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Meet Goddess Fortuna: Lady Luck and Goddess of Fame and Fortune


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Meet Goddess Fortuna: Lady Luck and Goddess of Fame and Fortune! Right now is the perfect window of opportunity to work with this fortuitous goddess, as Jupiter and Pluto conjunct on November 12th, leaving a wellspring of opportunity to work on your finances and savings.

For more on this, you might enjoy reading, The Jupiter and Pluto Conjunct Field Guide For Abundance and Riches!  It gives you a list of abundance angels and luxury goddesses that will help boost your financial wealth and abundance during the transit.

In the meantime, let me talk about my relationship with Goddess Fortuna so that I can help inspire you to build a relationship of your own.  My relationship with Lady Luck goes way back.  She's the reason that I wear lucky ribbons in my hair with color magic to enchant my day with many blessings.

It all started with a lucky spool of green ribbon that I use whenever I need a boost of luck and I want to have more golden opportunities and chance meetings.  You might love to read, Wishlist: Chance Meetings and Golden Opportunities With Goddess Fortuna!

I simply incorporate my lucky green ribbon into my hair and secure it with a ponytail or a braid and then off into the woods I go!  It never fails to bring magic into my life in unexpected ways.  

That's one of the things I love about Fortuna.  She never fails to do the unexpected and that's because she is in charge of fate.  She is the wheel of fortune card in the tarot deck and she steers the ship, so to speak.  

Getting on her side will be a boon for which direction the wheel of fortune decides to turn for you.  Obviously, life is all about ups and downs, but with Fortuna by your side, you are going to be able to see more of the upside to life!

Fortuna was the inspiration behind my Grounded in Good Luck lifestyle theme!  In return, I was required to build a good luck altar and dedicate it to Goddess Fortuna worship.  By creating a Goddess Fortuna altar, I was able to allow myself to receive more unexpected, fun things into my life.  

Whether it be fresh ideas or free stuff, Goddess Fortuna brings in the good stuff in unexpected ways!  Fortuna really likes a deep level of devotion and reverence for her and it always starts with an altar built on good luck energy.  

I've done minimalistic miniature altars in the past for Goddess Isis and other deities that I've fallen in love with working with, but nothing of this magnitude.  In the past, I'd usually just nail a picture up on the wall of my favorite deity and maybe put some flowers and crystals out that I think she might like.  

With my Goddess Fortuna worship altar, it feels like a living, breathing entity!  So much so, that I plan on writing a completely separate post on my lucky altar in a future upcoming post.  I'm going to include pictures of my Lady Luck altar with lots of secret compartment and secret love notes.  

Creating a Goddess Fortuna sacred altar is a truly sacred experience!  It builds a deep reverence within you and helps guide your higher consciousness.  Since building my altar, I find myself wanting to do more with it and add more to it!

Somewhere in the middle of this religious experience of awe and wonder, I've come to find that Goddess Fortuna is my "main squeeze" patron deity!  What this means is that while I have other patrons that assist me with different areas of my life, I've chosen Goddess Fortuna as my main patron deity.  

It's more than me choosing her to be my patron goddess though.  This time around, it feels like she chose me!  Since creating my Lady Fortuna worship altar, our connection has only grown stronger, to the point where I have complete devotion to her!  

The truth is, I love Goddess Fortuna!  I love her as my patron goddess and as a best friend who is always there for me.  I feel like she has been awakened in my life for a reason and fame and fortune have something to do with that.

First and foremost, if you have an interest in working with Fortuna and bringing more good luck, fame, and fortune into your life, start with a Goddess Fortuna sacred altar for Lady Luck worship!  She will begin assisting you by turning the wheel of fate and steering the ship of your life.  

When you have Lady Luck in your corner, you have everything!  You have a best friend and confidant, you have someone to give you clear guidance, and you have someone to turn luck in your favor.  What could be better than that?  

Meet Goddess Fortuna: Lady Luck and Goddess of Fame and Fortune

If you are sick of your fate being blown in the wind, Goddess Fortuna is your go-to goddess for all things fate related.  She is pictured in the wheel of fortune card with the three fates and she's in charge of things like fate and destiny.  

Since working with Goddess Fortuna, I've been seeing signs everywhere that let me know that I'm on the road to riches and good luck!  I've been seeing horseshoes ( symbol of good luck and benevolence), the wheel of the ship, and wheel of fortune cards and symbols everywhere I go, even in my own house.  

