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Hiking With Gemstones: Unlock the Magic of the Forest With Crystal Energy Healing


Tiny burlap medicine bag with an assortment of crystals like turquoise, lapis lazuli crystal, and amethyst gemstone healing

Hiking With Gemstones: Unlock the Magic of the Forest With Crystal Energy Healing! It's no secret that I love working with crystals, but did you know that I carry them with me wherever I go? Today, we're going to talk about why I carry gemstones on hiking adventures, and you should too!

I find that whether it be wearing crystals in my bra or making a rose quartz water bottle for hiking adventures, crystals enhance my experience wherever I go! Bringing a crystal stone into the woods with me brings healing energy to the table and connects me to the faerie realm with ease and grace.

For example, if I want to connect with the nature spirits on a higher level, I never leave the house empty-handed.  Instead, I opt to head into the woods with lapis lazuli, the childlike crystal which bridges the connection between our world and the fairy realm.  

Bridging these connections means creating a better experience in the woods like one for the ages!  It means being able to see the fairies with the naked human eye, as well as connecting with the woodland goddesses and lords of the forest.  Some of my best experiences with the golden magic of Lord Pan and God of the Wild were enhanced by the magical healing properties of lapis lazuli crystal!

In addition to that, when I bring aquamarine crystal with me to bodies of water like lakes, rivers, and tributaries, it enhances my experience by assisting me in my connections with water goddesses, mermaids, and sea sprites!  When I spend a day at the beach, I never leave home without my aquamarine crystal.

It's more than that though.  Working with gemstone healing energy allows me to snap better photographs in the heart of nature and ground my energy on a woodland photoshoot!  I've noticed that when I carry an assortment of gemstones on me that the day suddenly gets better and my mind becomes more clear.  

The hidden gems of the forest are the metaphysical properties of gemstones!  Every healing stone comes with a built-in nature spirit that you can unlock as you head into a canopy of leaves rustling in the cool breeze.

One of the greatest healing qualities of crystals is their innate ability to create a magical forest bathing experience!  If you're new to taking a forest bath, it means that you slowly meander the forest soaking in all the greenery and awakening your senses.  

It is a healing crystal ritual bath experience when it is enhanced with the magic of crystals!  For a full spectrum crystal magic experience, create a medicine bag filled with a crystal mix of tiny gemstones that will give your health a boost.  You can even add some of your favorite herbs from magical herbarium for brownie points!

You can also use grounding crystals that will activate your root chakra!  Crystals for grounding energy include red jasper, tiger's eye crystals, chakra stones, garnet crystal, and tree agate.  Working with the root chakra creates more stability and balance in your life!

If you'd like to know more about grounding your energy in mother nature, you might also love working with the energy of Archangel Ariel, as she is highly connected to the root chakra and earth's healing energy.  Archangel Ariel will assist you with the sacral chakra healing and matching the vibration of the forest!

In addition to grounding rituals and practices, grounding crystals will encourage you to walk barefoot in the grass with earthing!  Earthing is where you lay down invisible roots in the grass, soil, and foliage.  You can even practice earthing by raking up a pile of leaves and diving into it!

Earthing is a magical way to connect with Mother Gaia the collective consciousness she creates as a chain reaction to the energy she holds in the palm of her hands.  Earthing exercises can be anything as simple as laying in the grass and watching the clouds take shape on a summer's day to planting bare feet firmly on the lush grass.

Earthing gemstones can include everything from fluorite to aventurine crystal!  In fact, I highly recommend bringing aventurine green crystal with you on any hiking adventures you take.  They are lucky crystals with an earthy edge to them.  

Working with gemstones to unlock the magic of the forest is easier than you think!  You can even leave tiny gemstones as offerings for the plant spirits who live and dwell there.  Many crystals pair well with plant spirits!

Pair a tiny amethyst gemstone with the magic of yarrow to create clarity in your psychic abilities and to open your third eye chakra!  Play mix and match with fall foliage and red jasper healing stone or take a magical hike with ferns and white quartz crystal.  Offering gemstone companions to the local flora and fauna will create a gemstone elixir within you!

I've found that working with gemstones goes hand-in-hand with the fun of forest photography!  It almost feels as if the crystals are leading me to tiny hidden insects and creatures in the woods.  

I tend to create nature flat lays on tree stumps and wooden logs as I walk the forest looking for my next adventure!  Creating crystal grids tends to unlock the secrets of the forest and the magic that hides in wait there.  

If you plan on using hiking magic to activate sigil magick in the forest, adding some gemstones to amplify the energy of your sigils is most helpful!  Be sure to leave behind crystals that you don't mind losing.  You're basically creating a ritual sacrifice using a crystal grid where you give up something for something better!

You can create a tiny gemstone crystal grid circle shape to represent the moon if you're working with moon magic energy healing!  If you're utilizing the full moon to create a sigil spell, you can add moonstones to the mix.  Moonstones have a soft, receptive healing energy that enhances the powerful effects of the moon phases.

For the latest full moon, you might enjoy reading, Sweet Moon Diaries: Full Moon in Gemini Lunar Eclipse + Eclipse Season (November 2020)!  We just had one on the thirtieth, which was just a few days ago.  You can also sign up for my free intuitive moon readings every month at the end of this article!

Hiking With Gemstones: Unlock the Magic of the Forest With Crystal Energy Healing

If you'd like to work with gemstones more and enhance your experience with them, you can go beyond the forest!  Crystals are easy to talk to and you might enjoy reading my article, Talking Gemstones: Healing Crystals for Emotional Healing and Talk Therapy.

Try a crystal in the bra spell for natural beauty and attractiveness!  This DIY gemstone spell will work much like basil herb by attracting positive attention to you and making you more charming.  If charming the socks off of people sounds good to you, give my crystal spell a try!

You can also make a tiny amethyst gemstone terrarium and give her up as a ritual sacrifice to one of the nature goddesses!  I gave my gemstone terrarium to the Goddess Rhiannon in the woods in exchange for something better in my life.

You can find out where is best to wear crystals with gemstone jewelry layering!  Wearing a magical healing gemstone necklace into the woodland will activate the nature goddess within you.  This connects you with forest goddesses such as Green Tara natural energy healing.

If you'd really like to connect with specific gemstone energy, you might like to keep a pet gemstone and crystal growing kit!  Then, when you're ready, take your new pet crystal into the forest with you!  You can stuff her in your backpack, pocket, or wear a crystal in your bra.  

Whatever the case may be, crystals have a way of amplifying the green energy of the forest!  As you walk the forest floors, you may feel an enhanced connection with the magic of trees.  

You may find yourself being drawn to magical fern trails and hidden entanglements of leaves.  Let your gemstone be your spirit hiking guide next time you take a nature walk!  You won't regret what they bring to the table.

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