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The Magical Healing Properties of Sagittarius Season 2020

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 This is a blog post on the magical healing properties of Sagittarius season 2020!  We're off to a great start for the season of Thanksgiving with the element of fire.  This means you'll get your spark back and you'll bounce back from whatever heavy energies that Scorpio season brought your way!

If you've been feeling lighter lately and more productive, the first inklings of Sagittarius fire sign season have begun!  You should be feeling ready to go and conquer things and go on new adventures.  Maybe, even with the world-wide pandemic, you've been planning a trip or vacation for the future!

What I'm gathering here is that you may be feeling more like yourself.  Why?  Sagittarian people fall under the element of fire, which will ignite the spark within you to accomplish things and get things done.  This is the perfect energy for tying up loose ends and end of the year evaluations.

The water signs tend to have a lot of heavy, emotional energy which can bring up weird dreams and evoke strong emotions that have been submerged beneath the surface of your subconscious.  With the element of fire at play, what you see is what you get!  

What this means is more straightforward, direct communication with people, and a willingness to explore new territory.  You may be feeling very adventurous and free-spirited at this time, which is definitely a quality that aligns with the Sagittarius people.  

You should be feeling energized at this time, which will help propel you for the rest of the year, as we head into Capricorn season sometime in late December.  This is a time to spark new thoughts, ideas, and projects.  This is a fiery time to take action and do less thinking, as Sagittarian people tend to be impulsive and incredibly brave.  

We're finally out of the energy of most of the Mercury Retrograde energy we've been experiencing, but it never hurts to bookmark, The Mercury in Retrograde First Aid Kit for future reference!  We might be still in the shadow energy of Mercury Retrograde, therefore you might still be feeling a little nostalgic and reminiscent of the past.  

In the meantime, let's talk about how you can embrace some of the energy of the season!  Since fire is our ruling element and Jupiter is the ruling planet of Sagittarian people, this means we should shift our focus to the planet of abundance.  

The Jupiter and Pluto Conjunct Field Guide For Abundance and Riches might inspire you to take stock of your savings and purchases and help you plan your financial future with ease and grace!  This is truly the ideal time for working with the planet Jupiter and its rich abundance of treasures.  

This means sitting down and looking for money-making opportunities that might be right under your nose.  It means feeling inspired to come up with a wellspring of fresh ideas that can be pushed into formation with the fiery, transformative energy of Sagittarius season!

This is really a great time to spring your ideas into action!  Just make sure you look before you leap, as fire signs tend to be impulsive when they get excited about the next big idea.  They tend to be the grass is always greener on the other side people.  

Therefore, you'll want to tame your passions just a little.  Rein in those horses and you'll have yourself a surefire plan to do wonderful things in your life that you never thought you could do!

Sagittarius signs tend to be onlookers who live very much in the moment of things.  This is a great time to practice gratitude magic with Jupiter being the ruling planet in the sky, as it hovers over the astrological sign of fiery Sagittarius.

I see this time period as being very passionate and productive!  Wherever there was stuck energy before, the stagnation will literally be burned off with the fiery energy of the season.

The Magical Healing Properties of Sagittarius Season 2020

Nothing says Sagittarius season like the temperance card does!  This means that it's a great time to work actively on what you've already built in your life.  This could be in your business, in building a family, or even your financial future.  

The temperance tarot card is represented by the astrological sign of Sagittarius.  This means that whatever you're doing is already working and you don't necessarily have to push through anything.  You can simply do the things you love by allowing them to evolve and using receptive energy.

The Sagittarian people we know and love never have to push or force anything to happen.  They have great faith that what they are doing is already working.  They simply have to sit back and let their ships come in by building on what is already in existence.  

This can apply to anything in your career life path or financial future.  Also, they know how to have fun with it!  If you've been feeling like shaking up the snow globe of life lately, that's your Sagittarian counterpart at work within you.  We could all use a little fire in our lives, right?  

Naturally, this means having more fun and letting your hair down more.  It means getting back down to earth and going on new adventures in a free-spirited kind of way.  It could be as simple as running with a new idea in your business to visiting a local park you've never been to before.  

With Sagittarius people, it's whatever works, right?  Just make sure that you make room for the energy of fire to run rampant in your life like wildfire in the forest.  By allowing and making space for something, you allow fresh takes on ideas to come through willingly.  

This is a fun season in life!  We have the holiday season just around the bend and many wild adventures in front of us.  It's a great time to be alive and go with the flow of the energy and wherever that fiery passion takes you next.  Let your curiosity move you forward into the month of December and you can't go wrong!

Sagittarius Season Rituals

  • Plan your next adventure!  It could be anything from a day trip to a local park or zoo to climbing a mountain in Sedona, Arizona.  
  • Do something spontaneous!  Do something that you normally wouldn't do in your everyday life.  Take the road less taken, as Robert Frost always said.  You could take a different route to work, listen to a new radio station, or hang out with the kind of friend you normally wouldn't.  Follow your heart!
  • Practice temperance!  Spend time with the temperance card in the tarot deck in order to really calm your energy and find new meaning in your life!
  • Do something fun and carefree!  Go have a drink with your friends or throw a cool party for a few of your closest friends and set a fun theme for it.  
  • Go on a hiking adventure!  When I think of hiking adventures, it always makes me think of Sagittarius people.  I think it's because they are one adventurous bunch!
  • Play truth or dare!  You know, the grownup version of it.  It could be fun to do something childlike and adolescent with your group of people.  It might push your creative limits in what you come up with as an adult.
  • Plan your financial future with an abundance angel or goddess!  Be sure to spice things up and make it fun, as Sagittarian people enjoy making everything into a game.  Since Jupiter is the ruling planet of Sagittarius, this is the optimal time to make money and to spend on fun novelty Christmas gifts.
  • Do some fun Christmas shopping!  Start shopping for fun Christmas presents and try thinking of a way to bring life to what you come up with.  Fun novelty gifts or DIY sustainable Christmas gifts will be at the top of your fun shopping list.
  • Build a campfire!  Obviously, fire signs love anything to do with the fire element.  Therefore, building a campfire, or using a fire pit or fireplace is a great way to burn your intentions, sending them right to your ancestors and spirit animals.  Think about what you want and what you'd like to release and burn it over the fire.  
To make the most out of Sagittarius season, simply let your fun self be your guide!  This is the part of you that wants to do something spontaneous or burn a hole in your pocket to go on a fun online shopping spree.  Give in to this desire for the season.  

Your fun self might guide you to doing something you've never done before.  Maybe you ask your crush out.  Maybe you add a pink streak to your hair.  Maybe you simply sit down and dream up all the ways you're going to have more fun in your life.

Whatever the case may be, go with the creative flow of it!  This is prime time for getting things done without it feeling like the drudgery of work.  It's the playful side of your work-life balance.  It's the temperance that allows creativity and magic to flow where it needs to go!  This is the magical healing properties of the Sagittarius season for 2020.  Can you feel it?

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