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The Magical Herbarium For Herbal Witchcraft

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The Magical Herbarium for Herbal Witchcraft is where I share with you some of the magical properties of herbs and spices. One of the first things that I got into when I started walking the path of a solitary green witch was herbs. Let's delve into the healing properties of herbs, shall we?

Working with magical herbs is all part of the journey to green witchcraft. I've been walking the path of a witch since 2013 and along the way, I found the place I fit in. That place is green witchcraft!

I will be adding to the magical herbarium as I go further down the rabbit hole of herbal witchery. In the meantime, I'm only going to share the herbs that I already have a preexisting relationship with, as well as herbs or poisonous plants I'd like to work with in the future.

By the way, if you'd like to learn more about working with witch herbs and the like, you might enjoy reading, Meet Goddess Hecate: Dark Triple Goddess of Herbal Witchcraft and Poisonous Plants! I find that she will introduce you to new and exciting herbs that will open up the world to you.

What's an herbarium?  It's just a place where I keep my digital kitchen herbs organized.  The more that I work with them, the more I plan on adding to my herbal list.  I hope over time my herbarium grows because that's a sign that I'm growing my herbal apothecary with ease and grace!

Everything that I talk about here will only be herbs that I am currently working with or have worked within the past.  I'll also be setting goals for future herbs and poisonous plants I'm dreaming of working with.  

The reason for this is simple.  It takes time and energy to build a secret relationship with plants and herbs.  As you'll find out as you begin your herbal witchcraft journey, many herbs will straight up disagree with you.  These are called disagreeable herbs or herbs to stay away from.

The only way to know if an herb will work with you is to try it!  Make the effort and if the herb ingredient still doesn't like you, then at least you know you've done all you can.  

Agreeable herbs are herbs that enjoy working with you and generally agree with you.  These might be the herbs you are naturally attracted to or suggested to you by herbal goddesses.  Again, the only real way to know for sure is to work with the herb and see if she agrees with you or not.  

How to work with an herb?  In order to identify whether or not your herb is agreeable or not for your personal herb collection, you've got to work with her!  

I strongly advise not giving up after one try!  Relationships are hard, human or herb, and they take time and effort.  Trying one time and giving up is unlikely to enhance your magical abilities to work with herbs.  

I say give your fresh herbal ingredient a few tries or work with him or her once a week to build a strong foundation for a relationship.  Remember that the herbs you work with come to life for spells and remedies so getting to know them on a personal level is highly important to your craft.  

To work with the herb, simply pour a little in your hand and wake up your fresh ingredients.  Simply say wake up and good morning as a greeting!  For example, if I'm working with fresh basil for attraction, I might say, "Wake up, Basil!  Good morning, Basil.  Nice to meet you!"

Write down impressions in your herbal notebook.  How does the herb make you feel?  What properties are coming to life?  What impressions are you getting from the herb you're working with?  Journal it!

Later, once you've become friends with your herb, you can then see if your first impressions match up!  There are general herb properties then there are deep impressions that come later when fostering a relationship with your herbal friend.  

For more on herbal spells, you might enjoy reading, How to Make an Herbal Envelope Spell With Herbs, Spices, and Elements of Nature!  Herbal envelope spells are one of my favorite ways to work with herbs.  

With time, you'll develop a personal relationship with poisonous plants and herbs that will enhance your herbal witchcraft to new heights!  That's why it's important to record everything the herb is doing while working with you.  

In addition to that, you might see a few herbs that are not really herbs at all.  That's okay.  When you start your own herbarium, you'll find that certain non-herbs will fit into this category perfectly.  It's all part of magical plant life and garden herbs!

The Magical Herbarium For Herbal Witchcraft

Basil - I use it for beauty, attraction, and attractiveness!  For me, basil works as a magnet, attracting things to me easily and frequently.  

Notes:  I find that basil really gives me a confidence boost!  Works great for spells with beauty and attractiveness.  Pairs well with Goddess Ooonagh, as this happens to be her wheelhouse.  Also works well for manifesting money and physical manifestations of any kind.

Graveyard Dirt - An herb that isn't really an herb.  Dirt found in graveyards.  I use graveyard dirt for any type of love spell, money spell, or a spell where I'm trying to increase something during the waxing moon.  Also, I use it for banishing and binding spells + hexes and curses during the waning moon.  Pairs well with dark goddesses such as Goddess Kali or Goddess Hecate!

Notes:  For more on how to get your own graveyard dirt, you might enjoy reading, Getting Into Graveyard Magic and Spirit Work!  Learn the difference between graveyard dirt and grave dirt.  Also, graveyard dirt sits with my other herbs and spices in the kitchen.  It's kind of an all-purpose herb that isn't really an herb at all.

Bay Leaf - I use Bay leaf for wish fulfillment spells or spells where I want a dream to come true!  I use it to enhance spells that are already in progress by writing my wish on the bay leaf with a permanent marker and then, burning it over the kitchen sink.  Bay leaves pair well with Goddess Aine!

Notes:  Bay leaves can also be placed in your bra each morning to enhance magic during the daytime hours.  For psychic abilities and prophetic dreams, place a bay leaf under your pillow when you go to sleep each night or use it for astral traveling!

Lemon Pepper - Cleansing, healing, and refreshing!  I use lemon pepper in spells where I need great speed to take place.  It's an energizing herbal ingredient that's fast-acting!  I find lemon pepper works well in communication spells or no contact situations when trying to manifest a specific person.  Lemon pepper pairs well with the Sun God Hermes!

