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Sweet Moon Diaries: New Moon in Libra Supermoon (October 2020)


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Welcome to the latest edition of Sweet Moon Diaries: New Moon in Libra Supermoon for October 2020! Every month, I keep a diary of the moon cycles in order to record my moods, impressions, moon magic spells, and full moon rituals. The theme for the Libra supermoon is cozy and comfortable!

That's another thing I do. I choose a theme that matches the impressions of the full moon and new moon that come out every month. This month, we have two full moons lined up so maybe under pressure would have been more apt as a theme.

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In the meantime, you might like to take a look at the full moon in Aries reading I did! All of my moon readings are timeless, meaning you can use many of the tips and resources with any new or full moon that comes along.

With a new moon, it's important to take stock of your life and plant the seeds of intention in order to have a fruitful harvest in your life at a later date.  As with all new moons, it's about knowing what you want in life and being clear on it.  

So, if you do nothing else the next few days, at least write down your new moon intentions on a piece of paper and let the supermoon activate them with her illustrious energy!  Bonus points for leaving your new moon intentions under the supermoon power overnight.

What is a supermoon?  A supermoon is where the moon appears to be close to earth in the night sky.  This makes it extra potent and powerful, giving you a full-range of moon spells you can do!

Energetically, this is a moon that is going to pull at your natural impulses, and in some ways, it might even feel similar to a full moon with it's powerful, potent new moon magic energy!  I see it as setting the tone for the rest of the year and that's a good thing.

Sweet Moon Diaries: New Moon in Libra Supermoon (October 2020)

With the Libra supermoon, I am feeling heavy cozy, and comfortable vibes.  You know, like putting on your bunny slippers and sitting in front of the fire reading a book vibes.  Yes, there will be some discomfort along the way, but I sense that those are just growing pains and the lingering effects of Mercury in Retrograde!

What I sense here is that we will all be learning how to be comfortable in our own skin.  We'll all be learning how to be comfortable with each other again.  There's been a lot of energies in the air lately and I don't know about you, but cozy vibes sound good to me!

That's what the Libra Supermoon brings to the table.  She's the kind of woman that makes you want to spend more time at home or doing the things you enjoy.  She's a homebody with warm and friendly vibes that represent a change in a good way.  

Librans, by their very nature, are very family-oriented people who love spending time in their homes.  They are the epitome of someone who'd rather slow down and live a simple life, as long as they have their family and friends surrounding them.  They could teach us all a thing or two, don't you think? 

This is a supermoon about learning how to be comfortable in our own skin and learning how to house ourselves in the protection of our bodies.  Being that we're just in time for an autumn cozy season, this makes perfect sense to me!

For an entire summer, many of us have let our emotions rule our lives.  We felt like fish out of water so much of the time, as we struggled to catch our breath.  The struggle to ground and root ourselves in our bodies was a real struggle that couldn't be easily overcome with so many water signs actively ruling the night sky and planetary alignment.  

 With the Libra supermoon, we finally align our spiritual bodies back into our physical bodies in a way that feels cozy, comfortable, and natural to us.  If you suddenly find yourself wanting to do more yoga poses or spending more time hiking in mother nature, it's your body trying to tell you it's time to jump into full universal alignment.  Go with it!

Rarely do these opportunities come along where the universe steps in and fixes checks and balances for us.  We've got to grab these good luck opportunities when they come along as the universe hands us the gift of planetary alignment.  

Energetically speaking, this is a rare time where everything aligns perfectly to set us up for our future!  What can you imagine in the future?  The possibilities are endless!

Think in terms on how you want your body to look.  What would your dream body be eating?  What fuel would she be using to anchor herself in place?  

These are just some of the things that will help you plan the future as your body, mind, and soul interlock together to create something new and wonderful!  The fun part about this is that you get to be the one to choose how it goes.  

Now would be the perfect time to start a new workout routine or yoga program.  It won't feel as forced either.  Over the summer, you may have had to force yourself to get on the yoga mat or to take a walk in the woodland.  

This time around, you get a free pass!  A gift from the universe setting things right again.  With the Libra new moon of October twenty-twenty, your body has a message for you!  Listen to what that message is and write it down.  

Ask your body for clues and go within.  Again, it's about being comfortable in your own skin and aligning your body on a metaphysical level.  The universe is stepping in with a karmic balance that will help anchor you in place for the rest of the year!  How awesome is that?  

This means it's a good time to think about diet and how you want to fuel your body.  What kind of foods are you naturally gravitating to at this time?  That may be your body trying to tell you something!

