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The Magical Herbarium For Herbal Witchcraft

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The Magical Herbarium for Herbal Witchcraft is where I share with you some of the magical properties of herbs and spices. One of the first things that I got into when I started walking the path of a solitary green witch was herbs. Let's delve into the healing properties of herbs, shall we?

The Magical Herbarium For Herbal Witchcraft

Acorn - I use acorns in love spells, for longevity and wisdom, and for youthfulness!  Acorns, especially when you carry a pair in your pocket, will make you lucky in love.  There's something very grounded and stable about working with acorn magick.  Since acorns come from the oak tree, it's important to remember that trees are magic when using them in spellwork.

Astrological Correspondances: Masculine/Sun/Fire Element/Leo

Notes:  Acorns pair well with tree spirits such as gnomes and elves!  You can use acorns in spells where you'd like to add a little fun, mischief, and trickery into your life.  Any spells you do with an acorn will be long-lasting and eternal (including eternal youth) so it's important to be mindful of what you ask for.  

Aloe Vera Plant - I use the aloe vera plant for any and all kinds of healing, inside and out!  I will say that the aloe vera plant does especially well in spells where you need to mend a broken heart, forgiveness rituals, and letting the past go.  Aloe vera is a gentle, sweet, good-natured healer that can treat all scrapes and wounds, including the ones we can't see. 

Astrological Correspondances: Feminine/Moon/Water Element/Cancer

Notes:  Aloe vera plants pair well with rose quartz crystals and the green energy ball of healing light that is Archangel Raphael!  You can utilize aloe vera gel in any kind of health spell, as it corresponds really well with mental health and aiding in the healing of broken hearts.

Baby's Breath Flowers - I use baby's breath flowers in spells where I want to enhance love magic, as baby's breath is used in weddings all the time.  It can be used to wear flowers in your hair, a ritual of stringing flowers together to create a flower crown, and to evoke strong feelings of nostalgia.  This is particularly important if you want to make a lover come back to you (See, Damiana).

Astrological Correspondances: Feminine/Venus/Water Element/Capricorn

Notes:  Baby's breath flowers pair well with fairies and Goddess Oonagh!  For gemstones, baby's breath pairs well with selenite wands and desert rose.  It represents purity, innocence, childlike magic, and love sweet love.  

Basil - I use it for beauty, attraction, and attractiveness!  For me, basil works as a magnet, attracting things to me easily and frequently.  

Astrological Correspondances: Masculine/Mars/Fire Element/Aries + Scorpio + Sagittarius

Notes:  I find that basil really gives me a confidence boost!  Works great for spells with beauty and attractiveness.  Pairs well with Goddess Ooonagh, as this happens to be her wheelhouse.  Also works well for manifesting money and physical manifestations of any kind.

Bay Leaf - I use Bay leaf for wish fulfillment spells or spells where I want a dream to come true!  I use it to enhance spells that are already in progress by writing my wish on the bay leaf with a permanent marker and then, burning it over the kitchen sink.  Bay leaves pair well with Goddess Aine!

Astrological Correspondances: Masculine/Sun/Fire Element/Cancer

Notes:  Bay leaves can also be placed in your bra each morning to enhance magic during the daytime hours.  For psychic abilities and prophetic dreams, place a bay leaf under your pillow when you go to sleep each night or use it for astral traveling!

Belladonna (Deadly Nightshade) -  A witch's herb for flying the hedge, dream journaling, astral travel, visualization, and divination in tarot and tea leaf readings.  Extremely poisonous!

Astrological Correspondances: Feminine/Saturn/Water Element/Scorpio

Notes: Belladonna pairs well with the moon goddess Havely Moon!  She is also a butterfly fairy queen, which means she governs the butterfly fairies.  Belladonna is one of the most powerful poisonous plants out there and was even featured in the movie Practical Magic.  Proceed with caution!

Black Pepper - I use black pepper in baneful moon spells and I usually pair her with a dark goddess or a lunar deity!  Waning crescent moon spells include everything from binding, banishing, hexing, cursing, and the undoing of all of those.  Black pepper is grounding, cleansing, and can even be used in exorcisms.  If you have a really toxic situation on your hands, set out a bowl of black pepper and let it soak up the energy in the room.  Then, toss it later and fill the bowl again, as many times as it takes to clear the energy in your space.

