Diaries! Every month, I keep a diary of the moon cycles in order to record my moods, impressions, moon magic spells, and full moon rituals. The theme for the Taurus micro moon is Shadow Work: Embracing Your Dark Self!

That's another thing I do. I choose a theme that matches the impressions of the full moon and new moon that come out every month. This month, we have two full moons lined up so maybe under pressure would have been more apt as a theme.

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In the meantime, you might like to take a look at the full moon in Aries reading I did! All of my moon readings are timeless, meaning you can use many of the tips and resources with any new or full moon that comes along.

It's important to note that this moon is a micro moon, meaning that the moon appears far away in the night sky.  The spiritual elements of that are repressed feelings and emotions rising to the surface to be dealt with. 

 While the effects seem less with a micro moon, there's a lot of uncomfortable, crawling out of your skin feelings coming out.  This is perfect with the Halloween landing in placement with Samhain, Los Muertos (Day of the dead), and the planetary placements of Mercury in Retrograde!  In other words, there's a lot going on energetically so be gentle with yourself.  

In addition to Mars Retrograde and Mercury Retrograde, we're also right in the heart of the Scorpio season, which means another rebirth is on the horizon for us.  Are you ready?

This might be one of the biggest transformations of your life!  It's time to shed old skin and begin again as something new, improved, and different.  

You should be feeling a surge of tremendous emotion coming up for you at this time.  Even though this is a painful process, you're doing some spiritual releasement work.  Process each emotion that comes up for you and write it down in an effort to release it.  

Do this every day up until the full moon and for three days after, during the shadow period.  This is an important time to do some shadow work and getting in touch with your dark self.  It's important for you to really do the work on yourself!

What are some of the fears you are having?  What skeletons are in your closet?  What regrets do you have and what or who haunts you from the past?  

It's highly important to really go within and drudge things up for clearing space in your heart and mind.  Whatever you have been dealing with for the past couple of years should be coming up for you as repressed emotions that you pushed beneath the surface of the water.

I would say this isn't a fun moon.  The full moon in Taurus moon is a moon that falls under the element of earth.  When you release things from the past, more will come back to haunt you.  

You might uncover some unpleasant memories that require your immediate attention.  You might find yourself crying a lot and trying to find your footing at this time.  This is all part of the work we need do to do to free ourselves in time for 2021 and all the secrets it holds for the collective.  

Sweet Moon Diaries: Full Moon in Taurus + Samhain Holiday (October 2020) Blue Moon 

This is a time period where your self-concept will be smashed like a mirror.  You're probably finding shards of glass all around you, metaphorically speaking.  In addition to shadow work, the Taurus Blue Moon unravels the self-image you had of yourself, in order for you to build a better one.  

This is the kind of moonscape that brings darkness and destruction with it, in order for us to dismantle our belief systems.  If you're having trouble with limiting beliefs during the moon shadow period, you might like to read about Goddess Kali, a dark mother goddess of destruction!

Goddess Kali Ma will work her magic mojo on you to destroy, dissolve, and completely annihilate your negative belief systems.  Sometimes, you have to flatten your old beliefs in order to make way for a new way of thinking about yourself and your place in the world.  

This morning, I sat down and wrote down all of the deep-seated beliefs I had in my self-concept.  There were a lot of things about myself that made me feel unworthy and unlovable.  I knew that I had to let them go.  

I wrote them down, feeling the powerful emotion of lack, and then I burned my papers over the sink.  I knew a powerful mental detox was what was needed to get through these dark times.  Sometimes, we have to admit the truth to ourselves on how we really feel about things in order to let them go.  

I also wrote a powerful letter to the universe addressed to Jesus and burned it over the kitchen sink as tears streamed down my face.  I had a lot of painful things that I needed to let go of!  I needed to give it over to God in order to begin the miracle healing within me.  

You can do a similar full moon ritual if you like.  One of the things I like to do is write down things that I'd like to release on a piece of paper and leave it bathing under the light of the full moon for spiritual cleansing and detoxification.  The full moon in  Taurus really packs a punch!

The things that you think you've gotten over, aren't really over yet.  There's still a lot of unfinished business that needs to be dealt with and the moon will bubble it to the surface for you to face.  

This is a moon about accepting where you are in life right now.  Maybe there's a relationship that ended badly and you aren't quite over it yet.  Maybe you feel like you'll never be over it.  

