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How I Spent the Great Conjunction: Jupiter and Saturn Magic

Jupiter and Saturn rare 200-year conjunction, age of Aquarius, planetary alignments, energy shift

This is a blog post on how I spent the great conjunction with Jupiter and Saturn magic! Yesterday, I really felt a yearning to unplug, which wasn't easy for me to do when there are so many energies in the air to untangle. Part of me wanted to write and part of me really wanted to pull back and retreat.

Eventually, I chose the latter, and my soul thanks me for it. I spent the day taking it easy and resting on my laurels for a bit. It was something that was subtle, but urgent to my spiritual needs and desires.

Yesterday, on December 21st, we were met with the great conjunction and it's something everyone on the internet is talking about. Don't get me wrong, it's a very big deal, but something told me that the magic would slowly unfold over time.

Back in 2012 when the Mayan calendar was a spiritual focus, the shift in energies didn't take place instantly overnight. No, it was a shift that brought a sudden change throughout the year, with many trials and tribulations.

It was a subtle body of energy that worked its magic mojo beneath the layers of the surface. Twenty-twelve brought forth a new spirit guide for me. I call him "R" because I can't pronounce his name, but he was a Mayan warrior. 

Another thing that happened in twenty-twelve was that I had a huge weight loss, which you can read about in How a Wedding Picture Sparked My Weight Loss! Not only did I lose weight that year through a juice fast diet, but I also gave up meat and became a vegetarian.

A year later, I become a fully-fledged vegan! You can get my free vegan starter kit to get started! I take a more spiritual approach to becoming vegan versus other schools of thought.

Twenty-twelve ended up being one of the most transformative years of my entire life!  It was one of those years that I was always trying to replicate to recapture the magic of the time.  I believe that that's what the great conjunction will be like for many of us.  

It's a subtle body of energy that is going to slowly transform our emotional landscape throughout the year.  I predict that we will indeed get at least one new guide this year and possibly another animal totem.  

So, if you find yourself feeling drawn to a spirit guide or animal totem, trust your intuition on that.  New guides come in sometimes to help you through a period of your life or with a specific project or goal you have.  

New animal totems will act as a catalyst to create significant change and transformation in your life.  It's important to be warm and welcoming to them and heed their messages.

Don't worry about them not grabbing your attention either!  Many new guides will grab your attention through signs and synchronicities.  

You might hear a song on the radio over and over again with just the right lyrics.  There might be a specific number that captures your attention with a repetitive sequence.  Perhaps a certain color keeps coming to life for you or you find yourself wearing it a lot.

Whatever the case may be, your new guides will grab your attention as if they are lighting sparklers off on the fourth of July!  They will find a way, so be aware of your surroundings and be open to that.  That's all you really have to do.

You'll probably be receiving intuitive downloads all the time now, as we enter the Age of Aquarius!  This has been a long time coming and our consciousness being expanded is one of the first signs of the subtle changes coming our way.  

In addition to more intuitive hits from the universe, over the course of the year, I see more and more people finding each other and forming small soul tribes.  I do believe this will take place in online communities of a small-town nature.

There's a craving to find your soul sisters and brothers and I really do see that taking place online more than anywhere else.  For example, people who are meant to find me will find me!  That sorta thing.  

There will be a lot of meant to be communities formed with spiritual, like-minded people sharing ideas with one another.  I also believe that this fresh wave of energy is going to start pulling away from large infrastructures such as social media websites to people forming their own.  

This will not happen overnight.  This will happen naturally, organically throughout the year and through all space and time.  I almost get a coop feel to this kind of energy.  

There will be a shift in energy that will wash over your hopes and dreams and get stagnant waters moving again like a crystal stream through the boulders of Colorado.  Wherever things have been stuck or stagnant, you will see movement.  

You will see bad habits wash away seemingly overnight.  Yes, in some cases you'll have to put effort into it, only it won't feel like work.  It will feel as natural and easy as breathing.

You'll be able to lose weight, get in shape, and change your diet to one of more sustainability overnight.  Only it won't be overnight, it will just feel like it.  It's because when great energy shifts happen, it moves things along pretty rapidly.  

You'll still be putting in the time and effort, but you'll make it look and feel effortless!  You'll become the change you wish to see in the world.  You'll become the guru, the role model, and the poster girl (or boy) for spirituality!

Not only that, but you'll do it with heels on or maybe some steel toe boots.  You'll transform and change quietly and you'll do it with style and class.  

Look back in a year and you'll see how subtle it was when the change came and how it took over your life like vines and flowers through the white picket fence of life.  In a year, you'll have grown an entire garden filled with bright colors and wild things teeming with life and that's when you'll know the subtle magic of the great conjunction of twenty-twenty.

 How I Spent the Great Conjunction: Jupiter and Saturn Magic

I spent the great conjunction contemplating things.  I headed into the forest for a nature walk to clear my head.  I needed some time to reflect on the year I had and to understand what's coming next for me.  

Sometimes, as an empath, I have too many energies to untangle and when that happens, I always head to my safe haven in the woodland to figure things out.  When I first awakened yesterday with the morning sun, I could feel an inner longing prompting me to bundle up and hike into the forest.  

I took my time there and took note of all the changes being made.  Not just the changes in the air or the changes in my own life, but also the tweaks and changes made to the trails.  

My fern trail hiking adventure looks much different now.  A wild trail filled with fallen trees crossing wetland pathways is now a boardwalk with benches.  It feels like that magical time on the fern trail has to be made into a distant memory of a forgotten trail of long ago.  

After taking a long hike through the magic of trees, I found myself in the shelter of my own home.  I practiced the art and luxury of doing nothing.  I laid in bed and watched shows on my firestick television that I got for Christmas and I thought a lot about my hopes and dreams.  

I do that a lot.  I spend a lot of time daydreaming about how I can make more money or how I can make my readers even happier than they already are and how I can be of service to them.  For me, this blog is a passion project and it's kind of my baby that I love to nurture and care for.

Yesterday, with so much magical energy swirling in the air, I decided to use that time to write down some of the things I really want with a magical wish list.  Then, I made a pro and con list for some things that I've been struggling with making decisions on.  

I've been doing a lot of energy clearing in preparation for twenty-twenty-one.  There's a lot I've got to let go of and say goodbye to.  There are new things that I'm ready and eager to usher into my life with good energy and a fresh wave of inspiration.  

I also thought about my personal life and what really matters to me at the end of the day.  These are things that I do at the end of the year evaluation with Archangel Jeremiel, but things that I really felt compelled to work on during the great conjunction, where Jupiter and Saturn align to shake up the snowglobe that is our lives!

I wish I could say that I did some magical ritual or that I created a spell that would charm the socks off of everyone, but that just wouldn't be true.  I spend the day in quiet contemplation and in a hermit-mode of my own making, and you know what?  It was exactly what my soul needed!  

How did you spend your day with the great conjunction?  Did the day pack a punch or was it subtle, gentle energy for you?  Let me know in the comment section!  Thanks for reading...xoxo

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