Astrological Correspondances: Masculine/Mars/Fire Element/Aries

Notes:  Black pepper pairs well with the Goddess Isis!  This lunar goddess doesn't mess around and can be invoked to clear away dark energies.  Ground black pepper also makes a great friend with grounding crystals such as obsidian, as they both work to clear energy in a room.  

Catnip- I use catnip in sleeping spells, working with animals, and drawing love, luck, and happiness into my life.  This is a relaxing herb, a slow-living herb if you will.  I like using it in glamour magick spells and beauty spells.  It can also be used for shapeshifting!

Astrological Correspondances: Feminine/Venus/Water Element/Taurus + Libra

Notes:  Catnip pairs well with animal familiars and Goddess Morgan Le Fay!  You might try pairing it with amethyst, black tourmaline, and a selenite wand for an extra potent spell for getting your beauty sleep.  By beauty, I literally mean you'll wake up refreshed and rosy-cheeked in the morning.  

Cayenne Pepper - I use it in sex magick spells and spells that need a boost of passion!  Cayenne pepper works great in love spells, sex spells, and spells that require great speed and fast delivery.  I find that cayenne pepper pairs well with Goddess Freya!  This makes sense as she's the goddess of sex and war.

Astrological Correspondances: Masculine/Mars/Fire Element/Aries

Notes:  Cayenne pepper can be used for expediency.  If you want things done fast then cayenne pepper is a good fit for you.  You can use cayenne pepper in any kind of fast-communication spell for when you want to manifest a phone call or a text message from a specific person.  Is also great for sex magic!

Chives- I use chives in weight loss spells, protection spells, and deflecting energy that is making you exhausted and run down by life.  Chives have uplifting energy that reminds me of working with Goddess Kali Ma.  Chives have a heady, uplifting note to them that lifts the weight of the world off your shoulders.

Astrological Correspondances: Masculine/Mars/Fire Element/Aries

Notes:  Chives pair well with Goddess Kali Ma and graveyard dirt!  There's something about this combination that is intoxicating.  This combination creates healing in areas where you were previously stuck.  This clears the air in a room and changes your mood instantly!

Cinnamon - I use ground cinnamon powder or cinnamon sticks in spells of sex, love, and attraction!  I tend to use cinnamon when I need to speed up the timeframe in which the manifestation occurs.  Cinnamon is my favorite go-to when it comes to love spells or any kind of attraction.  It's because they not only sweeten love but cinnamon fires up passion and romance too!

Astrological Correspondances: Masculine/Sun/Fire Element/Leo

Notes:  Ground cinnamon pairs well with Goddess Freya and really any of the love goddesses!  When I think of cinnamon and spice and everything nice, I always think of my girl Freya first.  She just exudes sexual confidence!

Clover - I use clover in good luck spells and when targeting fame and fortune!  Clover puts you at the right place, at the right time to meet someone or have a serendipitous event happen.  Clover is like the lepidolite crystal of herbs and plants!  Working with the clover plant is fast-acting in money spells and beauty spells for when you want to look extra radiant for a date or job interview.  It's the perfect good luck charm!

Astrological Correspondances: Masculine/Mercury/Air Element/Gemini

Notes:  Clover pairs well with leprechauns, fairies in general, and the Goddess Fortuna, also known as Lady Luck!  It may come as no surprise to you that clover and lepidolite crystals go together like two peas in a pod.  Carry a clover in your pocket or bra for some extra luck and see what happens.  Wear an enchanted green ribbon to give your daily good luck regimen a boost!

Cloves - Money, attraction, love, and protection!  I often use cloves in my tiny black cauldron for burning herb spells.  You can write your spell verse on a piece of paper and wrap the paper in clove and smoking herbs then tie it with a red ribbon for fast-acting energy and quick manifestation  Cloves, much like the sun, burn things off.  

Astrological Correspondances: Masculine/Jupiter/Fire Element/Saggitarius

Notes:  Clove pairs well with Saint Bridget, the goddess of Imbolc!  Use cloves for purification, banishing, and cleansing energy that reaches into your mind, body, soul, and heart.  This is a heart chakra herb.

