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Wishlist: Chance Meetings and Golden Opportunities With Goddess Fortuna

Lady Luck and lucky green frog in the heart of a dark faery forest in mother nature on fern trail

As many of you know, I've been really trying to stay grounded in good luck energy! This edition of wishlist is about how you can create your own luck through chance meetings and golden opportunities with the Goddess Fortuna.

Great Goddess Fortuna is also known as Lady Luck and you definitely want her by your side!  She's really easy to talk to and as long as she sees that your heart is earnest, she'll work with you to accomplish great things.  

One of the very first enchantment spells that I did with Goddess Fortuna was with a green ribbon.  I simply tie it into my hair in the morning, usually in a ponytail or bun, and take a hike.  I simply asked for my green ribbon to always bring me good luck, chance meetings, and golden opportunities and it worked like a charm!

Goddess Fortuna opens your eyes to the opportunities that have been hidden in plain sight all along and what can be better than that?  Sometimes, we get so caught up in life that we can't see the forest for the trees.  With Lady Luck on our side, we begin to see magic within us and all around us.  

Goddess Fortuna is somebody that can help you with financial abundance and money-making opportunities.  She does this by making you aware of the golden opportunities that are all around you, whether it be through your business or in the corporate world.  

In my humble opinion, all of us could benefit from some good luck!  But, what is good luck and what does it really mean?  How do we harness more good luck energy in our lives?  

Start with Lady Luck!  You can write her a letter to the universe and burn or bury it.  You can take a long walk and speak with her casually in the still frame corners of your mind.  She is really down to earth and approachable!

You can add lucky ribbons into your daily hair care routine.  I really like green, white, gold, and red ribbons in my hair and pigtails.  For you, it might be something else.  Think about which colors you are attracted to and use color magic to set the tone of the day.  

Another thing you can do is create a good luck altar and fill it with things that remind you of what it feels like to have good luck.  Horseshoes, dragonfly imagery, frogs are often associated with good luck and some good luck crystals to boot!

Lucky Gemstones:

You might like to work with lepidolite gemstone for more chance meetings in your life.  Lepidolite happens to be one of my favorite crystals for meeting new people and getting dates!

Amethyst is a highly spiritual crystal that can bring a ton of good luck magic your way and who doesn't love that?  Amethyst can be put on your good luck altar or you can sleep with it under your pillow at night for overnight healing and psychic abilities, which just happen to open you up to more fame, fortune, and good luck.

Citrine healing gemstone is one of my favorites for creating a wealthy mindset through the power of positivity!  If you ever feel depressed or anxious or worried about money, put citrine crystal under your pillow and let the magic begin.

Good Luck Altar:

I'm making a good luck altar in my house right now with my mantelpiece.  I'm hardcore serious about bringing luck and fortune my way and with dedicating my altar to Goddess Fortuna, the goddess of good luck, fame, and fortune!

Luck is really a state of mind.  It's about allowing positive flow to come into your life and believing you are lucky.  You have to be receptive to that kind of healing energy.

How many times in life have you met someone who expects to win on lottery tickets or who always has lucky numbers?  The reason this works is that the person in question believes it will work for them.  Belief is a huge part of making your own luck, isn't it?

On the other hand, who hasn't met someone who always has bad luck and that's what they expect out of life?  That person has built a negative belief system that tells them to co-create in their misery.  The universe always delivers, unfortunately, or fortunately.  

You decide!  For more on building your faith and trust in the universe, you might like to read, How to Have Childlike Faith: Understanding the Law of Attraction and the Law of Opposites in Action.

Now, ask yourself:  Which person do you want to be?  The person who is always winning on lottery tickets and in the game of life or the person who lives life as a series of unfortunate events.  

I know there have been times where I've been on both pathways and it always feels better to have some luck on your side.  With a friend like the Goddess Fortuna, you are bound to find yourself in a lucky position in life.  

She can help you with standing out in a crowd and getting the job that everyone wants.  She can help you with brushing up on your resume and making it more attractive and magical to prospective employers.  

If you own your own business, even if you've had bad luck in the past, she can help you turn over a new leaf.  How?  Goddess Fortuna can help the "right" kind of people to come your way in the form of ample business opportunities, good news, and forming a magical relationship with clients.  

If you just need a little luck in your day to day life, she can help you with that too!  Chance meetings don't come along every day unless you happen to make friends with Goddess Fortuna.  Then, expect to meet new friends, business partners, and romantic love interests.  

Want to be lucky in love or just get lucky (wink, wink!)?  Goddess Fortuna can certainly help you with that too.  She will put you in the right place, at the right time for meeting your soulmate or twin flame.

You get added bonus points for wearing a lepidolite crystal!  Lepidolite healing gemstone is a pinkish, purplish sparkling crystal with the energy to help you meet someone romantically at the right place, at the right time.  

 The thing about Goddess Fortuna is that she knows how to work with grounding these good luck opportunities into physical reality.  That's how physical manifestation happens.  If you're having trouble getting ideas off the ground, Fortuna is your girl!

Wishlist: Chance Meetings and Golden Opportunities With Goddess Fortuna

Working with Goddess Fortuna will put you smack dab in the middle of a chance meeting that could change your life forever.  Think a tower moment (shocking!), the wheel of fortune tarot card, and the lovers tarot card energy.  

With the lovers tarot, you may have just met someone who is going to become part of a significant relationship in your life.  Its kind of like a stroke of fate walks into your life at that exact moment.  These are the kind of fated in destiny type moments that Goddess Fortuna can set up for you.  

I've met men on the hiking trails that could have become romantic love interests just by working with Goddess Fortuna on my love life.  It's about keeping your options open and knowing what they are.  

What about creating good luck with your health?  She can absolutely assist you with improving your overall mood and health too.  If you keep getting sick with colds and flu symptoms (barring the coronavirus), she can help you have a stream of good luck with your health!

You might find yourself wanting to get on your yoga mat more.  Where before it felt forced, now you actually look forward to it!  

Goddess Fortuna might lead you to take walks in mother nature where you meet somebody who will change your life forever in a good way.  Walking is a naturally good way to improve your overall health and well-being!

She might make you lucky enough to meet the right doctor for your ailments.  Perhaps somebody with a degree in alternative medicine or naturopathy.  

There are all sorts of things that Goddess Fortuna can do to make you lucky and blessed when it comes to your health!  When you feel good, it gets reflected back into the cells of your body.

She can do anything right down to your diet and the very foods you eat!  Maybe you even meet a cutie at the grocery store standing in the organic foods section.  You just never know.  

She can help you get lucky too!  Meaning, she can improve your sex life and make it more meaningful and fun.  She can help you meet men (or women) you connect with on an emotional level that you want to get down and freaky with.  

Goddess Fortuna, the goddess of fame and fortune, can really bring luck into any area of your life where you need it!  A lot of times, we just don't notice all of the luck that surrounds us.  Fortuna will make you aware of it in a way that's fun and effortless!

I wish you the best of luck, friends!  Thanks for reading about how to bring more of the good stuff into your life.  xoxo

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