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How to Work With Plant Spirits + Plant Offerings

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This is a blog post on how to work with plant spirits + plant offerings! Most likely, if you're reading this blog, you have some kind of affinity for plants and herbs and you want to learn how to establish a better relationship with them. Today, we're going to delve into the world of plant magic!

Usually, one of the first things a baby green witch might like to learn about is how to work with plants in order to give their green magic spell a magical boost of power. Whether you have an affinity for air plants (pictured above) or have a thing for the magical healing properties of yarrow, I've got you covered!

Naturally, the first place you want to look is around your home! Do you keep house plants? If not, now is a great time to get started as they will add a magical boost to your spells and overall energy.

One of the first experiences I had with plant spirits was with houseplants. At the time, I was living in a single parent community and my plants gave me life force during a really difficult time. Sometimes, I would have trouble sleeping and I'd sit out on the porch of my apartment and enjoy the magic of my plants.

When I began to get downloads of information for creative endeavors, I knew something magical was happening between me and my plants. I knew that a connection was being built between us.

At the time, I didn't have a lot of experience with green living things, but when I started a plant collection, that's when I developed a sense of something more to plants. That something more was plant spirits!

Every plant, flower, and gemstone comes with a built-in nature spirit! Plants are notorious for green energy healing and being communicative with their patrons by speaking to them through their thoughts, feelings, and intuition. Some people even have a plant spirit guide!

Plants have gentle, soothing energy for the most part, much like a rose quartz crystal. There are, of course, some bristly plants such as the native cactus of the high desert that might not be agreeable with you. You've just got to keep looking for the plants that are agreeable with you, just like their herb counterparts.

Being from the Mojave desert of Southern California, I do really well with bladed plants and plants with a bristly nature about them. Aloe vera plants and the desert cactus are my boo! You've just got to play around with them and find the ones that work with you and your environment.

There are plants that don't like to be fussed over and there are plants that, much like children, need a lot of love and extra attention! I recommend letting your intuition be your guide as you wind your way through the plant nursery or local hanging gardens.

The important thing to note here is that plants have a built-in nature spirit, meaning they are ensouled. This is known as a concept called animism that means everything from your computer to your Christmas tree has a soul. Most souls are sleeping, but plants have active soul spirits and imagination at the ready for you to work with!

Plants can help you with everything from soothing your baby to sleep at night to amplifying your zen-like attitude when you're dealing with the in-laws. There really is a plant for everyone! Once you find your perfect plant display, then you can sit down and start working with them.

How to Work With Plant Spirits + Plant Offerings

To work with plant spirits, I recommend sitting down and talking to your plants. Don't worry about being a crazy plant lady (or crazy plant dude), just talk to them the way you would an old friend you've known forever! Don't go into it with expectations the first time. Just do the talking and your plant will do the listening.

Next, leave your plant offerings! Plant spirits really like anything that fairy would like. You might like to refer to any of my faerie folk blog posts for more on fairy altars and offerings.

You can even write a letter to the universe to leave for your plant spirit. I like to leave a short note expressing what I want with gratitude that it is already done and leave it under my offering of twigs, Tinkerbells, and fairy statuary.

If I'm feeling really generous or it's during one of the fall or spring equinoxes, I'll even leave honey, apple cider, or a sweet treat for the plant spirit that lives inside. If I'm on the hiking trails, I'll leave baby's breath flowers a tiny gemstone companion or a magical yarrow plant a butterfly magnet.

I always like to feel the situation out and see if I can gauge what my plant spirit would like. Remember, plants have distinct personalities, wishes, and desires too! Just like humans do.

Plants and humans have a lot more in common than we think. Regardless, plants tend to like sweet stuff, especially agave nectar and honey, and they tend to gravitate toward fairy or butterfly imagery and symbols, which you can find at work throughout my little nature-inspired blog!

Plant Spirit Altars and Plant Magic Offerings

  • Tiny gemstone companions!  Plants and gemstones tend to pair well together and make great friends.
  • Agave nectar or organic honey!  As long as the honey is ethically sourced or honey produced from a local beekeeper, then you're golden when it comes to planting spirit friends.
  • Fairy and butterfly imagery!  Plant spirits are highly attracted to things that look like them or remind them of their natural spirit friends.  
  • Fresh herbal ingredients!  Just like with healing crystals, plant spirits really work well with herbs plucked fresh from the garden or from your spice rack.  
  • Graveyard dirt!  Some plant spirits pair well with graveyard dirt magic.  Just sprinkle a little around the leaves and foliage of your poisonous plants and they will grow and thrive!  Read more on the metaphysical properties of graveyard dirt to explore this topic further.
  • Bells and shiny objects!  Plant spirits love anything that creates a light vibratory noise that enhances the ambiance of the forest or their potted plant home.  They love shiny objects like feng shui crystals and prisms because in every drop of light there beholds magic!
The best way to get to know your plant spirit is to spend time with him or her!  Give your plant a name and a personality.  Learn what their story is and let your plant spirit guide take you on a journey into green magic with a side of herbal witchcraft.

Always be sure to thank your plant spirits and leave them an offering they can't resist!  It's highly important as a solitary green witch to have plant allies by your side.  Plants can become your best friends in the world if you let their greenery into your world.

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