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Sweet Moon Diaries: New Moon In Scorpio Supermoon (November 2020)


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Sweet Moon Diaries: New Moon in Scorpio supermoon!  This edition of my moon journal is fully-loaded with supermoon secret magic and metaphysical properties. 

Welcome to the latest edition of Sweet Moon Diaries! Every month, I keep a diary of the moon cycles in order to record my moods, impressions, moon magic spells, and full moon rituals. The theme for the Scorpio supermoon is Building a Quiet Fire Within!

That's another thing I do. I choose a theme that matches the impressions of the full moon and new moon that come out every month. This month, we have two full moons lined up so maybe under pressure would have been more apt as a theme.

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In the meantime, you might like to take a look at the full moon in Aries reading I did! All of my moon readings are timeless, meaning you can use many of the tips and resources with any new or full moon that comes along.

It's important to note that this moon is a supermoon, meaning that the moon appears close to earth in the night sky.  The spiritual elements of that are being still within yourself, building a quiet fire within, and creating a sacred space for journaling, meditation, and solitude.  

Supermoon magical healing properties are about learning how to go within and listen to the voice of your intuition.  It's a time of receiving guided messages from your spirit guides and guardian angels, as well as a time for getting to know yourself better by spending time alone in solitude.  

I feel a quiet fire building within this dark moon phase.  It feels like gentle, soothing energy like that of the lotus flower.  This kind of supermoon is effective for doing yoga poses on your living room floor, meditating on a wooden log in mother nature, and journaling about your secret heart's desires.

What I'm feeling at this time is rest, relaxation, and solitude while I figure things out and process my emotions.  Most likely, you are mirroring me with the magical emotions of the moon when it's in it's darkest phase of life.

If you're feeling quiet, contemplative, and ready to rest on your laurels for a bit, then the new moon in Scorpio November 2020 is the supermoon for you!  Sometimes, we need those quiet moments to prepare us for something greater.  

The Scorpio New Moon puts a pause on life, giving you a chance to catch your breath and come up for air once in a while!  It's in those still moments that we find our truest selves.

Sweet Moon Diaries: New Moon In Scorpio Supermoon (November 2020)

What does it mean to build a quiet fire within us?  It means it's time to get to know ourselves better.  It's time to let go of doubt and start trusting in our intuition, that inner knowing that gathers in the tiny magical corners of our mind like flashes of light!

We might not always know what's best for ourselves, but our spirit guides and guardian angels do!  Guess what?  They speak to us through our thoughts, feelings, and emotions.  They are the inner knowing that steers us in the right direction.  

If you are going in the wrong direction, make no mistake, that's your ego-based mind at work!  It's that little voice that complicates things and makes them chaotic.  

While the full moon in Taurus brought with it a lot of emotional turmoil and uprooted issues, the Scorpio New Moon brings peace and calm within us!  It doesn't feel as painful as the drudgery of doing shadow work and getting in touch with our dark self.  

This moon phase has a lighter energetic blueprint than the one before and I can't help but be super thankful for that!  The last full moon was a doozy, hitting everyone in the emotions hardcore.  This new moon begins with gentle healing energy and a soft vibration with a heavenly signature to it!

This soft, gentle energy is like that of a rose quartz crystal!  It feels soothing with a high-vibration boost added to the heart chakra activation and universal alignment.  It feels more like something necessary for growth and change, but unencumbering.

The perfect example of this is while I'm writing this blog post.  There's a tropical storm warning in our area for Tropical Storm Eta, and guess where I am?  I'm inside my cute little home and I feel a calm, quiet stillness within me.  

I don't feel the panic rising up in my throat.  I don't feel the chaos that ensues outside of my home.  All I can really feel is the quietly building fire within as it grows brighter and louder.  It's a comfortable, cozy place to be like a warm campfire in the midst of wintertime.  

This is a time to watch the snowfall from your window.  This is the time to roll out your yoga mat and do yin yoga exercises.  This is a time period to take it easy and trust the guidance that is being given to you through the still-frame corners of your mind.

That's where the real magic lies, friends.  It lies somewhere in between.  To enhance the secret moon magic within you, let's talk about the Gnostic goddess of silence, shall we?  Her name is Sige and she's the goddess I'm working with for New Moon in Scorpio!

New Moon in Scorpio Supermoon Goddess of the Month

Sige is the Gnostic goddess of silent reverie, quiet reflection, and peace within.  She is a zen-like goddess of gigantic proportions yet her energy can be condensed into one drop of water and a million galaxies filled with stars, planets, and suns.  

What this means is that she is everything and she is all.  She is the quiet space within and she is everything in between all time and space.  

Sige makes you think about stuff.  She makes you think about the sun, moon, and stars, and everything in between.  She will help you to contemplate your own existence and to get to the bottom of life source.  