Know that everything you are feeling is real and true.  It's scary to face the deepest, darkest shadow places within ourselves, but it's there for a reason.  It's there to show us the aspects of ourselves we don't like.  

The parts of us that might be needy and clingy and desperate for love.  The parts of us that wish we were dead.  The parts of us that we wish could come back to life.  

The full moon in Taurus really sheds a light on everything.  It awakens us to our ugly truth.  It tells us that we can't hide in the shadows anymore because it's judgment day.  

The good news about the darkness is that there will always be a light to our shadow attribute.  There will always be the flipside to the coin.  We just have to remember that both parts of our dual nature are essential for our personal growth and self-development.  

We're not here to hide away from our personal truths, we're here to give them an authentic voice in which to be heard.  For the next few days, I challenge you to really go within and connect with your higher self.  

Breakout the tarot deck sitting on the bookshelf collecting dust and cobwebs.  Do a tarot reading and have a conversation with your higher self.  

Ask your higher self what messages she needs to bring forth.  Ask your higher self-specific questions and pull a tarot card to accompany it.  Don't use the instruction manual, just really tune into your higher self and listen to your intuition.  

What comes up for you?  What impressions, thoughts, and feelings do you get in answer to your specific question.  Trust your higher self and the guidance you are given.  Feel free to journal it!

Remember that your higher self is the best possible version of you.  She knows you better than anyone.  Look deep within and see what you come up with.

Samhain: Where the Veil is Thin Between Worlds

For the Samhain holiday, the veil is already thinning and on October 31st, it will be at its true peak.  This means that communication with ghosts, spirits, and the fae are made possible at this time.  For more on the in-between times, you might enjoy reading, Twilight: The In-Between Times On How to See Fairies!

This is an ideal time to visit the grave of a deceased loved or to honor your ancestors.  This is a magical time to do spirit work and practice graveyard magic!

Again, it's about embracing your dark self and doing the shadow work necessary to create the life you really want.  Things must be flattened, in order to create a new pathway for dreaming up a new self-concept.  What will yours be?

For your magical Samhain ritual, write down who you think you are versus who you really are.  Do they align?  How are they different?  

If they are not a perfect match, then it's time to construct an ideal image of yourself in which you allow room for flaws and spiritual growth.  Write in the good things about the wabi-sabi style flaws and imperfections that come up and find the beauty in them.

Life isn't about being perfect.  Humans, by our very nature, are steeped in the traditions of the past and painful life lessons.  It's those learning lessons that help us grow as individuals, which furthers the goals of the collective universal energy.  

It's time to embrace your dark half, your shadow self with ease and grace!  At the end of the day, think about how far you've come and where you're going.  Let that be the roadmap to your higher self!

You might ask yourself:  What does any of this have to do with Samhain and the witch's new year?  It's really about self-acceptance and being able to move forward.  

There's a more sinister side to ourselves that seems scary and out of place.  Yet, if we were to fully embrace it, we would find that we're really all more alike than we think.  Suddenly, us mere mortals have more in common than we gave ourselves credit for.  

It's about being able to be alone in the darkness and listening to the still frame corners of your mind.  It's about taking the time to sit with yourself and be still, listening to the higher self which often speaks to you through thoughts, feelings, and intuition.  

The magical healing properties of Samhain are universal and they live and dwell within us.  They are planted in us like a seed from our ancestors, ready to take root and grow strong.  We might have gotten our blue eyes and dark skin from an ancestor of the past, but we also got their fighting spirit and winning ways.  

Think about that for a minute and really let it take root within you and anchor you in place.  The new us replaces the old ones every second of each day.  It all starts from one Starseed and it grows an entire galaxy and before you know it, you have the entire universe in the palm of your hand.  

Full Moon in Taurus Goddess of the Month

This month I've chosen to work with the dead through a concept called spirit work!  I performed a graveyard dirt magic love spell the other day with grave dirt from a specific gravesite that I've been visiting and leaving offerings for some time.  

This was my first time doing a spell with someone from the cemetery, a spirit that has passed on to the other side that wants to work with me.  I took safety measures to ensure that no unwanted spirits crossed over and I made sure to sage afterward.  

For privacy, I won't be releasing the name, but I used the grave dirt from a spirit that I've spent time with at my favorite cemetery.  I was immediately drawn like a magnet to his gravesite and we've become friends ever since.  