Crossroad Dirt - I use crossroad dirt when I have a very important decision I need to make and I can't make up my mind!  Crossroads dirt, much like nettles (see below) is like the pro-con list of dirt.  It helps you to gain clarity and insight into the decision you are trying to make so things become crystal clear for you.  It will help you see what you can't see in a situation, uncover delusions, and clears up any muddied thinking which enables you to make sound decisions.  

Notes:  Crossroad dirt is another herb that isn't really an herb at all.  You can collect crossroad dirt from any crossroad you feel called to do so.  It's really about finding the right spot.  Crossroads dirt pairs well with Goddess Hecate!  She can see through the dark path in front of you and cut through the bullshit.

Daisies - Innocence, purity, childhood magic, and simplicity!  I use daisy in spells for memory retention, enjoying the simple pleasures in life, and healing childhood wounds and trauma.  The daisy is my all-time favorite flower.  I also feel the presence of fairies (particularly pixies) when I work with the daisy, as well as the flower fairies!

Astrological Correspondances: Feminine/Sun, Moon/Air Element/Taurus

Notes:  The daisy weed pairs well with the fairy queen Mercoo and moonstones!  Goddess Mercoo is an ancient fairy queen that I've been working with since the beginning of my dark night of the soul experience more than ten years ago.  Fairy Queen Mercoo is the queen of the flower fairies and is said to live in a daisy flower.  The essence of the daisy herb is pure and undiluted, just like Mercoo!

Damiana - Lust, passion, burning desire, romance, love, attraction, and chemistry!  I use Damiana in any spell where I'm in urgent need of something to happen quickly, whether it be getting asked out on a date or manifesting a phone call from a specific person.  There is an urgency and a burning hot passionate desire that is backed by the damiana herb.  It's a great spell for putting a rush on things!

Astrological Correspondances: Masculine/Mars/Fire Element/Aries + Scorpio

Notes:  Damiana pairs well with fire element spells or spells using the wood element and air element as a team!  It works perfectly with heated spells where there's an air of urgency to the situation or you simply cannot wait any longer to hear from somebody.  Damiana pairs well with the Sun God Hermes, the God of communication, and fast traveling energy.  She also loves to work with the sexy attitude of Goddess Freya, the Goddess of sex and war!

Dandelion Root - I use dandelions in spells where I want to retain my youthfulness!  Dandelion is well-known for faerie magick, so if you are looking for a go-between into the fairy realm, this is the perfect herb for you!  It can be used in beauty and attractiveness spells, healing childhood wounds and trauma, and retaining innocence in children.  This is a nostalgic herb that brings you back to that sacred place in a time where everything was perfect, even if just for a moment.

Astrological Correspondances: Masculine/Jupiter/Air Element/Sagittarius

 Notes: Dandelion root pairs well with the faerie folk!  This would be one of the main herbs I would use if I wanted to work with the fae.  It brings the fairies out of hiding and aids in spotting them in the in-between times.  It's also perfect for wishing magic so make a wish!

Dill Weed - I use dill weed for home blessings, for love spells, and for sex magick!  Dill weed is a magical herb that works well in prosperity spells too, as it is known for bringing good luck your way.  For more on luck, you might enjoy reading, Grounded in Good Luck Energy: My New Lifestyle Theme!

Astrological Correspondances: Masculine/Mercury/Fire Element/Gemini + Virgo

 Notes: Dill weed pairs well with rosemary, I've come to find.  They seem to work well together!  I also find dill weed is great for communication spells, so again, working with Hermes, the sun God of communication, might give your herbal spell a boost.  This sweet herb can be used for protection and for waning moon spells such as banishment, binding, hexes, and curses.  It is more than qualified to hold a strong protection spell together!

Eucalyptus- I.use eucalyptus in spells where I need to create an herbal remedy to boost my overall health!  Eucalyptus is refreshingly honest and sincere.  If you want to be able to suss someone out and to detect the truth, you can do a truth spell with eucalyptus leaves or eucalyptus essential oil.  Eucalyptus also wards off enemies and acts as a great protector!