I first got to know the Gnostic Goddess Sige through my daughter.  I mean, we read the same book at the time, but Chloe being a Pisces water sign, couldn't stop worshipping Goddess Sige!  Naturally, her attraction to Sige made me want to know more about this quiet, reflective goddess.

She's the kind of goddess that mirrors the reflection of the moon back to you.  It's within that mirror that you'll gaze at yourself, you'll gaze at the starry sky, and you'll see everything you need to see.  

Sadly, there's not a lot of information about Sige out in the world.  She's a lesser-known goddess, but it doesn't make her simple blessings any less than perfection!  Luckily, with this new moon magic, I plan on getting to know her even better and writing about her in the future.

Thanks to my youngest daughter Chloe, the Gnostic goddess of silence has a special place in my heart!  She's the kind of goddess you want to journal to, write poetry for, and spend time meditating on the Aztec ruins with.  

She's all about deep reflection and reading between the lines!  The Gnostic Goddess Sige is great for activating the life path key of your life in feng shui.  The life path key has everything to do with career, creativity, imagination, and life purpose.  

She's got mermaid energy if anything!  Maybe that's because I would always do a water-based meditation with her in the bathtub, along with the moon goddesses Selene and Luna.  She has a way of helping you to remove distractions, shut out the noise, and go deep within the dark recesses of your mind!

New Moon in Scorpio Ritual (Mermaid Energy Bath)

For the new moon in Scorpio ritual this month, I'm going to take a hot sea salt bath in something known as a mermaid energy bath!  This is where I go within and meditate under the water.  I usually go completely under the surface of the water for as long as I can hold my breath.  

While I'm submerged, I communicate with mermaids and water goddesses from deep within the realmy depths!  This time, I'll be making contact with the Gnostic Goddess Sige and she'll speak to me through visualization.  

Water is one of the most effective ways to enhance psychic abilities and gifts.  Water connects us to the spiritual realm and a higher awakened state of consciousness.  Somewhere in between those worlds is where Goddess Sige lives.  

In the past, she would put her finger up to shhh me as a symbol to be quiet and still.  Usually, when I see her that's her natural pose for silence and solitude, much like a librarian would be around her books.  

There's respect in silence and solitude.  It's during my bathtub meditation that I emerge with new insights to write down upon completion.  There is so much I hope to learn from Sige with the Scorpio supermoon!  There is so much she can teach me about being a reflection of the world I live in rather than an active participant in it.  

If you too would like to try a mermaid cleansing bath, pour an entire bottle of sea salt into the tub and get in!  Invoke Gnostic Goddess Sige silently in your mind, as this is the best way to speak with her.  She's a goddess who can hear you through the unspoken words that you say.  

Then, take turns submerging yourself and coming up for air!  Get the most out of your time underwater by letting a picture of her come to mind and watching what symbols come to the forefront of your mind.  

It could be anything from a silent symbol to a book she wants you to read.  Sometimes, it can be words or phrases she wants you to lookup.  Whatever the case may be, Sige will emerge from the watery depths of your subconscious to greet you!  

Goddess Sige Offerings:

Leave a seashell or mermaid toy at the bottom of the ocean of your bathtub for the rest of the day or until it's bathtime again!

New Moon in Scorpio Supermoon Spells

For spellwork, I plan to keep things simple this month and work on building a quiet fire within me!  This means less complicated new moon spells and new moon rituals.  

I plan on working with the Jupiter and Pluto Conjunct Field Guide for Abundance and Riches!  This is prime time for working on your financial portfolio and business plans.  I'm definitely going to take this golden opportunity and run with it!

I'm going to keep it simple by writing down my financial goals for the future and sprinkling them with graveyard dirt! Graveyard dirt is an herb that isn't really an herb at all.  It enhances any new moon intentions that you write with great strength and magnitude!

I'm also going to spend some time at my good luck altar with Goddess Fortuna, the Roman Goddess of fate, fortune, and good luck!  I plan on working with her on fame and being well-known for what I do as a spiritual teacher and writer in my field.  

I think it's always a blessed idea to spend time with your goddess worship altar, especially during a new moon phase that requires a lot of minimalist thought from you.  I plan on seeing where I can make tweaks and changes to my altar and maybe add more secret love notes and special compartments.  

In addition to that, I'm going to continue to spend the Scorpio New moon in silent reverie.  Instead of just writing down my intentions like I always do, I plan on visualizing each new moon magic intention during a meditation session.  

I plan on doing some yin yoga poses and relaxing yoga practices will be at the forefront of my yoga mind at this time.  This moon phase makes me want to focus on staying centered and calm.  We can do that by building a quiet fire within!  

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