After all, the cells in our body completely regenerate every now and then, and I am getting the strong sense this is one of those times.  Since we're in a retrograde period, don't be surprised if your taste buds have changed or if you start to like new and exciting foods to put on your dinner plate.  

For more on dietary changes, you might like to read, Seasonal Eating: The Magic of the Roughage Diet and Vegan Comfort Foods!  Eating roughage and comfort foods at this time is a total must.  It will work to ground your energy even further, with a root chakra dietary guide that is sure to ground you in place!

The Libra supermoon is a time to just be still with your thoughts.  It's a time to go within and it's a great time to spend more time with family and friends, enjoying the comforts of home.  

Home is where you hang your hat, but your true home lives within your body.  Spending time listening to your body and hearing the messages within will undoubtedly make this new moon in Libra one to remember!

New Moon in Libra Goddess of the Month

This month, I'll be working with the Goddess Freya for the Libran supermoon!  I took a long walk yesterday and quietly connected with her.  I had felt bad because I hadn't connected with her in a while and I consider her to be my patron goddess.  

Immediately, she made me feel better!  She reassured me that she wasn't mad at all that it had been so long and she immediately went to work on mending my broken heart on the twin flame separation I had encountered over the summer.  

She's a very understanding goddess!  Since Goddess Freya works within the realm of romantic love, she knows that sometimes we need to take a break to figure things out.  Whether it be a bad breakup or taking time off from the dating scene, Freya is your girl!

In order to connect with her during this supermoon, I've opted to write her a letter to the universe and burn it over my kitchen sink!  I've already decided that it will be really healthy and good for me to release some heavy, toxic-based emotions that I've been carrying around.

I also plan on writing out a list of new moon intentions with the Goddess of sex, love, and war.  This way, I know that my intentions will be delivered directly to the goddess-head, cutting out the middle man and going straight to the source!

Working with Goddess Freya for the Libran supermoon may mean doing a few spells that I've had hidden up my sleeve.  These are spells that felt like they needed perfect timing and universal alignment.  The moment to strike is now!

Like I mentioned at the top of this post, a supermoon is so magical, powerful, and potent that you could do some of the spells you've been saving up for the next full moon.  Just use your judgment on it and let your intuition be your guide!

New Moon in Libra Supermoon Ritual

Write down all your intentions on a piece of paper and enchant your paper!  You can do this in several ways.  

You can call on your goddess of the month to enchant it through an incantation that you say aloud three times!  Make sure that your enchantment is short, sweet, and to the point.  Try to make it rhyme in some way if you can.  

Then, you'll want to place your new moon wish list in an herbal envelope spell.  Normally, I put my intentions out under the light of the moon and let it bathe in the potent power of the moonlight, but I think it's fun to change things up every now and then.  Especially when it comes to a supermoon!

For the new moon in Libra, plant the seeds of intention with a sprinkle of rosemary!  The magical healing properties of rosemary are cleansing, protection, strength, and warding off bad spirits and negative energy.  What can be better than that?

Sprinkle your rosemary into the herbal envelope, add some powerful crystals if you like, and ask that your intentions be blessed by your moon goddess!  Don't open your envelope up until the next new moon and that way, it will be a magical surprise when you see which wishes came true from the previous new moon.  

Libra Supermoon Spells + Good Luck Altar

This month, besides doing an herbal envelope spell new moon ritual, I plan on doing a few spells that support my new moon intentions.  Mainly, I plan on working on my good luck altar that I started this week.  

I'm ushering good luck into every part of my life and since I'm working with Goddess Freya for this Libran supermoon, I definitely am working on being lucky in love!  My new moon altar with good luck at the helm, will become a multipurpose altar that works to activate my romantic love life.  

I really want to work on bringing good luck into every arena of my life and love is something that definitely stood out to me!  You can read more about it in, Love Magic: The Qualities I'm Looking For in My Next Relationship to see where I'm going with this.

Right now, I'm trying really hard to get over someone and while I'm definitely feeling better than I was, I know that Moon Goddess Freya can make me feel even better!  I plan on building my altar and dedicating it to the goddess of good luck, but that doesn't mean I won't find ways to honor moon goddess Freya too.  

I realized that building a multipurpose altar means that there will be layers to it.  This means that I can keep things fresh and change things out according to whatever season of life I am in.  

I'm taking my time with my good luck altar, as there are so many layers to it, but I should have it done by tonight!  I plan on finding a horseshoe symbol and using it as a symbol of good luck and adding hearts to it for the romantic section of my feelings.  It's something that I can't wait to share at a later date on the blog!

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