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Working With Archangel Jehudiel For Work-Life Balance in My Spiritual Business


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Lately, I've been working with Archangel Jehudiel for work-life balance in my spiritual business! I've worked with Jehudiel in the past and with the exponential growth of my blog this year, I feel ready to take things to the next level.

Most people don't know about the angel Jehudiel, but if you have any kind of small business or a social media site, I highly recommend giving this angel a try! Jehudiel is the angel of work-life balance and productivity. He will infuse you with a constant flow of creative ideas and workflow progress.

This is the time of year where I'm reevaluating everything in my life and business. I'm sitting down and detailing what goals to aim for when it comes to the work that I do. I'm also tying up loose ends and finishing cycles.

With the magical healing properties of Sagittarius season in full force, it's a great time to get things done. You'll feel a sense of accomplishment in the work you do!

When Sagittarius season is in full swing, this makes the dominant planet Jupiter, the planet of riches and abundance, come to life! It's an ideal time to sit down and reevaluate things and make tweaks and changes.

You may have even felt a shift in your energy lately! In my neighborhood, people have seemed to come out of the woodwork putting up Christmas lights and festive holiday decorations. That's because the Sagittarius season is a fun season full of festive ideas.

That's why now is a great time to work with Archangel Jehudiel if you have a spiritual-based business like I do! Angel Jehudiel can work effectively with the planetary shifts and alignments to create a stronger work ethic within you.

Whenever I feel my drive and motivation waning, I always turn to the Archangel Jehudiel for guidance! With Jehudiel by your side, you'll receive fresh ideas and downloads of information.

Whatever projects you've been working on, Jehudiel will breathe new life into them! If you've been struggling with writer's block or sitting down to write, Jehudiel will propel you forward and create movement in your business.

If creative writing is something you're passionate about, you might also love working with Archangel Gabriel to make your childhood dreams of writing come true! Who knows? With the angel of communication at work in your life, you might just end up writing an entire book in one sitting!

Another thing that the angel Jehudiel can help you with is doing the everyday mundane tasks on your to-do list. You know, the things you've been procrastinating on or dread taking care of or doing. Archangel Jehudiel will put a fiery hot burning passion inside you to get things done!

You'll be left with a feeling of accomplishment! Also, angel Jehudiel works fast and stays with you for days after you call on him for work-life assistance. He will keep the home fires burning within you.

In case you were wondering, Jehudiel has masculine energy when he visits me, but all angels are androgynous by nature. Most likely, Jehudiel will come to you in whatever form works best for you and your field of vision.

More importantly, Archangel Jehudiel will push you out of your comfort zone like a mama bird pushing her baby bird out of the nest. This is because Jehudiel angel believes in you and knows what you are capable of if you buckle down and do it. Be prepared to be pushed!

One of my favorite aspects of Jehudiel is that he will help you to keep your habits under control, as well as to assist you in eliminating bad habits and negative thought processes. He's a wonderful angel of work-life balance!

Out of all the tarot cards in the tarot deck, I'd say that the knight of pentacles reminds me of the angel Jehudiel. Everything except his slow nature, of course! Jehudiel, on the other hand, is a fast-acting angel!

However, if you spend some time with the angel Jehudiel and the knight of pentacles tarot card, you'll see a lot of similarities. Much like the knight of pentacles, Archangel Jehudiel is a hard worker who works diligently to complete tasks and get habits under control. He's about the long game!

I find that writing even a quick note to Jehudiel will do the trick! Ask him for help with what you think you need and he will give you more. He will show you the details that you might have overlooked in the process of your self-sustaining business.

Working With Archangel Jehudiel For Work-Life Balance in My Spiritual Business

So, how is Archangel Jehudiel helping me in my business and how can he help you too?  First off, you don't have to have to run a business, let alone a spiritual business, to work with angel Jehudiel.  If you need a spark in your life (in any life arena), Jehudiel will be there for you with bells on!

Jehudiel can help you with everything from workout motivation to overcoming a porn addiction!  This is an angel that's all about organization, structure, and getting bad habits out of the way that interrupts workflow and production.  

The angel of work-life balance will remove all distractions from your line of sight, whether it be people or problems.  He likes to help people establish good habits and positive thinking so that it impacts the work you do in a magical way!

I'm working with Archangel Jehudiel to catch up on the work that I get behind on when I have bouts of depression and anxiety that sometimes prevent me from doing my work.  If there's ever a drop-off in productivity, nine times out of ten that's why.  At least, in my case.

Over the past year, I've developed bad habits that have hindered my production in cranking out content for my blog.  I'm learning that I may need to tweak my morning and evening routines a bit in order to buckle down and get more writing done.  

One of the things that have been hindering me is having morning coffee and toast at my mom and stepfather's house every morning.  I'm trying to cut that down to a couple days a week and the holidays.  That way, I have more time for establishing healthy habits (such as my morning yoga routine and morning hikes) and I've established clear boundaries with people who hinder my progress.  

Most people are well-meaning, such as my parental figures, but when you work from home sometimes people think you have all the time in the world to get things done.  Even work-from-home jobs require due diligence and an organized structure for accomplishing tasks with ease and grace!

That's where Archangel Jehudiel steps in and saves the day!  I literally just call on him and he has me doing yoga poses on my back porch in no time.  He has a natural knack for creating space for the things that keep us disciplined in moving forward fearlessly with our work goals.  

Right now, Jehudiel is helping me with creating a soothing workspace and work environment.  I'm on the hunt right now for a secondhand desk that will fit into my kitchen/living room space in my tiny house!

I plan on purchasing an upgraded laptop computer so that I can work faster and work smarter, not harder!  My current laptop has a lot of technical difficulties and issues.  I think it's safe to say it's time for a computer upgrade.  

Archangel Jehudiel is assisting me in writing about angels, goddesses, and herbs that I've gotten behind on this year!  I'd like to blame it on the pandemic, but in truth, it really always comes down to a lack of motivation and disorganization.  

It's highly important that my readers are able to find the materials they are looking for when it comes to spiritual topics and botanicals.  I'm constantly receiving streams of information from my higher conscious as I connect with new nature goddesses and the like, but I can't seem to write fast enough to keep up with it!

Therefore, Archangel Jehudiel is working with me, side-by-side, to write about the topics that I'm passionate about!  As many of you know, I don't really do social media and my main social media outlet is my blog and newsletter.  Therefore, I'd like to buckle down and tackle new subjects and write about a diatribe of herbs that could help my herbal witches in their craft.  

Another thing Jehudiel is helping me with is money-making opportunities!  It's so easy to overlook things when you run a blog business, so angel Jehudiel is pointing those things out to me.  In fact, he's even been directing people to me who might potentially want to work with me.  

If you run a spiritual business, need to get your work habits under control, or want to reach for the stars, then Jehudiel angel is your go-to angel spirit guide!  This is an angel that can help you with everything from getting Christmas shopping done early in the season to quitting smoking cigarettes in no time.  

All you have to do is call on Jehudiel angel and tell him what you're struggling with and he will begin working instantly in your life!  You'll notice by how much you get accomplished in a day :)  Best of luck!
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