Notes:  Lemon pepper works great in weight loss spells, communication spells, and spells in which it feels as though all hope is lost or something in your life needs a lift energetically!

Cayenne Pepper - I use it sex magick spells and spells that need a boost of passion!  Cayenne pepper works great in love spells, sex spells, and spells that require great speed and fast delivery.  I find that cayenne pepper pairs well with Goddess Freya!  This makes sense as she's the goddess of sex and war.

Dill Weed - I use dill weed for home blessings, for love spells, and for sex magick!  Dill weed is a magical herb that works well in prosperity spells too, as it is known for bringing good luck your way.  For more on luck, you might enjoy reading, Grounded in Good Luck Energy: My New Lifestyle Theme!

 Notes: Dill weed pairs well with rosemary, I've come to find.  They seem to work well together!  I also find dill weed is great for communication spells, so again, working with Hermes, the sun God of communication, might give your herbal spell a boost.  This sweet herb can be used for protection and for waning moon spells such as banishment, binding, hexes, and curses.  It is more than qualified to hold a strong protection spell together!

Sea Salt - I use sea salt for baneful moon spells such as banishing and binding spells!  Working with sea salt has a cleansing, healing energy around it.  It's a great way to protect and clear your space!  One of the easiest ways to use sea salt to clarify your home space is to leave bowls of sea salt around your home.  They will clear the air of negative energy and disputes.  

Notes:  Sea salt pairs well with dark goddesses for the dark or new moon or the waning moon!  You might like to make friends with Goddess Hecate or Goddess Kali Ma to compliment your home salt remedies and spells!  I also find that sea salt energy clears the air and diffuses dark energy with ease and grace.  It helps people to forget what they were fighting over in the first place.

Ground Cinnamon - I use ground cinnamon powder or cinnamon sticks in spells of sex, love, and attraction!  I tend to use cinnamon when I need to speed up the timeframe in which the manifestation occurs.  Cinnamon is my favorite go-to when it comes to love spells or any kind of attraction.  It's because they not only sweeten love but cinnamon fires up passion and romance too!

Notes:  Ground cinnamon pairs well with Goddess Freya and really any of the love goddesses!  When I think of cinnamon and spice and everything nice, I always think of my girl Freya first.  She just exudes sexual confidence!

Yarrow Plant - I use yarrow flowering plants in love spells, creative projects and endeavors, and for kinfolk style, slow living!  This is a slow living herbal ingredient and should only be used for spells that take their time.  If you are looking for something faster, see cinnamon and cayenne pepper ingredients above!  I find that yarrow isn't just an herbal plant, it's a lifestyle that moves spells slowly, but surely until they hit their targeted intention.  This is great for when you're on the hunt for a husband, not just a lover!

Notes:  Yarrow plant pairs well with Mother Mary, as she is everything graceful about living a kind living lifestyle.  She is compassionate, sweet, and unassuming.  Yarrow flowering herb also works well with Lord Pan for creative projects and endeavors.

Nettles - I use nettles when I need clarity on making a decision about something!  Consider nettles to be the pro-con list of the herb family, as she can easily be made into tea for reading tea leaves and fortune-telling.  When in doubt, use nettle herb to help you find your way!

Notes:  Nettle pairs well with white quartz crystal and apophyllite crystals!  Nettle can also be used with herbal goddesses such as, Goddess Hecate, who happens to be the queen of herbal witchcraft!  Just like nettle tea, Hecate can help you make a decision when you're at a crossroads in life.

Lavender Herb - I use lavender for spells that need a lot of extra strength!  Lavender will strengthen the resolve of any spell or herbal remedy.  Lavender is another slow living herb that likes to take her time when weaving a spell of enchantment.  Lavender works great in love spells and will help you find your soulmate or twin flame if you let her.  Wear lavender in your hair to attract a mate!  Use lavender for overnight spells that can be kept under your pillow while you sleep.  

Notes:  Lavender pairs well with Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Rhiannon!  She also would love to make friends with a beautiful amethyst gemstone.

Damiana - Lust, passion, burning desire, romance, love, attraction, and chemistry!  I use Damiana in any spell where I'm in urgent need of something to happen quickly, whether it be getting asked out on a date or manifesting a phone call from a specific person.  There is an urgency and a burning hot passionate desire that is backed by the damiana herb.  It's a great spell for putting a rush on things!

Notes:  Damiana pairs well with fire element spells or spells using the wood element and air element as a team!  It works perfectly with heated spells where there's an air of urgency to the situation or you simply cannot wait any longer to hear from somebody.  Damiana pairs well with the Sun God Hermes, the God of communication, and fast traveling energy.  She also loves to work with the sexy attitude of Goddess Freya, the Goddess of sex and war!

Magical Herbarium Future Goals For Poisonous Plants and Herbs

  • Belladonna (deadly nightshade) - A witches herb for flying the hedge, dream journaling, astral travel, visualization, and divination in tarot and tea leaf readings.  Extremely poisonous!
  • White Oleander - An herb that can be used for banishing baneful spells!  This includes hexes, curses, banishing, and binding spells.  Extremely dangerous, toxic, and potentially deadly!
  • Hemlock (Poison Parsley) - A poisonous plant with deadly properties!  Poison parsley is known for creating paralysis in a situation used in baneful magic.  This could be anything from a bad habit or addiction you'd like to get rid of to keeping a person from moving towards you.  It stops something or someone in its tracks!

That's it for now, friends!  Again, I'll be adding to this as I work with more and more herbs and poisonous plants.  I hope this finds you in good spirits and helps you on your journey to becoming an herbal witch and creating your own herbal apothecary!

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