Astrological Correspondances: Feminine/Moon/Water Element/Taurus

Notes:  Eucalyptus leaves pair well with the Egyptian Moon Goddess Isis!  She is a goddess of truth, communication, and travel.  She will help you see the truth when wearing eucalyptus leaves in your bra or eucalyptus essential oil.  Eucalyptus will activate your throat chakra and help you speak your truth.

Garlic - Garlic can and should be used in all protection spells!  Garlic cloves can be worn in your bra for working with graveyard magic and garlic powder can be used in magical spaghetti recipes with homemade pasta sauce.  This makes garlic highly useful for the kitchen witch!  I also use garlic in herbal spells and remedies where a return to strong health is needed.

Astrological Correspondances: Masculine/Mars/Fire Element/Aries + Scorpio

Notes: Garlic pairs well with Celtic Goddess Aeracura!  If you'd like to work with someone who likes to cook, you might love to work with Goddess Aeraracura, as she is a fairy queen who knows her way around the kitchen.  Garlic performs exorcisms, absorbs dark energies, and cleanses the air of toxic feelings and emotions.  Works well with citrine as they make a great combo for uplifting mood and depression!

Ginger - I use ginger root in spells where I need great speed and accuracy!  In addition to that, ground ginger can be used for power, money, fame, and success.  It is a highly potent spice that is known for its expediency and increasing powers.  If you're looking to take your work as a solitary green witch to the next level, ginger is a great place to start!

Astrological Correspondances: Masculine/Mars/Fire Element/Aries + Scorpio

Notes: Ginger pairs well with the Sun God Lugh!  Sprinkle ginger root into an envelope filled with coins and it is said you'll receive money the same day.  

Golden Pothos - The golden pothos is one of the heartiest plants I know!  Her magical healing properties come from the beautiful built-in nature spirit she comes with.  They are known for growing in and out of cute planters and plant stands with ease and grace, especially hanging planters!  Golden pothos works great in spells where you need strength, courage, fortitude, and good health.  In addition to that, golden pothos clippings work great in spells to make your business grow if that's something you yearn for.  It's a plant of survival and stability.

Notes: Golden pothos plant pairs well with the Goddess Abundantia!  Add pennies and four rough amethyst stones (represents wealth and luxury) to your potted plant to welcome more grounded and stable wealth into your life.  Great for money spells!

Graveyard Dirt - An herb that isn't really an herb.  Dirt found in graveyards.  I use graveyard dirt for any type of love spell, money spell, or a spell where I'm trying to increase something during the waxing moon.  Also, I use it for banishing and binding spells + hexes and curses during the waning moon.  Pairs well with dark goddesses such as Goddess Kali or Goddess Hecate!

Notes:  For more on how to get your own graveyard dirt, you might enjoy reading, Getting Into Graveyard Magic and Spirit Work!  Learn the difference between graveyard dirt and grave dirt.  Also, graveyard dirt sits with my other herbs and spices in the kitchen.  It's kind of an all-purpose herb that isn't really an herb at all.

Hemlock (Poison Parsley) -  A poisonous plant with deadly properties!  Poison parsley is known for creating paralysis in a situation used in baneful magic.  This could be anything from a bad habit or addiction you'd like to get rid of to keep a person from moving towards you.  It stops something or someone in its tracks! 

Astrological Correspondances: Feminine/Saturn/Water Element/Scorpio

Notes:  Poison parsley pairs well with Goddess Hecate and Goddess Kali, the two dark goddesses I work with the most.  Best used during a waning crescent moon phase.

Lavender Herb - I use lavender for spells that need a lot of extra strength!  Lavender will strengthen the resolve of any spell or herbal remedy.  Lavender is another slow-living herb that likes to take her time when weaving a spell of enchantment.  Lavender works great in love spells and will help you find your soulmate or twin flame if you let her.  Wear lavender in your hair to attract a mate!  Use lavender for overnight spells that can be kept under your pillow while you sleep.  

Astrological Correspondances: Masculine/Mercury/Air Element/Gemini

Notes:  Lavender pairs well with Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Rhiannon!  She also would love to make friends with a beautiful amethyst gemstone.

Lemon Pepper - Cleansing, healing, and refreshing!  I use lemon pepper in spells where I need great speed to take place.  It's an energizing herbal ingredient that's fast-acting!  I find lemon pepper works well in communication spells or no contact situations when trying to manifest a specific person.  Lemon pepper pairs well with the Sun God Hermes!

