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How to Practice Sustainable Witchcraft


Sigil Magick in the forest on an autumn afternoon in the early morning hours with flower bundles, incense sticks and cones, and goddess altar worship and nature goddess offerings and gifts

This is a guide on how to practice sustainable witchcraft for green witches! One of the biggest draws to becoming a green nature witch was aligning with my values of being nature-friendly and earth responsible. Today, we're going to talk about the best way to live a more sustainable lifestyle as a nature witch!

To get started, you might like to read about how to practice sigil magick in the forest!  You can create sigils and activate them by leaving them in the woodland while hiking the trails.  Bonus points for leaving goddess offerings or creating a nature-inspired altar!

In order to get to the heart of sustainability in witchcraft, you must first outline what your goals are as a green witch.  For some, you might set a goal of going waste-free in 2021, while others of you might like to eat a healthier diet that's more plant-based and kinder to the life of bees.  

Create at least one green-friendly goal that will help you to reduce waste and live a more ethical lifestyle as a green witch.  Having respect and reverence for the animals of the forest and the plant spirits is a huge defining factor in herbal witchcraft and living life as a solitary green witch!

Another thing, if you do decide to practice forest sigil magick, make a point of always going back to retrieve any paperwork or trash left behind.  If that's not an option for you, consider using paper that is recyclable and can be broken down by the nutrients of the forest floor.  

When you create nature goddess offerings or fairy altars in the woodland, be sure to leave offerings and use items that are at one with nature!  This can be anything from using sticks and twigs to weigh your sigil down to leaving offerings of flower bundles and gemstone companions for your forest friends.

Part of being a green witch is using herbs in your craft, as well as spending more time in mother nature.  With walls of trees closing in all around you, that's when you'll find your conscious connection to the magic of the forest.  

When you build a connection to the nature spirits and woodland goddesses, you'll be more inclined to live a more sustainable, waste-free lifestyle!  You might even receive intuitive messages from the fairies of the forest, prompting you to pick up trash on your morning hike on the trail.

You can also express yourself through slow fashions and sustainable clothing lines!  Slow clothing is much better for the environment than fast fashions are.  You can slowly build a capsule wardrobe of ethical clothing by taking a thoughtful approach to building a wardrobe with slow fashion!

Yes, vegan clothing is often more expensive than that of fast fashion, but you can work your way up the sustainable clothing ladder slowly and effectively by making a few tweaks and changes over time.  It's important to remember that you don't have to go green overnight.  Being a sustainable witch is a lifetime practice with a slow and thoughtful build-up!

Green living as a green nature witch with nature-inspired offerings and ritual sacrifices in mother nature

How to Practice Sustainable Witchcraft

To become a sustainable witch, it really comes down to creating the life you want and only you can define what your goals are.  Maybe for you, you're not ready to give up meat, but you still want to practice an arc of kind living for the animals.  This could be anything from only using meat and poultry that's farm-fresh and organic.  

Whatever the case may be, you really have to create your own personal statement of what sustainable witchcraft means to you!  That's your homework assignment today.  Simply grab a piece of paper and a pen and write down a personal statement of what kind of green witch you'd like to be and what that means to you.  

Working with sustainable witchcraft is extremely personal and you have to work out the details of what's important to you when it comes to global warming and environmental protection.  Perhaps, you feel inclined to work with a bevy of nature goddesses and the lords of the forest.  

You can write that down in your personal mission statement as you make a promise to mother earth to honor her in your own unique way.  For making a connection to green witchcraft, I highly recommend that you start with the queen of all queens, mother Gaia!

Hike out into the forest and leave her an offering of acorns filled with treasures or food that you think the faerie folk might enjoy.  Tell her what your goals are, outline how you'd like to honor her, and create an altar in the woods to her for regular devotion and worship!

Making a connection with mother nature will help you to feel tuned in and connected to all living things.  When you feel connected to the collective consciousness and grounded in earth's energy, you tend to be more likely to want to be respectful of the land and dark places you tread on in the mountains, beach, or living desert preserve!

It's highly important as a green magic practitioner to know the lay of the land and everyone who lives and dwells there.  This is better known as genius loci or the spirits of the land.  This can include everything from woodland creatures to plant spirits and herbal energy magic.  

By doing this, you'll strongly resonate with the flora and fauna of the land, as well as the magical creatures that exist there.  It is not uncommon, once you begin working with the nature spirits, to begin receiving tips and advice for becoming a better green nature witch.  

This can include everything from giving up meat and dairy to finding a really solid middle ground with hiking in vegan hiking boots.  Whatever the case may be, you'll begin receiving downloads of intuitive information that will help you to become a more sustainable witch for the future of the earth and all of its inhabitants!

As you begin to receive intuitive hits, you'll begin to automatically start gearing yourself toward a more sustainable, minimalist lifestyle!  This can often include downsizing and moving into a tiny home for tiny house living (been there, done that!) to eating more roughage and plant-based meals on the fly!

Working with the genius loci in your neighborhood and local parks will help you to achieve your goal of becoming a sustainable witch!  Being a green witch has been one of the greatest lifestyle changes I've ever made.

I didn't suddenly become a green witch one day out of boredom, it was a slow evolution that brought me where I am today.  It all started with a hike into the woods that I keep going back for and making best friends with the plant spirits that live and dwell there.  Now, it's your turn!

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