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The Jupiter and Pluto Conjunct Field Guide For Abundance and Riches


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This is the Jupiter and Pluto Conjunct Field Guide for Abundance and Riches!  Now is the perfect time to do an evaluation of your financial situation as the planet Jupiter (planet of abundance) goes conjunct with the planet pluto for a final time this year on November the 12th, 2020.  Right now, you have the Midas touch where everything you touch turns to gold!

Let's talk about what this means for us when it comes to financial wealth and abundance in all areas of our lives!  Abundance is something that goes above and beyond the money we have in our bank accounts.  Financial wealth and freedom is a must at this time, but so is an abundance of food, shelter, and clothing!

Not to mention there are an abundance and wealth of love to share and go around with family and friends!  This is a giving time of year, with Thanksgiving food banks open and Christmas gift-giving charities right around the corner.  

It's not only a time to accumulate wealth, but it's a time to give back and give thanks!  Jupiter and Pluto together mean an infusion of goodwill across the globe when you use this conjunct opportunity.  

You might like to Meet Goddess Aeracura: Earth Mother of Abundance, Baked Goods, and the Roughage Diet!  If you are struggling at this time to pay rent or put food on the table, Aeracura is a great provider.

She can help you with putting together a healthy Thanksgiving feast and with having a magical Christmas with your family!  She can make the holidays a less stressful time of year, and with Jupiter and Pluto conjunct, she has the perfect window to do it.

I'm a big believer in asking for help when you need it.  This has been a rough ride for America and the world with the coronavirus pandemic, with lots of financial strain on our economy taking a huge hit.  Goddess Aeracura can be the band-aid and cureall to all of your financial problems by providing you and your loved ones the stability you deserve.  

During Jupiter and Pluto conjunct, you can also ask for help from the gnomes!  Read, Working With Gnomes to Bring More Abundance and Treasure Into Your Life to get started with building your financial portfolio.

This month, I'm going to be writing about some of the abundance of Gods and Goddesses I work with, as now is prime time to bring more abundance and riches into your life!  I'll teach you how to count your blessings and bring more good luck into your life.  

In an upcoming post, I'll be talking about Goddess Abundantia and Goddess Lakshmi!  They are both the goddesses of wealth, riches, and abundance.  

Opportunities like this don't come along every day and with the planets conjunct right now, this is the perfect time of year to seek out money-making opportunities!  It's a great time to work on changing your outlook on money and your relationship with it.  

From my own personal experience, money has always been something to struggle for and I'm working on changing that.  I personally don't think it should have to be a struggle.  The mindset that I grew up with, a poverty mindset, is something that I'm working on shifting out of my life and right into transit!

The Jupiter and Pluto Conjunct Field Guide For Abundance and Riches

Let's talk about how these two planets work together as a team!  First of all, Pluto is the dwarf planet of destruction.  It cleanses things, breaks things down, and destroys it.  Much like a tower moment in the tarot card deck!

In the meantime, Planet Jupiter is the planet of wealth and abundance.  When these two come together in marriage, magical things happen!  Pluto clears out and destroys the belief systems we have about money that no longer serve us, while Jupiter rings in the wealth.

This is a big moment for all of us!  This prosperous energy brings us new ways of thinking and ideas when it comes to money.  It gives us a chance to look at our situations and reevaluate.  

This is an especially auspicious time for business owners!  It's time to reimagine your business and become a visionary in your own right.  

For example, I run a small blog business, and seemingly overnight, I'm suddenly receiving intuitive downloads for a larger vision for my small company.  Where things were a bit fuzzy before, they are now becoming crystal clear and laser-sharp.  

I recommend working with Archangel Jeremiel at this time to do an evaluation of your business and finances.  Jeremiel can help you do life evaluations while you are still alive and can make tweaks and changes.  In fact, I wrote Jeremiel a distance energy healing letter this morning to begin my year-end evaluation.  

For creating a prosperous mindset when it comes to money and finances, I highly recommend calling on Goddess Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth, luxury, and abundance!  She instantly breaks a poverty mindset and aids you with setting clear goals that are attainable.  She helps you reach for the stars!

