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How to Listen to Your Intuition: The Authentic Voice Within

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This is a blog post on how to listen to your intuition and the authentic voice within! Have you ever had a feeling about something that proved to be true? That intuitive nudge from within comes from an inner knowing that aligns you with your life purpose and path.

What is intuition and how can you follow it? Intuition is an inner knowing that we all have about different things in our lives. The voice of intuition will often come from your higher self or nine times out of ten will come from spirit guides, animal totems, or angels.

You see, angels, spirit guides, and animal totems speak to you through your thoughts, feelings, and intuition. There will usually be a voice trying to grab your attention or a gut feeling that makes you take a second glance before signing that contract.

How do you know which voice you are hearing? If you are hearing the voice of an angel, spirit guide, or ancestor, you will most likely hear that voice outside of you. It will come through in images, signs, synchronicities, and symbols.

When that happens, you're hearing the voice of a spirit helper! With careful practice, such as writing letters to the universe, you'll learn to untangle the energies and be able to discern between them.

On the other hand, when it comes from your higher self, it will feel like it comes from within you! It's a voice you share with only yourself and no one else. This is a special bond and relationship between your human self and your higher self. 

How to Listen to Your Intuition: The Authentic Voice Within

Soon enough, if you keep working at it, you'll be able to "know" stuff before it even happens!  This inner knowing is your intuition at work in your life.  It can act as a buffer for preparing you for worst-case scenarios and the like.  

In addition to that, you can sit down with your higher self and ask questions.  Whatever answer that comes to mind is the answer to your all-knowing question.  Wherever there is a question, there is always an answer somewhere deep inside you!

Sit down with a piece of paper and a pen and begin writing down one question and then writing down whatever answer comes to mind.  Whatever that first answer, it brings the truth and light to the situation or fix you find yourself in.  

I'm always a big believer in accepting your original answer as the truth in any given situation!  This is your gut instinct and it always knows the sacred voice within you that lies dormant and lies in wait.

Listening to that gut feeling that comes from within is something that you can practice at getting better at over time. One of the best ways you can do that is by purchasing a set of tarot cards and oracle cards!

Tarot Readings to Build Intuition

Tarot card readings teach you to trust what you're seeing and hearing at face value. It leaves little room for doubt, especially once your intuition has proven to be true. Giving tarot readings to yourself and especially others is a great way to practice trusting your intuition with great speed and due diligence!

What will happen is that you'll begin to hear songs in your head, phrases, and images will pop into your mind to further enhance the spiritual meaning of your tarot reading.  You can also ask angels like Archangel Raziel to help you deepen the spiritual message that needs to come out for you or your client.  

You can use the images on the tarot cards or oracle cards to further your message.  What stands out to you in the picture?  This may be your intuition leading you somewhere.  

Look for the tiny little details in your tarot card images and bring them to life!  Everything down to the numbers, symbols, and images are there to prompt your intuition into action.  

Meditation to Connect With Your Higher Self

Practicing mindfulness and meditation is one of the greatest ways you can bring your intuition to fruition.  Meditation is that still place in between things where the faerie folk live.  When you're able to ground your energy, you are able to then hear your higher self with ease and grace.  

It removes distractions and strips everything down to its simplest form.  Meditation can be anything from laying in corpse mode and visualizing your breathing to intuitive cooking for the kitchen witch.  It's about soul work on the deepest level of where you reside, which is always somewhere in between things.

That's where you'll always find your inner knowing and higher self.  It lies somewhere between heaven and earth.  It's a soft, sacred space where things are quiet in the still-frame corners of your mind.  It is here that your intuition will be the clearest.   

Collaborating With Universe and Your Higher Self

If you can find a way to balance things out, it is best to work with the spirit helpers of the universe, as well as your higher self in collaboration.  You can call on Archangel Uriel when you feel confused about something and need clarity.  

Your spirit guides and angels know you better than anyone and work actively to guide you down the path of least resistance.  You need only ask for their assistance and they will show up for you in no time!

There are times our emotions get in the way of being able to think clearly and make sound decisions.  These are the times when it's the most difficult to trust our intuition.  I can tell you that if something feels off or wrong it most likely is!

In those cases, it's best to turn things over to the universe and surrender the situation!  They will help untangle you from the foggy pinewoods you've been stuck in.  They will help you find your way.  

Archangel Chamuel is an angel who lives on the pink light ray and deals with things like love, relationships, emotions, and intuitive thoughts and feelings that come from within.  If you ever feel lost, Archangel Chamuel will pave the way clear for you.  

In the end, the best way to trust your intuition is to always return to the center.  Head back into the quiet and stillness of your own heart and mind and connect with the best possible version of yourself there is.  The best version of yourself is your higher self and she knows you like the back of her hand!

Using your intuition is about learning to trust yourself.  What feels best for you?  What feels right?  That's the direction you should be heading!

If something feels stuck, stagnant, or muddy, it's time to turn the problem over to your spirit guides and guardian angels!  You can also spend time with the high priestess card in the tarot deck.  

The high priestess is the tarot card that shows up when you already know the answer, which is exactly what intuition is!  It's that inner voice that nudges you and tells you that you already know the truth of the matter.

Hold the high priestess tarot card in between both hands for two-minutes a day and see what thoughts, feelings, and impressions come up for you.  What do you already know?  The high priestess will bring it to the surface while the moon tarot card tries to suppress it and push it back down into your subconscious mind.  

Work on building your intuition and relationship with your higher self over time.  It's important to note that your intuition is guidance that is one with you.  You need only tap into her to hear her clear messages of love and light.  Thanks for reading, friends! xo

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