Astrological Correspondances: Feminine/Moon/Water Element/Cancer

Notes:  Lemon pepper works great in weight loss spells, communication spells, and spells in which it feels as though all hope is lost or something in your life needs a lift energetically!

Mint - I use mint for travel spells, especially while traveling during Mercury in Retrograde!  Mint is a multipurpose herb that can be used for love, lust, and money spells.  It can also be used in communications spells and no-contact situations.  Eat a piece of mint throughout the day and you'll bring good luck your way!

Astrological Correspondances: Masculine/Mercury/Air Element/Taurus + Virgo

Notes:  Mint leaves pair well with the Sun God Hermes!  Add a tiger's eye crystal to your spell for grounding, protection, and overall success.

Nettles - I use nettles when I need clarity on making a decision about something!  Consider nettles to be the pro-con list of the herb family, as she can easily be made into a tea for reading tea leaves and fortune-telling.  When in doubt, use nettle herb to help you find your way!

Astrological Correspondances: Masculine/Mars/Fire Element/Aries + Scorpio

Notes:  Nettle pairs well with white quartz crystal and apophyllite crystals!  Nettle can also be used with herbal goddesses such as, Goddess Hecate, who happens to be the queen of herbal witchcraft!  Just like nettle tea, Hecate can help you make a decision when you're at a crossroads in life.

Nutmeg - I use nutmeg for attracting wealth and money spells!  I also use it to sweeten the pot, so to speak.  For example, if I do a money spell during a waxing moon phase, I ask that it be sweetened by the magical healing properties of nutmeg.  This might mean receiving something better than I asked for!  Ground nutmeg has a grounding, healing quality that makes it perfect for working with the root chakra.  

Astrological Correspondances: Masculine/Jupiter/Fire Element/Leo + Sagittarius

Notes:  Pairs well with the Archangel Ariel and grounding gemstones such as garnet crystal!  I consider nutmeg to be a star-quality herb for manifesting things into physical reality.  She also makes a great tool for fortune-telling and making sound decisions.

Olive Oil - I use olive oil in spells where I need help with memory retention, nostalgia, loving, nurturing, healing, and cleansing.  Olive oil can be used in spells that align with our highest good such as forgiveness and heart-opening.  

Notes:  Olive oil pairs well with Jesus, Mother Mary, and Angelite crystals!  In the Bible Mary of Lazarus washed Jesus' feet with her hair and olive oil.  It's a healing ointment that represents the washing away of sins and healing energy.  Olives were also known as a luxury back in the day so it could be a wonderful remedy for money problems.

Onion - I use onion in spells where I need to absorb toxic feelings and emotions from the air!  One way to do that is to cut an onion in half and place it under your kitchen sink.  Check back in a couple of weeks to see how much negativity has been absorbed.  You'd be amazed how much darkness can reside in the home!  This proves especially useful after a dispute or a party where you have a lot of different energies in one space.  Onions can be used in spells for the baneful moon including binding, hexing, cursing, and banishing spells!

Astrological Correspondances: Masculine/Mars/Fire Element/Aries

Notes:  Onion powder pairs well with Goddess Kali Ma!  Kali Ma is like a vacuum cleaner, sucking up all the negative energy in the room.  If you'd rather work with an angel, I also recommend the Archangel Michael!  He will use his flaming sword to cut through any dark situation and transmute dark energy into love and light.  Onion also pairs well with rutilated quartz crystals, as they seem to counterbalance each other.

Orange Peel - Revitalizing, cheerful, and optimistic!  I use orange peels and orange essential oil for attracting wealth and money spells.  You can also use whole oranges in spells where you want to create more prosperity in your life and for home blessing spells.

Astrological Correspondances: Masculine/Sun/Fire Element/Leo +Sagittarius

Notes:  Pairs well with the Goddess Lakshmi and citrine crystal!  I've come to find that orange peel is extremely helpful and uplifting in herbal remedies made to ease depression and anxiety.  Works with citrus fruit and solar-powered energy to match the sacral chakra which is powered by Archangel Uriel!

