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Life As a Solitary Green Witch!

Currently: Practicing Kinfolk Style, Slow Living With Green Magic

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Currently, I'm practicing kinfolk style, slow living with green magic!  Even though sustainability is something I've slowed down on writing about on this blog, it is still very much near and dear to my heart.  Especially since being a green witch means living a more down to earth lifestyle!  

Part of practicing green witch magic is learning how to create sustainable spells that are earth-friendly and kind to the animals.  Being a green witch truly means being green and eco-friendly in every way.  

I'm still, a long way off from my futuristic goal to join a coop for organic fruits and vegetables grown fresh from local organic farms, but I know someday I'll get there if I keep following my vision.  In addition to that, I have future plans of going waste-free, returning to my natural vegan state, and creating a green nature witch capsule wardrobe filled with sustainable, timeless fashions.  

However, I know that it takes time to build all of those things into my everyday life.  These last couple of years have seen me fluctuating a lot.  One minute I'm able to be fully vegan and mostly raw, then the next minute I'm eating a danish with my coffee.

So, I'm trying to find some kind of balance between the two.  I do like living a completely plant-based lifestyle, but it isn't always realistic for me.  

If you too struggle with living a vegan lifestyle, you might try my vegan starter kit!  I created a kit that has fun homework and takes a spiritual approach to go vegan so that it's more user-friendly to everyone.  

I took some time off to figure out if sustainability and slow living still have a place on my blog (because it certainly does in my heart!) and I came to the conclusion that it does!  When I think about the faerie folk and practicing green magic, I realize that protecting the environment is a big part of my calling.  

I think in some ways, I felt like I wasn't in a good place to write about those things because I wasn't 100% living the sustainable living lifestyle that I desired.  You know what?  I couldn't be more wrong!

Living a green lifestyle isn't about being perfect.  It's about making the effort and doing the best you can every single day, until one day you get to a place you're happy with.  

In the middle of embracing the magical path I am on as a green witch and herbalist, I found myself.  I found the person that I'd like to be, which is someone who loves to practice magic ethically and responsibly by using sustainable witchcraft.  

This could mean everything from not using palo santo incense or frankincense and myrrh (due to its unethical treatment of the environment) to creating vegan spells as a kitchen witch!  If anything, this has made me want to buckle down and work on creating an eco-friendly environment even more!

As many of you already know, I moved into a tiny house this year and now I'm practicing tiny house living!  This was a long-term goal that I've had for a considerable amount of time that finally came true for me.  

I wanted to practice living a more minimalistic lifestyle because where I live people have too much stuff.  People in general, myself included, buy too much junk that has to be thrown away into waste piles that kill our environment and makes it a toxic waste dump.  

What I'm currently working on is creating less waste.  I still have a long ways to go, of course, but that's my aim as we head into the new year.  You can find some of my sustainable gifts here.

I haven't fully aligned with a new year's resolution yet, but I know that I'm planning on doing a major glow-up and I'm wondering if maybe living a waste-free lifestyle might end up being part of that.  I'd like to hope so!

Currently: Practicing Kinfolk Style, Slow Living With Green Magic

What is green magic and how can I practice it?  Green magic is where a green witch uses her environment (genius loci) to create spells and rituals.  The green witch always knows the lay of the land and communes with plant spirits and the flower fairies!

A solitary green witch is usually into herbal witchcraft!  It's not a prerequisite, but working with herbs always seems to align with the path of green magic.

She (or he) might also have gravitation toward green goddesses and the lords of the forest, though it isn't necessary for practicing green witchcraft.  In other words, you might feel steered toward leaving offerings for plant spirits and nature goddesses like Goddess Nemetona!

It's also not uncommon for a green nature witch to want to slow down and enjoy life by practicing kinfolk style, slow living!  This might mean wearing slow fashions and spending more time in mother nature.  

It might mean growing an herbal windowsill garden or foraging for mushrooms in the forest to put food on the table.  It's really, at the end of the day, about living a more simple lifestyle with less waste!

There is a bit of a rustic element to living this way, but it depends on how deep you want to go into it.  For example, it wouldn't be uncommon for a hedge witch to practice hedge witchery from a little cottage home in the woodland.  This is a handy way of utilizing your natural resources in the craft!

Whatever path of the green witch you'd like to take is your own!  For myself, I've always enjoyed spending a lot of time hiking the trails and having picnics in the forest with the fairies.  You might enjoy working with the nature spirits for some green living tips!

I've always been one to reduce, reuse, and recycle!  I try to eat a plant-based diet as much as humanly possible for me.  I am currently living a minimalistic lifestyle by moving into a smaller home, therefore reducing the amount of waste I have.  

I make a habit of picking up trash and litter when I see it in my neighboring environment and of course, I've always been against throwing litter on the ground because hello, this is our earth too!  Earlier this year, the fairies channeled a message for me to pass on, please don't litter and pick up trash.

I am getting better about many, many things when it comes to living a greener lifestyle, but of course, I could always be better!  That's the point though.  We should never give up the good fight.  

That's why I'm so happy to be embracing life as a green nature witch.  It allows the best of both worlds for me and for my readers.  It allows me to expand on my knowledge of environmental protection through spiritual messages and the like.  

At first, I thought maybe practicing green magic would mean writing less or maybe giving something up of myself.  Instead, it has helped me to grow in my green magic craft by leaps and bounds!  It feels like I get to be me, only better.  I'm happy with that!

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