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Meet Goddess Aeracura: Earth Mother of Abundance, Baked Goods, and the Roughage Diet

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Meet Goddess Aeracura: Earth Mother of Abundance, Baked Goods, and the Roughage Diet! She's an all-purpose goddess who acts as a fairy queen, an earth mother, and as a goddess of the underworld. She bridges the gap between the material world and the magical in-between.

I haven't written about the Aeracura goddess in quite some time and this morning, I knew instantly it was time for the Goddess Aeracura first aid kit!  Her name literally means to "cure" something.  She acts as an antiseptic and as the band-aid to all of life's ailments.  

Aeracura Goddess often works hand-in-hand with the Goddess Aine, whom I also write about a lot in my little nature-inspired blog!  You might enjoy reading, Meet the Fairy Queens: Goddess Aeracura and Celtic Goddess Aine to get started.

My first experience with fairy queen Aeracura was something that I would not have believed otherwise.  I wrote her a distance energy healing letter and poured my heart out to her about some of the money problems I was having at the time as a business owner.  

Within a couple days, I received a large windfall of money in my bank account from out of nowhere!  I kid you not.  Goddess Aeracura loves to work with people who are sincere in their need.  

I think the fact that I was open, honest, and real with her maybe helped my cause.  Within just a few days, she poured her blessings on me and I've never forgotten that.  She's a generous goddess and patron of the arts.  

This morning, I opened my heart to receive her blessings again.  Remember, if it's your material needs that need to be met, Goddess Aeracura is the cure-all to your money problems.  

Again, it's about being humble when asking for a favor.  She carries a cornucopia or basketful of goodies with her everywhere she goes, hoping to be able to bestow it on writers and artists with an open heart and mind.  The catch is that you have to ask for her divine intervention!

Be sure to establish a relationship with Aeracura Goddess first.  You should never go in guns ablaze, asking for favors from a goddess you have never worked with before.  Goddesses really love offerings, altars, and gifts that show them that you will be a loyal friend and patron.  

Aeracura is a fairy queen who loves someone who has a sincere heart and is humble at the end of the day.  These are the people she looks for when carrying her basketful of abundance!  

If you're an artist to boot and have a loving reverence for mother nature, she is even more likely to want to work with you.  Once she gets to know you, get ready for the gift-giving to begin!  

In working with Goddess Aeracura, don't be surprised if Christmas comes early this year!  In fact, I have seen her assist entire families with broods of children and pets with abundance.  

Much like another favorite goddess of mine, Goddess Abundantia (say that three times!), she doesn't just provide money and financial assistance, this girl puts food on the table!  She's a provider.  

If you can, welcome her into your home with gifts of homecooked meals and baked goods wafting from windowsills on a crisp fall day.  You know, that kind of thing!  She loves baked goods and sweets and nature altars with acorns, sticks, and twigs, and painted rocks.  

After all, she is an earth mother!  It only makes perfect sense that Aeracura would like natural snacks made from mother nature and sparkling apple cider.  

Someone asked me recently if fairies and fairy queens were vegan or vegetarian.  I thought to myself, good question!  The faerie folk is pure vegetarian.  Does this surprise you?  

It did me a little.  Here's why:  The fairies became vegetarian when the earth was pure, unprocessed, organic foods so when providing an offering, it's a really blessed idea to keep that in mind.  

In other words, someone like Aeracura might enjoy roughage or something fresh from the garden.  Homemade jams and jellies, homemade wine made from crushed grapes straight from the vine.  She would absolutely revel in a baked apple pie made from scratch with fresh ingredients.  

Back in the day, animals were treated differently.  In fact, they were treated as equals between humans and other animals.  Over the centuries, that connection has been mostly lost.  

Therefore, humans would ask for permission to use an egg from a chicken or milk from a cow.  There were more respectful guidelines and less animal cruelty.  

If you are interested in the spiritual side of going vegan, you might enjoy my Vegan Starter Kit!  I'm a big believer in living a more plant-based lifestyle in general, only with less processed foods and refined sugars.

For more on using the roughage diet and working with the Aeracura Goddess, Seasonal Eating: The Magic of the Roughage Diet and Vegan Comfort Foods!  She's the little green goddess that can put you on the right track to eating healthier baby greens and organic meals.  

So, if you are having trouble putting food on the table, connecting with the Goddess Aeracura could be the cure-all to end world hunger!  In your household and who knows?  Maybe someday around the globe.  

She can help you with anything related to abundance and ensuring that your material needs are met.  She can surround you and your family with creature comforts and simple delights.  

Goddess Aeracura is generous and kind.  When you talk to her, it's as if she sees right through you, straight into your heart.  It is in the sincerity of your heart that she sees what can be done for you.  

I felt like she put it on my heart this morning to write about the abundance she can pour into your life if you should invoke her.  Whether it be food, shelter, or being able to make a living for your family online, Aeracura's got your back!

I feel like with Thanksgiving right around the corner and with the rough year everyone has had with the pandemic, Aeracura wanted me to let the world know that she's available if you need her!  I feel like she would especially come through for healthy Thanksgiving dinners and Christmas presents.

To connect with Goddess Aeracura in helping others, visualize yourself holding hands and breaking bread with strangers from around the world.  Ask Aeracura to bless every person at mother earth's outdoor dining room table.  

You can do this same visualization for family, friends, or yourself!  Aeracura can help you with everything from timeless wears in slow fashion to sustainable gifts for the whole family.  She's nothing if not a nurturing mother and friend to mother earth.  

I really think if you work with fairy queen Aeracura, that she'll make the winter holidays magical and abundant for you and your family!  I've also found that when she bestows generosity on you that you then turn around and want to share with others.  

The circle of life and whatnot.  That's why I think a visualization of this magnitude could end world hunger.  If nothing else, let this beautiful fairy queen into your home and into your heart!

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