Oregano - Healing, creativity, travel, and communication!  I use oregano herb in spells where I'm trying to create something or get my creative juices flowing again.  Oregano is the free spirit of herbs and it is very protective and loyal to the patrons it works with.  This is a light and airy herb!

Astrological Correspondances: Feminine/Mercury - Venus/Air Element/Taurus

Notes:  Oregano pairs well with Archangel Gabriel and lapis lazuli crystals!  I sprinkle oregano into an herbal envelope for those times when I need a creative boost, need to break free of writer's block, or I'm beginning a new project.  Oregano herb develops the throat chakra and opens the channels of communication.

Oyster Mushroom - I use oyster mushrooms (dried and grounded) in spells where I'm trying to seduce someone!  Oyster mushrooms are a powerful aphrodisiac that can be used in lust and passion spells.  It can also be used to allure a business client, get a bank loan, or attract something you want into your life in a fast-acting way.  For this reason, oyster mushrooms work great for any kind of sex magic, job spells, and the art of seduction.  

Notes:  Pairs well with the sex goddess Freya!  I also like oyster mushrooms for working faerie magick spells.  You can forage for oyster mushrooms if you live in the Southeastern United States, like where I live.

Paprika - I use paprika to boost the potency of a spell!  It also works to activate the other spell ingredients, making them more potent than they would be on their own.  

Astrological Correspondances: Masculine/Mars/Fire Element/Aries + Scorpio

Notes:  Paprika pairs well with anything and anyone!  This is the most versatile, interchangeable herb out there.  It's like the white quartz crystal of herbs.  Add paprika in a clear bowl with other spell ingredients overnight and see what happens.  Take note of it and watch it increase over time.  

Parsley - I use parsley for rootwork, for contacting the dead with a little graveyard magic, and for past-life regression.  Parsley is a great herb to have in your spell kit, as it guards against negativity and dark forces.  It only allows the good spirits and energies to seep in.  

Astrological Correspondances: Masculine/Mercury/Air Element/Gemini + Cancer

Notes:  I have found that it goes without saying that parsley pairs well with Goddess Hecate, as she is the goddess of graveyards, crossroads, and doorways.  If you want to contact an ancestor, she's your go-to girl and parsley is her mate.

Peppermint -  Clarifying, energizing, and uplifting!  Peppermint essential oil can be used in spells where you want to lift a curse, in money spells, and for love spells, and as a secret ingredient to a relaxing sleep and a good night's rest.

Astrological Correspondances: Neutral/Mercury/Air/Element/Aries + Gemini

Notes:  Peppermint pairs well with the Sun God Hermes and the holiday fairies!  Add peppermint under your pillow for sleep, dream premonitions, and astral traveling.

Red Pepper Flakes - Brings a spell to life!  It is a fast-acting ingredient that I use in spells where I need speed and accuracy.  It spices up any spell and makes it extra potent!  Works great in good luck charms, love spells, sex spells, and communications spells where you can't seem to get the person you like to call or text you back.  

Astrological Correspondances: Masculine/Sun/Fire Element/Leo

Notes:  Pairs well with the Sun God Lugh and Hermes!  You can use red pepper flakes in any spell where you think it might need an extra boost of magic.  It works to spice up your love life!

Rose (+Rose Hips) - Rose can be used in love spells where you want to make someone fall madly in love with you!  It can also be used to ignite passion, romance, and conversation.  It can be used as an aphrodisiac to get you in the mood and makes a great divination tool.  Add rose petals to your bath for healing waters and self-love.  

Astrological Correspondances: Feminine/Venus/Water Element/Taurus + Cancer

Notes:  For this reason, rose hips and rose petals pairs well with damiana (See above), rose quartz crystals, and the Goddess Freya!  Goddess Freya is how self-love and romantic love go together.  It's important to note that rose can also be used for good lucks and for bringing good spirits and good energy into your home.  

Rosemary - The sweetest, most gentle herb around!  Talk sweetly to rosemary (tone matters) and she will be your friend for life.  You can sprinkle rosemary in your carpets for home blessings, as well as to bless any guests that come for a visit.  Rosemary is a good luck herb, can purify the air in any room, and spreads love, light, and blessings wherever she goes!  