For emergency money, you should invoke Aeracura Goddess, as she will "cure" all your money problems with ease and grace!  She can even help you with large chunks of money for Christmas presents and with putting food on the table for Thanksgiving.  In addition to that, she can help you choose a charitable cause to give to!

For cash money assistance and an abundance of fruits and vegetables, you should give Abundantia a call!  She will instantly come to your aid and provide for you and your family.  She has a similar vibe to the Fairy queen Aeracura, but a completely different energetic blueprint!

For removing the obstacles that are standing in the way of your success, you might like to work with Lord Ganesh, the elephant-headed deity who often works hand-in-hand with Goddess Lakshmi!  This deity works fast to remove all obstacles, challenges, and roadblocks to any situation.  He helps pave the way to great success and the road to riches!

For fame, fortune, and good luck, you might love working with Goddess Fortuna, also known as Lady Luck by her patrons.  She's fantastic for bringing more luck into your life through golden opportunities and chance meetings!

In fact, thanks to Goddess Fortuna, I was able to create a magical good luck altar in my house and I can already feel the difference!  I also created a lifestyle design blueprint with my patron goddess to become grounded in good luck energy.

I've already been receiving fabulous opportunities coming into my personal life and business as a result of working with Lady Luck!  I was offered a week in a cabin in the mountains in January when there will be snow on the ground.  I live in Florida so getting to see snow is a real treat for me when it happens.  

All of my material needs have been met and I'm beginning to plan my Christmas gifts for my daughters and granddaughters!  I'm working on some house improvements and creating box gardens for next spring and summer in my yard.  

In addition to that, I've been working on upgrading my wardrobe.  I'm working on building a slow living time capsule wardrobe.  You can check out how I wear a whimsical style in the woodland to get a sense of who I am as a person.  

All of this is to say that building a good luck altar and working with abundance goddesses is working!  Working with Goddess Fortuna is already helping me turn over a new leaf when it comes to money.  

It's not just the "stuff" I'm accumulating, it's about how lucky I feel on the inside.  It's about how I feel blessed to be alive and how that feeling is propelling more good things to come my way.  

I've gotten back to sitting down each morning or evening and writing down all of the things that I am thankful for.  I've also started back on writing out my affirmations each morning to give my mind a positive dose of healthy, wealthy thoughts!

I have found that the fastest way to becoming open and receptive to "allowing" money into your life is to create morning gratitude lists with matching affirmations!  I have affirmations that were specifically created to boost my money mindset.  

Working with abundance angels and money goddesses each day will also give your financial income a natural boost!  They can help you break free of the vows of poverty made in past-life relationships.  

The biggest turnaround for me has been creating my good luck altar!  I was hesitant to make one at first because I wasn't comfortable with an out in the open altar for everyone to see.  

Working with design architect and interior decorator Archangel Jophiel taught me that my altar could have secret compartments and features that can be hidden in plain sight!  Things like gemstones, bay leaves, and terrariums could be left out for viewing while secret love notes could be stashed away!

Remember that when making a good luck altar, you're not only bringing good luck your way!  You are asking for fame, fortune, and good luck.  You can even go more specific when writing out your intentions.  Plus, you can design it in a way that feels fun to you and suits your personality!

Working on your financial wealth and abundance creates a portal in which things can flow!  When the money is flowing, the economy is brimming with good energy.  This is because smaller shops, such as Etsy Shops, get a financial boost.  

Plus, let's face it, doesn't it feel good to support small businesses?  It's part of the beauty of what makes the world go around by giving quality goods in exchange for money.  It's as if we are all in this together and supporting each other.

All of these things can help boost the economy!  When you are doing better financially in life, it's good for your family and the entire world.  That kind of puts it in perspective, doesn't it?

That's why right now, today, is the perfect time to begin working on manifesting golden abundance into your life!  You can do that by spending time with the planet Jupiter and the planet Pluto together as one.  

This is the first time I've gravitated toward a certain planet.  I think it's no secret that I live my life by the moon.  Jupiter conjunct Pluto is really hitting home for me right now and making me want to reevaluate everything!

I'm looking forward to working with Pluto to destroy the poverty mindset I grew up with and Planet Jupiter on creating a money mindset!  The perfect time is now :)

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