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The Magical Healing Properties of Scorpio Season 2020


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Welcome to the magical healing properties of Scorpio season 2020! Starting today, we're back in the astrological sign of Scorpio, a water sign that has the elements of water and the dreamy melding of the moon. This means, our next new moon will fall under the sign of Scorpio impacting our deepest feelings and emotions.  

If you've been feeling super anxious and emotional lately, Mercury in Retrograde might be to blame as it falls under the Scorpionic sign of mysterious Scorpio.  Get your free Mercury in Retrograde First Aid Kit to learn about challenging times ahead!

The sign of the scorpion means working with your dark, shadow self and dealing with the emotional makeup of the moon.  Water signs are automatically linked to the moon and all her many reflections and wonders.  You can signup for free moon readings to get started!

Scorpios are not afraid of going within and doing shadow work.  They are very much in touch with their dark half or dark self.  They are happy to explore the mysteries of life and all of their elusive meanings, only to come up with more mystery and intrigue.

Scorpio season is a great time to work with dark goddesses such as Kali Ma and Goddess Hecate!  Dark goddesses are the epitome of someone who a Scorpio person might like to work with.  For them, the darker the better!

With Samhain just around the corner, now is the perfect time to tap into your magical Scorpion properties, even if you're not a Scorpio by birthright!  We can all learn something from each other, can't we?  

Scorpio people teach us how to tap into our psychic powers and intuition.  They teach us how to leave a little something to mystery and chance.  They teach us how to be daring and different by helping us to get in touch with our darker selves by doing the shadow work necessary for transformation.  

The Magical Healing Properties of Scorpio Season 2020

Nothing says Scorpio like transformation does!  Think of the death card in the tarot card deck.  What does it do?

It kills things off and transforms things.  It's about endings and new beginnings.  I would say a Scorpio new moon will be the perfect match for a Scorpio person, as they really love to encompass the energy of a dark moon.

Being that Scorpio season falls in the water realm of water signs or people who have water in their chart, you may want to spend some time in or near water.  This will help ready you for your rebirth!

What is a transformation if not a rebirth?  Now is the time to burn things off that no longer serve you.  It's a time of getting rid of the baggage you've been carrying around with you.  

Things like past lives and karmic relationships need to go!  Declutter your home and office with Goddess Kali, the goddess of empowerment, transformation, and destruction.  She'll help you get your affairs in order before your death.  

Your metaphorical death, that is.  You've got to clear space in order to call new and better things into your life.  Once you've removed the deadwood, it makes room for new growth in the garden of life!

Scorpio Season Rituals

  • Cancel subscriptions
  • Declutter your home and office
  • Do some shadow work in my shadow self workbook
  • Start keeping a personal diary or journal to record your thoughts and feelings
  • Have a good cry and release harsh emotions and ego-based thoughts
  • Watch unsolved mysteries and try to see if you can solve them
  • Spend time with the death card in the tarot deck and see what impressions you come up with
  • Keep the devil tarot card with you so you can play with your dark self
  • Wear some sexy lingerie or buy some handcuffs for the bedroom
  • Let your freak flag fly in whatever way that feels best for you
  • Get into graveyard magic and spirit work to work on your dark behalf
  • Write a mystery novel or mini-book series
  • Play sudoku or crossword puzzles
  • Buy a new sex toy for personal use and racy thoughts
  • Practice a little sex magick with Goddess Isis
  • Work with any dark goddess that resonates with you
The magical healing properties of the Scorpio season are to play with your dark side and work actively to not be afraid of Scorpio energy.  It's important to work on the integration of our dark side and our light side since they are both parts of us.  

There's a dual nature to Scorpionic energy that can be channeled into your wildest dreams.  That's what transformation is all about.  It's about calling on the spiritual aspects of ourselves as well as the physical, carnal nature of humankind.  

Tapping into those kinds of energies can bring up repressed memories and feelings that are darkly coated with poisonous thoughts.  It's important to spend time alone right now and go into hermit mode for a bit.  

This will help you deal with the toxic, ego-based thoughts, feelings, and emotions that may surface at this time.  Watch movies that make you cry, journal about a humiliating memory and the lesson you learned from it, and capture the mood by lighting candles or stringing fairy lights.  

Scorpio people know themselves.  It's important right now for you to ask yourself if you know the deepest, darkest recesses of your mind.  Are you willing to go within and tend with the skeletons in your closet or the ghosts that haunt you from your past?

By doing so, you'll free up energy and space for a transformation to take place deep within you.  Think about all the things you'd like to change about yourself.  What needs to stay and what needs to go?

The magic of Scorpio season is getting a chance to know a different side of yourself!  The dark side, the shadow self.  The girl in the dark fairy tale.  The boy turning into a wolf on a full moon.  

Exploring your dual nature can bring out a side of you that you never knew you had!  It's all about asking the right questions and waiting for the answers.  Scorpio season is a time of rebirth for you and it's best to go hard and not waste time on fears and trepidations.  

A Scorpio person would never do that.  They look fear in the face and do what must be done to embrace their darker side and now you can too!

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