Astrological Correspondances: Masculine/Sun/Fire Element/Aquarius + Capricorn

Notes:  Rosemary herb pairs really well with the Goddess Rhiannon in my experience!  Since she is the queen of the fairies, it may come as no surprise that rosemary can be used for faerie magick too.  Rosemary might just be my favorite herb to work with as she has an agreeable nature about her.  She is very sweet, protective, and loving to everyone in the household, especially children and pets.  

Sage - Healing, cleansing, and reassuring!  I use sage in spells where I might be experiencing grief or loss.  This can be an actual death or a breakup.  I also use it in spells where I want to free a trapped spirit while doing spirit work.  

Astrological Correspondances: Masculine/Jupiter/Air Element/Sagittarius + Cancer + Scorpio

Notes:  Sage pairs well with the Morrigan!  The Goddess Morrigan consists of the mother, maiden, and crone archetypes.  Therefore, you can access their abilities using wild sage.  Abilities might include shapeshifting, attaining wisdom, and getting yes or no answers to the questions you may have.  Works well with howlite gemstones for healing childhood wounds and traumas, as well as past-life regressions. 

Sea Salt - I use sea salt for baneful moon spells such as banishing and binding spells!  Working with sea salt has a cleansing, healing energy around it.  It's a great way to protect and clear your space!  One of the easiest ways to use sea salt to clarify your home space is to leave bowls of sea salt around your home.  They will clear the air of negative energy and disputes.  

Astrological Correspondances: Feminine/Moon/Water Element/Scorpio

Notes:  Sea salt pairs well with dark goddesses for the dark or new moon or the waning moon!  You might like to make friends with Goddess Hecate or Goddess Kali Ma to compliment your home salt remedies and spells!  I also find that sea salt energy clears the air and diffuses dark energy with ease and grace.  It helps people to forget what they were fighting over in the first place.

Seaweed -  I use seaweed in sea witch spells, mermaid magick, and spells of money and possessions, where you wish to obtain something specific.  Carry dried seaweed collected from the beach in your wallet to enhance your financial situation.  Seaweed also makes a great business partner when trying to give birth to a new project.

Astrological Correspondances: Feminine/Moon/Water Element/Cancer

Notes:  Seaweed pairs well with mermaids and sea sprites, plus King Poseidon, who governs our seas!  I find that seaweed can give your beauty routine a magical boost!  Keep a tiny piece of dried seaweed on your sea witch altar for abundance and magnetic beauty.

Shiitake Mushrooms - I use shiitake mushrooms in grounded or raw form when I need a spell or herbal remedy for robust and hearty health.  Builds the immune system and acts as a segue between the earthly realm and the fairy realm.  Acts as a catalyst for astral traveling and shaman journeying.  It's healing, grounding, and earthing in its abilities.

Notes:  Pairs well with the Archangel Ariel and fairy crystals such as lapis lazuli!  Shiitake mushrooms are wonderful to work with when you need a spell to see fairies or to meet them somewhere in between.

Snapdragons - I use snapdragons when I'm trying to figure out the truth about something!  Snapdragon essential oil works great in truth spells and serums, as it comes fully equipped with honesty, integrity, and the gift of discernment.  It's a powerful truth elixir!

Astrological Correspondances: Neutral/Mars/Fire Element/Aries

Notes:  Snapdragons pair well with Goddess Isis, the Egyptian Moon Goddess of truth and high magicks!  Bring snapdragon with you in a wearable planter to have a blessed day filled with revealed truths and secrets!  Warning: This ritual works fast as the snapdragon has fire-breathing dragon energy!

Sunflower -  Happiness, Health, and Energy!  I use sunflowers in spells when I want to generate beauty and attractiveness and want to have a star quality about me.  The sun does represent radiance and outward beauty.  For this reason, I use sunflower in Queen of Wands tarot card spells, as they pair together perfectly!

Astrological Correspondances: Masculine/Sun/Fire Element/Leo

Notes:  As mentioned, the sunflower and the queen of wands are a match made in heaven!  In addition to that, I find placing the sun tarot card and the queen of wands tarot card on a sun altar boosts fame and recognition.  Additionally, you can add the six of wands for adoration. The Sunflower also becomes extra potent with sunstones and citrine crystals.  You can use sunflowers in health spells, money attraction, success, fortune, and fame!  Works great for job interview spells.

