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The Magic of Graveyard Photography and Photographing Cemeteries


Angel statuary in a public cemetery with gravestones in Dunedin, Florida

I've recently rekindled the magic of graveyard photography and photographing cemeteries! It all started when I started getting into graveyard magic and spirit work. I had forgotten what a spiritual place a cemetery can be, whether it be a pet cemetery or a historic cemetery for public figures.

I used to take my daughters to visit cemeteries all the time when they were young girls. I never wanted them to be afraid of death like I used to be as a little girl. I also wanted them to feel the connection between our world and the spirit world.

Then, life happened, kids became grownups, and I got out of practice with my ritual of visiting the dead. Rekindling my passion for ancestry and deceased loved ones has been an eye-opening experience that I'm more than happy to get back into.

I would always take my simple point-and-shoot camera with me for our cemetery visits!  What I like about snapping photographs of graveyards is that there is so much magic hidden in every corner.  

People often think they are just visiting dead people when they visit the graveyard.  The truth is, graveyards are teeming with both spiritual life and flora and fauna!

It's not at all uncommon to snap a photograph with orbs in it when you visit a graveyard or even a specific gravesite.  It's an active place filled with spirits in order to try your hand at spirit work.  

It's a place that's filled with fairy elementals, angels, deceased loved ones, the graveyard keeper, and sometimes ghosts who have either left an energetic impression or haven't crossed over yet.  If you are looking for signs from deceased loved ones, around every corner you'll find birds chirping, butterflies fluttering, and dragonflies flying over gravestones with some kind of sorcery.  

It's also a quiet, peaceful place where you'll be able to sit still and collect your thoughts.  If you've never meditated in a graveyard before, I highly recommend giving it a try!  Make sure to do it on a day when the groundskeepers won't be there making noise and mowing lawns.  

Sometimes, I like to sit on the benches and read literature and talk to spirits.  Other times, I like to write poetry.  There's something about writing poetry in a graveyard that's romantic, don't you think?

When I'm in the mood for a photoshoot, I'll head on over to the local cemetery for a photography session!  These are often the times where I find shadow lighting draped over angel statues and overgrown shrubbery.  

There's something very magical about graveyards, especially this time of year so close to Halloween and Samhain on October 31st!  This year, on that date, it will be even more powerful with the full moon in Taurus making a cerebral appearance.  

You can read more about my love of Halloween by reading, Why Autumn is My Favorite Season: A Fun Post!  I really talk about how fun Halloween was growing up as a kid in the eighties.

The magic of graveyard photography is being able to capture the essence of the cemetery you are in.  You might be able to catch an aura on camera, an angel orb, a spirit light, or in some cases, even fairy lights.  I like it because it's a place where you can connect with the spirits that live there.  

Just remember that spirits were once real, living, breathing people too.  It's important to be respectful of both the living and the dead, as it is a place for people to keep the memory of their deceased loved ones alive.

I also think that photographing cemeteries should come with its own set of rules.  Meaning, you should be respectful and not knock things over or leave trash on the ground.  If you see something that's been weathered, maybe be kind and pick it up and set it upright.  This can include everything from framed pictures, old candles, to plastic flowers and fairy statuary.

Since I feel like I'm invading their space, I often leave offerings on some of the graves and at the entrance of the cemetery, where the gatekeeper keeps track of visitors.  I leave an offering for the gatekeeper on the way in and on the way out as a token of appreciation.  

Offerings can be anything that deceased people might have enjoyed while they were alive.  I've noticed that mini statues, pennies, quarters, candy, and of course flowers all suffice.  If you listen keenly, a spirit might be able to tell you what she wants you to bring for next time.  

For graveyard photography, you can do things like capture the seasonal shifts and changes, especially if you live in a place that has four distinct seasons.  You can use things like ominous weather to capture the mood or shadow lighting as a frame of reference.  

I really love capturing photographs of fairy statuary, angel statuary, and flowers in bloom, and the sky glimpsing through the trees.  In the nearby future, I plan on going back and getting some winter graveyard photographs with ominous skies and bare-branched trees shaking in the chill air.  

I usually go during the daytime myself, but I definitely plan on making another attempt when the time changes on November 1st and entering the cemetery at dusk when evening glows through the shadowy filament of the nearly night sky.  

Future goals include orb shots.  I'd really like to have a real-life fairy sighting during the twilight hour, as it's one of the faerie folk's favorite times to come out.  Seeing the fae at a gravesite could be downright magical!

Right now, Samhain is drawing nearer.  This means that the veil has become increasingly thin between our world and the spirit realm.  It's the ideal time to see a ghost or apparition or to get a good fairy sighting in!

I'm a big believer in using your intuition for photography, especially cemetery photography, where you are dealing with spirit work.  If your intuition is leading you somewhere, pay attention to it!  You might just capture something on your camera that amazes you later :)

Shadow Lighting in the Cemetery With Religious Statuary
Angel Statues Overlooking a Gravestone in the Historic Dunedin Cemetery
Rustic Gothic Cross Headstone For Gravestone Statues

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