Fortuna Goddess really likes to grab one's attention!  What I like about her is that you never really have to look for a sign, as she will put signs and synchronicities in your path along the way for you.   It's just a little bonus gift she gives to her patrons to let them know she's with them and all around them.

Not only that, but she will fill your life with charms, blessings, and secret mailbox surprises!  It's not uncommon to receive freebies and unexpected messages in your inbox or mailbox upon invoking Goddess Fortuna.  She likes to surprise her patrons in unexpected ways!

Which means that she's a lot of fun to work with!  You never know what kind of magical day you're going to have when the goddess of fate and destiny gets involved.  Get ready to receive a surplus of gifts and surprises from all over the world!  

You might meet new people from faraway places.  You might set off on an adventure with an all-expenses-paid vacation, including airfare.  You might suddenly become lucky in love, as you meet a handsome stranger in the organic aisle in the grocery store.  

With Goddess Fortuna, you might end up buying a lottery ticket (even though you never do this) and win the jackpot lottery!  You might look into your bank account and money will suddenly be there from seemingly out of nowhere.  

This is all part of the magic and charm of working with Goddess Fortuna!  Not only that, with her steering the ship that is your life, Fortuna will aid you with fame and notoriety if that's something you've been wanting.  She can even help you come out of your shell.

Lately, getting fame, recognition, and notoriety is something I've been working on with Fortuna.  I really feel deeply that if I can reach more people, I can help more people.  I do well on my blog, but I can always do better!

So, that's something Goddess Fortuna has put on the forefront of my mind.  We're making a plan together for me to become more well-known.  There comes a point when you work in social media or blogging, where you want to want to step up to the next level of advancement, and when you do, Fortuna is there to guide you through it!

Even though it's one of her lesser-known qualities, Fortuna can help make your brand famous and well-known.  She can help you shine like a star in the night sky!  

In this case, you'll want to incorporate fame and fortune into your Fortuna worship altar with ease and grace!  It's important to note that Fortuna will do it in such a way that is best for you and your brand.  

If your wish is to become Instagram famous, you might still want to keep certain parts of your personal life private.  Working with Fortuna will help you become famous in your own right!

She'll assist you with keeping a lid on the private details of your life while only gaining fame and recognition for the successes that you want to be known for.  Do you want to be known for something?  Fortuna is the Roman Goddess that will help you to become the face of your brand!

Your best bet is to sit down with her, have a talk with her through a distance energy healing letter, or use your altar as a conduit for communication and change.  Talking with Fortuna will help you get clear on what you really want when it comes to fame, fortune, and success!

I find she's easily accessible, down to earth, and easy to talk with!  She'll offer you suggestions and advice on how to fine-tune these areas of your business, brand, and life.

Goddess Fortuna Altar Worship

Goddess Fortuna, the Roman Goddess of luck and fortune, loves a good luck altar that is completely dedicated to her!  Therefore, I thought I'd include some tips on how you can worship Lady Luck by building her an altar.

Tips For a Goddess Fortuna Good Luck Altar:
  • Create a space that is out in the open if at all possible.  I would say that if fame is at the top of your list, you'll want to create an out in the open altar as a way of creating flowing energy and expansiveness!  In order to gain fame and recognition, you'll want to start putting yourself out there!
  • Be sure to have a goal in mind when planning your good luck altar.  My goal was to create an altar that kind of has it all.  I wanted to be able to use it seasonally, during each moon phase, and to create an overall glowing opportunity for good luck, fame, and fortune in all areas of my life.  When it comes to fate and destiny, luck can be anything from being lucky in love to being blessed in your business!  It can be anything you want it to be since life is dynamic and always changing!
  • I would highly recommend adding secret compartments and little boxes where you can hide stuff like secret love notes and bay leaves with wishes written on them in permanent marker!  This way, it creates privacy for your more personal trinkets and treasures.
  • Be sure to sage your altar or use Nag Champa incense in order to clear your sacred space and dedicate your altar to Lady Fortuna!  Be sure to do the dedication out loud to solidify it into a physical manifestation.
  • Use lucky gemstones, money gemstones, and money plants to activate the fortunate part of your altar!  Use a gold stone dragon to amplify that you radiate fame, fortune, and success.  Dragons are well-known to boost the way the world sees you through something called radiance.  
  • Use money plants like a jade plant, Pilea, and lucky bamboo to give your altar a boost of positive fame and fortune vibes!  Plants are living, breathing things so in order to keep the money flowing, be sure to take good care of your plant spirits and give them offerings too.
  • If you can, add a Goddess Fortuna statue.  I'm actually in the market for a Lady Luck statue or figurine myself right now.  When enchanted, Fortuna Goddess can amplify your good luck magnitude!
  • Visit your sacred space often.  Leave Fortuna offerings and secret love notes often.  She loves that sort of adoration and worship!
  • Most of all, be sure to make it a warm and welcoming space for her to live and dwell in!  You'll want her to feel right at home with you :)

