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A Slow Living Prompt For Butterfly Energy and Essences

A red and orange painted lady butterfly in a butterfly garden in Florida with greenery and wildlife and native plants to Florida butterfly species

Enjoy a slow living prompt for butterfly energy and essences! As many people who read my blog know, butterflies are my boo. Being that my entire blog has been designed as a butterfly garden, it's not exactly a shocker that I would explore the world of butterfly essences!

So, what exactly is a butterfly's essence or energy? Butterfly energy is really that of a native species of nature spirits known as the butterfly fairy and the butterfly maiden who runs the show. Each butterfly holds energy in the palm of your hand!

Working with butterfly energy is a natural energy healing + herbal remedy that anyone can aim to strive for! One of the best ways you can connect with the healing energy of butterflies is by grounding your energy and activating your root chakra. This can be done by taking a nature walk to clear your head.

While you're out in the quiet solitude of the woodland, you are more than likely to encounter a butterfly or two! Some butterfly species may migrate to you out of curiosity while others are cavalier about your latest visit.

Different butterflies, just like humans, have different energetic blueprints! It's kind of like each child you have always come with a different personality that is unique and all her own. The same could be said about butterfly fairies.

Each energy and essence can be bottled up through something known as energy healing! Most fairy shamans have come to find the energy in their hands works effectively for attracting butterflies.

If a butterfly is attracted to you, she might land on your nose and let you take her picture. This is called the fun of butterfly photography! Working with real-life butterflies requires time, energy, and patience.

Why this makes the perfect slow living prompt is because working with butterflies in a caring and nurturing way, allows you the self-preservation to slow down and enjoy the moment.  Butterflies are not only a reminder of transformation, butterflies energy healing essence is a reminder to live in the moment!

A Slow Living Prompt For Butterfly Energy and Essences

To activate the butterfly healing energy within you, hold out the palm of your hand, and visualize a beautiful butterfly in the palm of it!  See your butterfly wings opening and closing, creating energy with every flap of the wings.

As the energy builds up in the palm of your hand, activate your butterfly!  See your butterfly flying in the palmistry with green garden meadows and vining white trellises in botanical gardens.  Keep seeing your butterfly energy essence coming to life in the center!

Create an intention!  Whatever intention you choose, whether it be manifesting a specific person or creating a hearty plant-based meal from the land, let the butterfly live in the moment of it.  Right there in her tiny ecosphere in the palm of your hand!

Visualize trying to hold on too tightly to your dream.  What happens?  Your butterfly wings get crushed and their spirit is dampened.  

Now, visualize butterfly imagery when you let go and hold onto your butterfly gently, giving her room and space to breathe.  What happens then?  She manifests into something.

She springs to life in a butterfly garden of her own making!  You can use butterfly imagery and butterfly spirit symbolism anytime you get stuck on a manifestation.  

Butterflies are all about beauty and grace.  They are like the charm school of the natural species!  Working with them will produce endorphins and lasting effects.  

They are heart-healthy and regulate the flow of circadian rhythms which aid in sleeping soundly at night!  Just spending time in a butterfly garden will evoke a natural healing element within you.

Utilizing their energy and powers requires simple grounding energy that you hold lightly, without crushing its spirit.  If you are craving peace and serenity, then butterflies are here to soothe the soul!

I recommend working with living butterflies for a personal experience, as well as working with butterfly essence in your home as a go-to grounding ritual!  I don't, however, recommend putting them up in frames and preserving them unless you find one already in a state of death.  

Gathering their energy while still alive is much better!  It's vegan-friendly and it's a practice in kind living.  Wouldn't you like to be part of that?

Practice slow living with butterflies today!  To me, nothing says kinfolk style, slow living like the butterflies do.  Just hearing the words kinfolk evokes images of white linen and butterflies flying by outdoor dining table displays filled with roughage from the heart of the forest.

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