Tansy -  Grounded, down to earth, and stable! I use Tansy flower in spells that are built to last.  These are the types of spells that can go on for generations.  In this way, the tansy plant works fabulously when doing rootwork and ancestry, thus making it the perfect folk magic herb!  Tansy makes the perfect herb for spirit work and graveyard magic.

Astrological Correspondances: Feminine/Venus/Water Element/Leo

Notes:  Tansy pairs well with spirits and ancestors of the past!  Use tansy herb to learn about your magical lineage, to remember your roots and where you come from, and to create deep, reverent roots in your home.  Perfect for the hedgewitch!  Tansy has an attraction for working with Goddess Nemetona, the goddess of sacred groves.

Thistle - I use thistle in spells where I need to do an exorcism!  This can be a situation where a spirit is trapped on the physical plane and needs to be released.  This is called spirit work.  Thistle can be used for purification, healing, cleansing Christ-like energy.

Astrological Correspondances: Masculine/Jupiter/Fire Element/Aries

Notes:  Thistle pairs well with Jesus Christ and Angelite gemstone!  Use during a baneful moon for undoing banishing, cursing, and hexing spells.

Thyme - I use thyme in spells where I want loyalty, affection, and adoration thrown at me!  Therefore, I think thyme can work well in love spells, fame and fortune spells, as well as good luck spells. You can add thyme to any herbal envelope spell where you feel you need to be appreciated more.

Astrological Correspondances: Feminine/Venus/Water Element/Taurus + Libra

Notes:  I find that thyme pairs well with Goddess Fortuna (also known as lady luck), the six of wands tarot card, and lucky stones like lepidolite, where you will be placed at the right place at the right time for something magical to happen.  Thyme has longevity!

Vanilla Extract - I use vanilla extract in spells where I need to sweeten up my love life, familial relationships, and bringing in good house spirits!  Vanilla is an energizing herb ingredient that has the ability to stir up memories and nostalgia and make you look at life in a more positive light.

Astrological Correspondances: Feminine/Venus/Water Element/Taurus

Notes:  Vanilla pairs well with house wights and Goddess Nemetona, especially if you have invited her into your sacred space.  Vanilla works great in-home blessing spells and for sacred mother-daughter rituals.

White Oleander -  An herb that can be used for banishing baneful spells!  This includes hexes, curses, banishing, and binding spells.  Extremely dangerous, toxic, and potentially deadly!

Astrological Correspondances: Feminine/Saturn/Earth Element/Taurus

Notes:  White oleander pairs well with the Egyptian Goddess Isis!  Works great in love spells, especially in love spells where you want your lover to come back to you.  (See Damiana Above)  White oleander is especially helpful in manifesting a specific person.

Wood - I use wood elements in spells that deserve stability, longevity, and wisdom!  They come from trees and trees are magic.  Great for fire magick spells and the fire element, in general.  Work great in spells where you need to uncover wisdom and secrets.  Perfect for studying and taking new classes!

Notes:  The magical healing properties of the wood element pair well with Lord Pan, God of the wild!  For the fire element pairing, you could also call on a fire-breathing dragon to work with.  You can also use the stems of dried herbs like lavender and baby's breath flowers to include in your spell for a woody focus, knowledge, and clarity.

Yarrow Plant - I use yarrow flowering plants in love spells, creative projects and endeavors, and for kinfolk style, slow living!  This is a slow-living herbal ingredient and should only be used for spells that take their time.  If you are looking for something faster, see cinnamon and cayenne pepper ingredients above!  I find that yarrow isn't just an herbal plant, it's a lifestyle that moves spells slowly, but surely until they hit their targeted intention.  This is great for when you're on the hunt for a husband, not just a lover!

Astrological Correspondances: Feminine/Venus/Water Element/Capricorn

Notes:  Yarrow plant pairs well with Mother Mary, as she is everything graceful about living a kind living lifestyle.  She is compassionate, sweet, and unassuming.  Yarrow flowering herb also works well with Lord Pan for creative projects and endeavors.

That's it for now, friends!  Again, I'll be adding to this as I work with more and more herbs and poisonous plants.  I hope this finds you in good spirits and helps you on your journey to becoming an herbal witch and creating your own herbal apothecary!

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