Lady Fortuna Offerings

  1. Write a social media post or blog post testifying what Lady Luck has done in your life.  This creates momentum and excitement, all things that the Roman deity loves from her patrons!
  2. Make Goddess Fortuna your patron!  She will be delighted that you chose to work with her.  Sidebar on this: Really make the effort to shop around for a patron deity first, unless it's a cataclysmic event like love at first sight with her.
  3. Place treasures and coins on your lucky altar!  It's like attracts like and whatnot.  Fortuna is highly attracted to pentacles.
  4. Wear a lucky green ribbon in your hair and dedicate it to her for the day!  Fortuna loves that kind of heartfelt sincerity and dedication from her patrons.
  5. Wear Love's Baby Soft or Heaven Scent perfume!  I've noticed that she's really attracted to these vintage perfume lines from back in the day.  Maybe it reminds her of someone or maybe a simpler place in time!

What Can Roman Goddess Fortuna Help With?

  • Fame, recognition, and success!  Is there something you want to be known for?  Do you want to be more popular at school?  Do you want to be a pillar of the community you live in?  Lady Luck will grab people's attention and not only that, she'll grab the "right" kind of attention to you!
  • Fortune, golden opportunities, and financial windfalls!  Goddess Fortuna can open your eyes up to the money-making opportunities that are hidden in plain sight.
  • Chance meetings and unexpected gifts!  Worshipping Goddess Fortuna can open you up to the possibilities and they are limitless.  With Fortuna by your side, the world is your oyster!
  • Being Lucky in Love!  Roman Goddess Fortuna can help you find dates by putting you in the right place at the right time much like a lepidolite crystal does.  She'll also help you to clear out all the negative karma from past-life relationships.
  • Plentiful Health!  If you want to be healthy, wealthy, and strong, Goddess Fortuna can connect you with the right naturopath or shaman by a stroke of luck and chance.  She will always keep you healthy in mind, body, soul, spirit, and heart with an abundance of health.  She does this by steering you toward healthy plant-based foods and exercise!
  • An abundance of food and drink!  Much like Aeracura Goddess, Fortuna is a great provider who always puts food on the table.  With Thanksgiving right around the corner, you might invoke Goddess Fortuna for a plentiful meal for the family!
  • Turns Fate in Your Favor!  When she spins the wheel of fortune, she turns the wheel in your favor.  She does this by moving things in and out of your life at a rapid rate at first.  This is called a cleanup.  Once she's done a cleanup, she'll reach in and begin to keep the wheel turning in your direction as fortune favors the bold!
  • Brings tons of good luck your way!  If you've felt like the unluckiest person ever, then Fortuna can aid you in bringing more good luck into your life!  Suddenly, you'll receive financial windfalls, win lottery tickets, and get an award for a contest you never even entered.  With Lady Luck by your side, you'll be winning at the game of life!
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  1. What is the best Crystal or stone to use to honour Fortuna? I'm in need of a good luck charm what would you recommend?

    1. Hello,

      Fortuna favors Tiger's eye gemstone 🦋 As for a good luck symbol, she really likes pennies, wheels (like the wheel of a ship), and horseshoes. When I started working with her, I saw horseshoes everywhere. Needless to say, I still do! Hope this helps ☘☘☘

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Hi Mell,

      Awe, I'm glad this helped! I haven't seen anything on this subject either. Or, not much anyway. Fortuna likes dried herbs and dried flowers, like Baby's breath flowers and lavender herb.

      She also likes basil, money plants (like pilea), and rosemary for blessings. I hope this helps! 🦋

  3. Lady Luck is really reaching out to me as of late. I am very new to deities and worship, but I have a sister who is Wiccan and she let me read a Goddess book, I saw Fortuna and I thought it was really cool and we talked about Fortuna for a little bit. On the way home I got only green lights (I live in a big city) and when I got back to my apartment the elevator opened on the first floor (I DIDN'T EVEN HAVE TO PRESS THE BUTTON). I have been seeing signs everywhere and I think she is really trying to contact me.


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