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A Secret Love Note For the Collective: Heal Your Inner Child With the Fairy Elementals

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 A Secret Love Note For the Collective: Heal Your Inner Child With the Fairy Elementals!  I got a prompting from the universe and knew it was time to go within and pull on my mystical intuition.  The fairies want you to know that for the rest of twenty-twenty, it's time to work on healing the issues rooted in childhood.

Luckily, this is an area where even if we had a dream childhood, there's still triggers and defense mechanisms built within us.  The fairies want us to go into hermit mode for the rest of the year and do the work on ourselves.

Sometimes, part of that healing has to do with nostalgia and embracing your inner child!  This is the fun part of the healing process.

This is the part where you get to be a kid again and break out the crayons and coloring books!  When fostering love and devotion to your childhood magic, you begin to feel lighter.

You might find that playing with children and pets can be uplifting!  In this same way, the fairies would like to see us live out our childhood dreams in real-time.  

It's that part of us that no one in the world can touch!  It's that part of us that always wanted to grow and blossom, but somehow couldn't.  

Maybe there wasn't enough sunshine or fresh air.  Maybe the water in the wishing well of life had dried up.  Whatever the case maybe, your inner child is within you, ready to flourish!

It's through the childhood magic of sea monkey kits and life science that we were able to finally see how even little things can bring joy and blessings into our life.  It's the fun of discovery and wondering what adventure would be behind the corner!

The fairies would like us to do shadow work and embrace our dark self for spiritual growth and collective consciousness!  It's important to know our role in this.  Each moon phase and planetary alignment brings us closer to our most authentic truth.

This is the dark time of the year!  It gets dark earlier and soon, if not already, the places we live in will become cold.  This forces us to go into hermit mode and spend time with ourselves, preferably over a warm fireplace and a hot cup of cocoa!

It's a time for deep reflection and to develop our intuition.  We can do this with the changing seasons and turning leaves.  We can do this for each other.  

As each person in the spiritual collective wake up and heal their childhood wounds, the veil between our worlds become thinner, merging into one.  The fairies want you to work on feeling like you did as a child when you had all the time in the world to escape with your fictional books and stories!

As you do this over the winter holidays, you'll begin to see an uprising in yourself!  You'll be stepping into your power at this time, by being still within the still-frame corners of your mind.  

It's in the quiet burning fire that our inner child rises from the ashes like a phoenix rising up!  When your inner child is finally in alignment with your cosmos, you'll begin to see your star qualities come to light.

Just like when you were a child.  Back when the possibilities were endless and the world was your oyster!  Let's get back to that, shall we?

Crystals for Inner Childhood Healing:  Rhodonite gemstones!  Will heal childhood wounds and trauma, including sexual abuse.  Works instantly and if used continuously, will heal the inner child completely!  It's a heart chakra gemstone that creates openness and receptivity for your deepest, darkest memories.  This is a soothing stone that will boost your childhood wonder!

Goddesses Who Will Advocate For Your Inner Child: Goddess Kali Ma!  Female empowerment and an advocate against victim shaming, Goddess Kali will annihilate any childhood trauma that is standing in the way of your success by empowering you to take a stand.  Whether it be the result of childhood bullying, sexual abuse, or victim shaming, Kali has your back!

Plants For Inner Child HealingAloe vera plant!  This sweet-natured plant will heal all of your emotional wounds and childhood trauma in a gentle, loving way.  Keep an aloe vera plant near you until the issues you've been dealing with are completely eradicated.  Works gently over long periods of time!
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