I felt such a powerful, magical surge of energy after performing my graveyard dirt love spell that I can't wait to try again!  I feel like spirit work is best done by taking safety precautions when dipping your toes in energy work.  

It can take a lot out of you, but it's well worth it to build a slow relationship with a spirit you can count on and trust!  I'm a big believer in following your intuition when visiting the graveyard.  I feel like it's important to let the spirit lead the way.  

I'm planning on doing more spells with him soon!  I have several spells lined up over the next few days, trying to leave a little space for recovery after, as doing spirit work can be taxing.

With the Samhain holiday and Los Muertos, as well as Halloween all rolled into one tiny micro moon, I can't help but feel it's appropriate to do spirit work at this time.  It's a magical time to connect with ancestors and deceased loved ones!

There's this feeling that life and death are one and the same.  There's heavy Scorpionic energy in the death card, which brings us to another transformation and rebirth.  There will be many rebirths throughout our lives, but none as impactful as the one right in front of us!

Full Moon in Taurus Blue Moon Ritual

Spend some time with the death tarot card from the tarot card deck.  Death is about endings and new beginnings.  It's about transforming from one life into the other.  

If you really think about it, death is a celebration of life and now is the perfect time to conjure up what you think your next rebirth is, as you are smack, dab, in the middle of it right now.  Pull surrounding cards to see what supports you on your spiritual journey.  

Is there a common thread that runs through the cards?  Look for symbolism, feelings, and impressions that match up.  Life and death are all one and the same and it's up to you to identify which lessons you are supposed to learn next.  

Write those lessons down in your goddess transformation notebook and continue on your journey!  The death card might seem like a scary card to contend with, but it also makes you recognize life cycles, patterns, and behaviors that need to come and go in your life.  

This is an unpredictable time for you, but it's also a time of overcoming obstacles and rising above circumstances.  If you don't feel like you have the strength to carry on, lay your burdens down and call upon the nearest warrior goddess to your heart and she will come your way!

The death card is about transformation.  Change isn't easy and it's okay to call in the troops and ask for emotional support through these dark and difficult times.  

Like the phoenix rising from the ashes, take on a new form through shapeshifting!  You can only do that by looking at death in the face and carrying the tarot card with you in your back pocket as a reminder that as long as there is still life left in you, there's still hope and optimism as we look to the stars for navigation of our future.  

Full Moon in Taurus Spells

I've been working on some spells for removing blockages in different areas of my life!  I'm working more on my shadow self with this Taurus Full Moon Magic.

Yes, I'm performing good luck spells and spells for improvement, but right now, I'm more interested in what could be blocking these kinds of spells from physical manifestation.  There's a lot of mental blocks that need to be removed and circumstances I need to rise above!

This month, I'm fully committed to going deeper down the rabbit hole of my darker self!  It's a little scary and intimidating to go there, but if I want to ever get over some of my issues I need to work them out by conversing with my shadow self.  

I'm learning that it's okay to embrace my dark self, whether it be through banishing spells or binding spells.  It's a thrill to work with poisonous plants for crafting spells. That's my shadow self at play in my life.  

It's okay to find my weaknesses and hold a magnifying glass up to them.  If I can look myself in the mirror and love myself despite all my dark ways, then progress has been made.

I thought that maybe this full moon would be life-changing and it turns out, in so many ways it is!  I know that I'll never be the same after this.  I know that I have to do the work now in order to triumph over my difficulties.  

Therefore, any spellwork I do at this time will be dark and slightly sinister.  It will be me addressing the darkness that dwells within me and allowing the sun to come out and shine a light on everything.  The sun illuminates things, it burns things off.  

When that happens, I will emerge from the shadows and I will be made new and whole again.  That is exactly what the Taurus full moon brings to the table.  It's a time where you can feel free to indulge your senses, dance in the freedom of your power, and not let yourself be afraid of the power you hold!

I plan on doing some spells using the devil tarot card in the tarot deck for giving into my dark side and embracing it.  I plan on using the death card in the tarot to help me get in touch with what this next rebirth is bringing into my life!

I guess you could say that I'm centering my spells around whatever comes up for me while doing my shadow work.  In essence, this is a tough moon to get through.  It takes tremendous strength and tenacity.  

But, when my dark shadow self is complete, I can finally say that I cleared space in my heart for something borrowed, something blue.  The blue moon in Taurus twenty-twenty will be something for the ages!

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