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How to Ground Your Energy On the Hiking Trails + Root Chakra Activation

A female arm with pale skin and a fern leaf stretching across the arm in a natural body art pose with woodland textiles and crisp autumn leaves on a hiking trail in Hammock Park in Dunedin, Florida on a wilderness hiking adventure

Today, we're going to cover ground with how to ground your energy on the hiking trails + root chakra activation! There's nothing better than forming a symbiotic relationship with mother nature and grounding rituals and exercises are one of the greatest ways to accomplish that.

Want to know a secret? I am head-over-heels in love with mother nature and all of her wonders. Mother Gaia has always been good to me and grounding exercises often come with the territory of visiting my favorite woodland spots.   

Honestly, just standing still in mother nature will instantly begin rooting your energy in the earth. Being faced with all that greenery is like an instant pick me up for the soul! This process is better known as earthing where you walk barefoot in the grass to ground your energy into warm cinnamon on a cold winter's day.

Whenever you're ready, head into the forest and snap some photographs!  You can then ground your energy on a woodland photoshoot.  Spending time in the woods taking pictures of flora and fauna will connect you with the earth's healing energy.

Forest photography is one of the easiest ways to connect with the hygge style heart of nature!  This works because it quickly throws down roots and anchors you to the forest floor with an invisible thread.  

Once you're tapped into the green therapy of forest bathing, you are becoming one with Mother Gaia energy healing!  You'll notice the moment that you become connected by a sudden rush of exhilaration.  It's like all at once you feel alive and well, with energy and vitality as you hike the trails!

Naturally, when this happens, it begins to activate the root chakra energy healing within you!  The root chakra is my favorite chakra for a reason.  

I love working with the root chakra because it calms and centers me.  It is most associated with the earthly realm and the fairy realm, with warm vibrating colors that remind me of a campfire by a cabin in the mountains.  

There's a stable feeling that is associated with the color red and the root chakra magic that burns within you.  This chakra activation creates a feeling of safety in your life and is often connected with the Archangel Ariel, the greatest nature angel of them all!

Working with the root chakra means having all your material needs met with ease and grace!  It goes back to the heart of survival, foraging for mushrooms, and living off the land.  The Muladhara, which this lower chakra is known for, creates a feeling of warmth and safety within you that springs eternal.

Having the Muladhara activated brings an instant connection from the elemental kingdom!  This includes all of the fairies, gnomes, and mermaids that be still the land and sea.  It brings you back to a simpler place in time!

Nature evokes feelings of nostalgia, as your soul has instant recognition of the materials it is made up of.  Again, it all goes back to creation.  Our symbiotic relationship with mother earth connects us to every living thing as a collective consciousness.

What we are made of is interconnected with the ecosystem and when the earth is healthy and thriving, we feel healthy and thriving too!  On the other hand, when the earth is abused, we feel the impact of that as a human species.  

Working with root chakra energy is also highly important in awakening the kundalini snake within you!  The kundalini rises up from the lower chakras until it reaches the 12th chakra, spouting fireworks of energy from the top of your head.

Many people, including myself, get stuck in the lower chakras once a kundalini awakening has begun.  Fostering my root chakra, my sacred space, is an effective way to get the kundalini snake energy flowing. 

That's why spending time hiking the trails is so highly important to inspire your everyday life!  You'll most likely make contact with woodland lords and earth goddesses with ease and grace.  When you meet new spirits, you build a campfire of grounding, healing energy all around you.

Forest goddesses are great friends to have when you're alone in the forest.  They will not only provide the warmth and safety of the root chakra element, but they will provide the kindling to stoke the fire within you.  

If stability is something you've been craving, then working with nature goddesses will be happy to ground your energy with their magical healing properties!  The kind of tree canopy they provide will be a stable force in your life.

Long after you get home, you will feel nature-inspired throughout the day!  It will creep into your art projects, your work-from-home status, and infiltrate the slow living project you started working on.

That feeling, like the burning embers of a fire, will activate your root chakra and ground your energy on the hiking trails!  Don't be surprised to find yourself creating crystal grids, DIY plant art fun projects, and keeping plants as pets.  

The more you dedicated yourself to the forest and the land, the more that energy will return to you!  Goddess Aine, a fairy queen, often makes me feel a tingling, sparkling sensation when I work with her magical energy.

She is a woodland goddess that thrives on environmental protection and creativity!  If ever you feel stuck in the lower chakras and need to get the energy flowing again, Aine goddess will be your shelter from the storm.

She'll fuel you with steps for taking inspired action in your life!  Deeply rooted ancestral ties to other green witch counterparts will be activated for you.

This means you'll receive access to downloads of information from other woodland witches from the past.  Again, it all goes back to being interconnected and interwoven with one another.  We not only share DNA coding, but we share the elements of nature in its inception.  

This makes us privy to grounding spells and rituals with ancient roots that go as far back as the human mind can go!  We need only to spend time hiking, camping, and picking wildflowers to get back to basics.

It's where we feel most organic and natural.  Rooting your energy into the woodland creates a serene setting within you, which you can return to at any time.  You'll always have access to the greenery and magic of trees at your fingertips!

How to ground your energy on the hiking trails?  Simply head out into a forest of your own making and let the root activation within you begin.  

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