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The Magical Properties of Graveyard Dirt Herbal Magic

A cemetery with a cute angel statue figurine with a tiny Christmas tree pine and graveyard dirt spell uses and properties

The Magical Properties of Graveyard Dirt Herbal Magic is that grave dirt is an herb that isn't really an herb at all!  Yet, it still sits on my shelf with all my other magical herbs and spices for my work as a solitary green witch.  

It's actually one of my favorite herbs and most used herbs, even though it isn't really an herb at all.  As a non-herb, it has all the healing properties of my exotic spices and witch herb counterparts.  Graveyard dirt enhances any spell with a potent dripping of folk magic!

For more on graveyard dirt, you might enjoy reading, Getting Into Graveyard Magic, and Spirit Work!  I have found that collecting my own graveyard dirt has been the catalyst for some powerful magical spells such as this graveyard dirt love spell.  

You might find that you too have a penchant for dark goddesses, doing shadow work, and embracing your darker self!  Graveyard dirt can be used for anything as it is an all-purpose herb that isn't really an herb at all.  

You might try,  Shadow Work and Getting In Touch With Your Dark Self to ask yourself some important questions before getting into cemetery magic and folklore.  It acts as a workbook for embracing your shadow self with ease and grace.  

To work with graveyard dirt and grave dirt, you must first learn the difference between the two!  Graveyard dirt comes from anywhere on the sacred grounds of the cemetery you plan to do graveyard magic in.  Grave dirt, on the other hand, comes from a specific gravesite you plan to work with!

All of this, of course, means that you need to build a relationship with an ancestor, deceased loved one, or whatever spirit that you felt compelled to work with for spells.  It's important to be respectful of the cemetery and to always ask permission before collecting rich soil from the graveyard.  

In order to begin working with the gatekeeper of the graveyard, you might try to leaving offerings, asking permission, and building a slow relationship.  One of the ways you can do that is through the magic of graveyard photography and photographing cemeteries!

I also recommend reading books in the graveyard, spending time in meditation there, and writing poetry or journaling.  This is a way for the spirits in the graveyard to become accustomed to your presence and get to know you better.  Cemeteries are a peaceful place to be!

In addition to that, always come wearing protection!  I wear a garlic clove in my bra, as well as a pinch of sea salt for good measure.  I always call on the holy trinity before entering the magical world of graveyards because you are really stepping in between the underworld.  

You might like to Meet Goddess Hecate: Dark Triple Goddess of Herbal Witchcraft and Poisonous Plants!  Goddess Hecate is also the goddess of crossroads, doorways, and graveyards so she can help guide you through the cemetery with magical protection and spiritual hygiene practices.  

The magical properties and uses of graveyard dirt are potent and powerful!  I would encourage any baby witch to give folk magic a good, solid try in order to pack a powerful punch into your magical graveyard dirt spells.  

You can even use it when you want to enhance sigil magic to amplify the magic of your spell ten-fold!  I keep a container of graveyard dirt and grave dirt on my spice rack with all my spices and herbs.  Guess what?  She fits in perfectly!

The Magical Properties of Graveyard Dirt Herbal Magic

I find that graveyard dirt has both masculine and feminine energies!  I consider it gender-neutral or non-specific, taking on the qualities of all the spirits present in the cemetery.  For a specific gravesite, grave dirt will take on the qualities of the spirit that once lived.  

Graveyard dirt is best known for its assistance in protection spells!  This can be anything from a home protection spell to a banishing, hexing, cursing, or binding spell.  For this type of spell, you'll need the waning moon and a dark goddess by your side.  

For more on dark goddesses, you might love to Meet Goddess Kali: Goddess of Empowerment, Transformation, and Destruction!  Graveyard dirt and Kali Ma work really well together.  It's a symbiotic relationship and a match made in heaven!

You can use graveyard dirt to neutralize a room after a long bout of illness or depression!  Leave some graveyard dirt in a bowl and be sure to bless it with a quick enchantment.  It's full of rich nutrients and life force.  

Graveyard dirt can be used in graveyard dirt money spells, love spells to manifest a specific person, and for goal-setting and achievement.  Is there something you really want to accomplish?  Graveyard dirt will do the trick!

Working with graveyard dirt to achieve a specific goal is a great way to bring speed, cleansing, and healing to the situation you're in.  It will be a fast-acting herbal dirt remedy that leaves you feeling accomplished and productive.  Reach for the stars!

You can use graveyard dirt by leaving it in your cubicle or office space.  I like to add a little magical graveyard dirt to a terrarium and bless it with good tidings of success!  

You could even use graveyard dirt in an office houseplant to amplify riches and success!  Add a secret love note to your potted plant (with grave dirt) to manifest your dreams into reality.  

Graveyard dirt herbal magic can also be used to enhance your romantic love life!  You can write out the qualities you'd like in your next relationship and sprinkle it in graveyard dirt then place it in an herbal envelope spell for at least one full moon phase.  

Another great use of graveyard dirt is to get rid of bad habits in your life through banishment!  Sprinkle graveyard dirt on a piece of paper with the bad habit you'd like to rid yourself of.  

Stuff it in an herbal envelope and stick in the freezer and place a block of ice on top of it.  Leave it in there until the bad habit becomes less and then completely obliterates into nothingness.  

In addition to that, you can use graveyard dirt in a ritual sacrifice spell.  A ritual sacrifice spell is where you ask spirit to give you something in exchange for giving up something.  Grave dirt will amplify your ritual sacrifice spell to help you level up spiritually!

Well, there you have it, friends!  I'm head-over-heels in love with working with graveyard dirt.  There are so many magical uses to be found here.  Use what works for you and leave the rest behind.  The magical properties of graveyard dirt herbal magic is that it's an all-purpose herb that isn't really an herb at all!

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  1. Hi ,do you have some spell for achieve goals using the graveyard dirty ?

    1. Hi,

      You can write down your goals or wishes on a piece of paper, roll it up, and stick it in a tiny container or jar. Then, fill the container with graveyard dirt all the way to the top. I'm actually going to do this for the new moon in Aries (April 11th) with my new moon intentions. It works fast!


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