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Wearable Nature: Enchanted Hair Ribbons For Good Luck, Fame, and Fortune

An aqua colored ribbon tied around an old oak tree in a Florida wetland in the summer

 This is a blog post on Wearable Nature: Enchanted Hair Ribbons For Good Luck, Fame, and Fortune!  One of my favorite ways to have a magical day is to wear ribbons in my hair that have been enchanted with an intention.  Today, we're going to talk about how you can use color magic to choose a ribbon to wear in your hair for everyday mundane magic!

As many of you know, I've been working with Goddess Fortuna to create chance meetings and golden opportunities.  I even made a good luck altar that changes with the seasons and moon cycles.  This has all been part of my new plan to work on being grounded in good luck energy as my new lifestyle theme!

Working with the Goddess Fortuna has always involved wearing a green ribbon in my hair!  I have a simple green ribbon that I enchanted many years ago that I wear in my hair when I want to amplify my ability to have chance meetings and golden opportunities come my way.  

Guess what?  It works like a charm every single time!  To do this, I enchanted the entire spool of ribbon so that when I need to cut a new piece, it's already blessed and ready to go!

What happens when I wear my green ribbon?  Since the green ribbon is something that I've always done with Lady Luck, it always involves me being led to people and places in unexpected ways.  

When I wear a green ribbon in my hair, I know that it's going to be a magical day!  Most of the time, I put my ribbon in my hair buns or ponytail, then hit the trails at my local favorite park.  

Then, the magic begins!  Sometimes, it might lead to me capturing a magical moment in time on camera.  Other times, I might talk to a handsome stranger and maybe even get his digits.  Each and every time is unique and different.  

The color green is a powerful color that represents lush growth and new life.  Green color magic meaning involves good luck, fame, and fortune.  It involves abundance and success!

So, if that's something you are looking to bring more of into your life, you might get to know Fortuna better and aim for the color green in your color magic coding!  She's already opened up a lot of money-making opportunities for me that I wouldn't have otherwise.  

I would say that now more than ever is the perfect time to wear a green ribbon in your hair!  The planet Jupiter is conjunct with Pluto on November 12th, which means it's a great time to focus on a money mindset and bringing abundance into your life.  

You can also try working with gnomes to bring more abundance and treasure into your life!  Again, wearing a green ribbon in your hair that's been blessed will only work to enhance your financial wealth experience.  

What do different colored hair ribbons bring to the table?  Let's take a look at that!  Through the years, I've found that I'm really attracted to the green hair ribbon for good luck, the white hair ribbon for purity and innocence as well as connecting with my inner child, and a red ribbon for when I need to feel like a badass boss on the job.

Wearable Nature: Enchanted Hair Ribbons For Good Luck, Fame, and Fortune

Green Ribbon - Good luck, fame, and fortune!  Enchant with a blessing from Goddess Fortuna.  Brings about chance meetings and golden opportunities.  Expect the unexpected with this money-making ribbon!  Can also be used to focus on having a healthy, prosperous mindset when it comes to money, as well as building a good, solid relationship with money.

White Ribbon - Innocence, purity, and embracing your inner child!  Can also be used to heal childhood wounds and trauma, especially when it comes to childhood sexual abuse issues.  It works much like a white quartz crystal, taking on and amplifying the magical properties of whatever your intention is for the day.  Can be worn as a neutralizer to negate or ward off bad energies!  Pairs well with Goddess Rhiannon.

Red Ribbon - Power in the workplace and total badassery when it comes to running a business!  Red is definitely what would be considered a power color.  This is the ribbon you wear in your hair when you need a boost of confidence, like during a job interview or on a first date.  Pairs well with Goddess Freya!

Blue Ribbon - Calming influence, tranquility, and sovereignty!  The blue ribbon represents coming from a place of authority and stepping into your power.  Soft or pale blue can be used to create smooth sailing ahead for you while dark blue can represent success and awards!  Pairs well with Goddess Isis, the lunar goddess of full moon magic and secret moon rituals.

Yellow Ribbon - Creativity, magic, hope, optimism, and overall happiness and well-being!  Yellow is the color you want to wear when you want to attract good things into your life.  It acts as a healing remedy for creating a prosperous wellspring of eternal hope and optimism for you.  It will improve your outlook on life.  It's perfect for those times when you feel like you need to improve your mood and spirit.  Pairs really well with Archangel Jophiel, who just happens to live on the yellow light ray!

Black Ribbon - Shadow work, cleansing, and clearing, warding off dark spirits, and embracing your dark self!  This is the kind of ribbon you want to wear during the baneful moon (waning moon phase) and for dark rituals and shadow work.  Works much like garlic clove, acting as a protectant against dark forces and negative thoughts.  Black ribbon enchantment also works well during the dark moon or new moon rituals and for periods of darkness in your life such as a dark night of the soul experience.  Pairs well with dark goddesses, Goddess Hecate, and Goddess Kali Ma!

Aqua Ribbon - Daydreaming, visualization, dream journaling, and being receptive to moon energies!  If you want to spend some time in deep reflection and contemplation, then Aqua color magic is your go-to magical ribbon.  Aqua conjures up daydreams and vacations to faraway places, whimsical wanderings, subconscious moods and thoughts, and the dreamy, receptive energy of the moon.  Aqua acts as a gateway for making your dreams a reality.  It works as both an escape from the real world and as a gateway to becoming a visionary and a leader.  It's the kind of ribbon you'd wear when reading romance novels in the park or writing in your dream journal on a summer's eve.  Pairs well with mermaids and sea sprites!

Brown Ribbon - Grounding energy, activating the root chakra, kundalini awakening, and earthing barefoot in the grass!  This is the kind of ribbon you'll want to wear in your hair when you are wanting to get down to earth.  Brown color magic is perfect for connecting with mother earth and for those times when you want to connect with the faerie elementals.  Great for forest bathing and sigil magick spells in the forest!  Brown ribbons pair well with gnomes, tree elves, and any forest creatures.  Works fast for entering the faerie realm!

Pink Ribbon - Romance key activation, the sweetness of life, fond memories, and key relationships!  For bubblegum pink, you can attract a sweeter kind of love to you, as well as friendships with a deep soul connection.  Think kindred spirits!  For darker shades of pink like magenta or hot pink, think passion in the workplace, playfulness on the homefront, and sensuality in the bedroom.  Pink is the ultimate fun color so if you're looking to have more fun and good times in your life, wear a pink ribbon in your hair today!  Pairs well with the faerie folk of the fairy realm to incorporate a sense of play.

Purple Ribbon - Sacred grounds, spiritual reverence, mysteries, and the subconscious mind!  For lavender or light purple, you can work on creating more calm and tranquility in your life.  For deeper shades of purple, you'll give your spiritual beliefs a boost or find your pathway to witchcraft.  It is a very open-minded color schema with dream-like imagination for building on concepts you are deeply interested in such as religion or charitable causes that are near and dear to your heart.  It connects large groups of people of a like-minded spiritual nature.  Pairs well with unicorns!

In order to enchant your hair ribbons, simply create a chant that you say out loud three times or call on the goddess, angel, or fairy of your choice!  I usually just look in the mirror and as I'm tying my ribbon into my hair, I ask for the goddess of my choice to bring me my specific intention for the day.  By the time I'm ready to get out the door, I can already feel the magic coursing through my veins!

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