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Meet Goddess Abundantia: Roman Goddess of Riches, Abundance, and Prosperity


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Meet Goddess Abundantia: Roman Goddess of Riches, Abundance, and Prosperity!  I thought it would be appropriate to write about the goddess who holds a cornucopia with her wherever she goes for Thanksgiving.

What I love about working with the Goddess Abundantia is that she generates money-making ideas for you that are completely tangible and within your reach.  After contacting her, it's not uncommon to start finding coins everywhere you go.  

One time, I even found cash money on the ground that added up to eighty bucks!  Naturally, my first thought was that the Roman goddess was at work in my life again.  If you call on Abundantia goddess, get ready for a plethora of money-making ideas and cash flow to come your way!

We're in the heart of Sagittarius season right now, which makes for a great time to work on your cash flow and savings!  This is because the astrological sign of Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter, the planet of abundance and riches.  You can read about how Jupiter and Pluto went conjunct recently, which can elevate your money magic amplified!

You can also work with the goddess of abundance to create a positive money mindset and to build a stronger relationship with money.  It's not surprising that the topics most people want to learn about having to do with love and money!

With the Roman goddess of fortune, you'll find yourself sitting down and writing out a plan for your financial future with ease and grace!  She has a way of making it look so easy.  This is because prosperity flows through Abundantia's fingertips like water.  

Having abundance is a natural state of mind for her.  For this money goddess, an abundance mindset is as easy as breathing for her, as she eats, sleeps, and breathes money.  She's confident she will always have it and that it will always be there, as she shares her winnings with others around the globe!

When I've worked with Abundantia Goddess in the past, I remember sitting down and coming up with a plan with her.  It was a long-term plan for my indiepreneur business and a future plan for my money-oriented goals!

Working with her makes you feel like anything is possible!  She's incredibly generous, kind, and supportive to her patrons.  She's also well-thought-out with a plan of action that is very detail-oriented and easily generated!

If you feeling a calling to work with Goddess Abundantia, you can start by simply writing an energy healing letter to the universe!  Be sure to address it to her and be incredibly thankful for whatever advice comes your way.

You might find yourself suddenly writing down ideas for your lifestyle blog or Etsy shop.  You might feel inclined to create a business plan to descale your business or to go larger.  It's whatever is in your best interest that Abundantia will shine on you!

You'll begin to receive financial windfalls and cash opportunities that are of the fringe!  For example, in my case, I started doing some personal tarot readings for people around town in exchange for cash.  Eventually, my future goal is to become well-known as the town tarot reader of the tiny, seaside fishing village I live in!

These are just some of the golden opportunities that Goddess Abundantia will present to you!  Don't be surprised if every time you call on her, she goes deeper and deeper into your pockets with you.  She really knows how to reach in and create a prosperous mindset when it comes to financial gain!

I like working with Abundantia because she takes into account everything you never thought of when it comes to making more money!  She's full of real and tangible ideas that are easy to pull off at the end of the day.  She works with the physical world to make sure that money is presented to you on a silver platter!

Meet Goddess Abundantia: Roman Goddess of Riches, Abundance, and Prosperity

I've found that Abundantia is all about gratitude and thanks when it comes to her patrons!  Don't be surprised if she has you sitting down and writing gratitude lists every morning.  She really makes you appreciate the little things in life so that you can get more of the same or maybe even something better!

If you'd like to create an abundance altar dedicated to the goddess of fortune and prosperity, you might like to start with a bowl full of coins!  Goddess Abundantia really loves coins and the sounds they make.  To her, it is like a sweet song and melody that is music to her ears!

Another great way to build an Abundantia altar worship ritual is to set out a bowl of oranges!  Oranges attract fruitfulness and great fortune and success.  She will consume the energy of the orange bowl and leave you with a trail of coins in her wake.  

If citrus fruit isn't your thing, the Abundantia goddess is highly attracted to cornucopia!  This is not surprising since she's known for carrying a cornucopia of goodies much like the Goddess Aeracura does.

You can fill your golden cornucopia full of roughage with organic fruits and vegetables homegrown from your local coop or garden exchange.  You could fill it with fresh market flowers and an overflowing treasure of golden coins and copper pennies from heaven.  Roman Goddess Abundantia will be very pleased you made the effort!

Goddess Abundantia has a sparkling sweet nature about her that is very ethereal, beautiful, and melodic.  She has the face of an angel and the treasures of a fairy queen in mother nature hitting the trails on a sun-dappled day.  She's easy to get to know with very little effort on your part!

I've noticed that she has a penchant for children laughing, water flowing, and coins hidden in the secret, hidden places in every corner of the world.  She reminds me of a fairy in some ways, flying over homes and pouring her cornucopia of goodness onto the world.  

I've also found that she likes to help her patrons with an abundance of food and groceries.  She's a fruitful goddess that loves farmer's markets and rich picnics on the river banks in the shade of summer.  She's all about having an abundance of everything you need and want.  

If you have a wish or desire to live a more fruitful lifestyle that's more down to earth and carefree, I think you'll really enjoy the magic of Goddess Abundantia!  When she gives, she gives with all her heart.  

She might inspire you to slow down and smell the roses and enjoy a slow living lifestyle more.  Suddenly, you might find yourself with a cool collection of treasures from the forest, as you picnic under a canopy of oranges!  She's all about enjoying life and slowing down the pace so that every bite into a chocolate covered strawberry feels like decadence.  

Luxury is something that can come in small, familial ways and that's what sweet Abundantia brings to the table!  She's all about the simple elegance of life.  

Her idea of fine dining is outdoor dining with fairy lights and a gorgeous table filled with fruits, herbs, jams, and jellies.  For her, luxury is about soaking up the simple delights of the moment surrounded by your loved ones.  

If that sounds like heaven to you, then Goddess Abundantia is your girl!  Invoke Abundance by the sound of gratitude in your heart and by giving thanks this Thanksgiving.  Honor her with your your long gratitude lists and your coin purse.  She loves that sorta thing!

In fact, to get started, find a pretty coin purse and fill it with things things that Abundantia would like.  I use a vintage golden lamme purse and fill it with coins, abundance crystals, and treasures and dedicate it to Abundantia and the planet Jupiter!  

Tucked inside my golden vintage purse, I slipped a paper with my gratitude list folded inside.  Whenever I receive something on my list, I mark it off my list and give thanks to the goddess of great fortune and success!

It's a fun and easy way to keep the money flowing!  Building a purse altar is a magical way to build a solid relationship for altar worship with Roman Abundantia.  It makes the relationship a two-way street where everyone involved comes out on top and who doesn't love that?  

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  I hope your meal is filled with blessings and a cornucopia of good food for the whole family.  Thanks for reading, friends...xoxo

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