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How to Work With Hermit Tarot Card Energy

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This is a blog post on how to work with hermit tarot card energy!  When this tarot card appears in a reading, it usually indicates loneliness, spiritual awakening and a search for answers, and spending time alone in the wilderness of your own making.  

 I spoke about the hermit in, What Life is Like in the Fairy Realm: A Field Guide for the Nature Spirits.  The hermit, much like Pan and the fairies, is as real as you and me!

Whenever I spend time astral traveling or between worlds, I often visit the energy and essence of the hermit figure!  The hermit is a figure that has been with me when I'm flying the hedge or practicing hedge witchery.  

He lives in a thick oak tree on a dark path in the forest with fairy lights to light up the way.  When I visit my oak tree, acting as a home base for me when journeying, I always spend time with the hermit there.  

Trees are magic and I've always dreamed of living in an old oak tree in the hygge style heart of mother nature!  There's nothing more magical than spending time with the hermit in an ancient tree in a serene setting.

The hermit appears to me to be older, a wise old sage with a long beard and gown.  He has piercing blue-gray eyes with pools of depth.  Looking into his eyes is like looking into your destiny, with galaxies of stars, suns, and moons at your disposal.  

The hermit is known as a seer.  The lantern that he carries with him everywhere he goes represents enlightenment.  He illuminates the light, truth, and the way for his patrons.

The lantern the hermit carries is filled with fairies and fairy lights that are held captive willingly at the surmise of the hermit sage.  They help deep dive into esoteric material and astrology with ease and grace!

Working with the hermit means going through an experimental phase, where your psychic abilities, intuition, and astrological signs align you with a higher purpose.  Since working with the hermit of the fairy realm, I have learned how to share my gifts as a spiritual teacher and come into my own.  

When I visit my tree of knowledge, the hermit card energy usually works with me through ancient texts and records.  We sit together and share information and he usually hands me some kind of gift by the time I leave.  

He will often share premonitions with me, prophetic waking dreams, and assist me in my shadow work.  For more on this topic, you might love reading, Shadow Work and Getting In Touch With Your Dark Self!  It's like a workbook for shadow work.  

What kind of gifts does the hermit gift me?  I have received intuitive downloads, inspirational ideas, sudden motivation and forward movement, and insights into the field of astrology, fortune-telling, and spellwork.  

The hermit as a person speaks to me telepathically, much like angels do, through thoughts, feelings, and intuition.  He can look at me and without saying a word, I can understand the knowledge he is yearning to pass onto me.

The hermit tarot card speaks of a figure who needs to go into hermit mode and pull back from the world.  For example, the end of this year finds me in hermit mode and doing end of the year evaluations with Archangel Jeremiel!

Those times where we spend time in our own company is where we learn who we are and where we're going next in this life.  Sometimes these long periods of evaluation are necessary for our spiritual growth and that's what the hermit card energy brings to the table.  

He tells you to go within and reflect on the world you've created.  He asks you to ask all the questions you ever wanted.  He prompts you to dream beyond your wildest dreams what you are truly made of.

That's the magic of the hermit tarot card at work in your life!  The hermit is as real as you and me and his energy brings you to a place of standstill and contemplation.  

The hermit card often stands for a strong desire to meditate on life!  He helps you to shift the focus inward in order to see yourself for who you truly are as a child of God and the universe.  If you feel lost or out of place right now, then the hermit is your go-to tarot card for spiritual awakening and growth!

How to Work With Hermit Tarot Card Energy

To work with the hermit tarot card energy, you'll need to spend some time with the tarot card for a period of time in your life.  I recommend spending time with him every day for a week-long journey into the tree of knowledge.  

You can do like I do and visit him at the thick oak tree in a darkly lit forest in the fairy realm.  You can do this through visualization and breathing exercises or through transcendental meditation and astral journeying into the wonderland.  

Keep the hermit tarot card with you wherever you go during the week, month, or year you've carved out on your hidden truth spiritual journey and kundalini awakening.  Carry the hermit tarot card in your purse or wallet.  

I'd recommend you carry the hermit tarot in your bra like I carry gemstones in my bra, but I don't think he'll fit in there.  You can carry him with you in your car or make a hermit tarot card altar to him or promise to meet up with him at a designated spot in the fairy realm.  

If you do decide to meet up with him in the in-between fairy realm, be sure to be prompt and timely!  It's a respect thing when working with the hermit, gnomes, and fairies.  Respect and boundaries are very important to them.  

In addition to that, you can work with the hermit tarot card essence in order to create an at-home spiritual retreat or assistance to go into hermit mode for a spell!  The hermit card energy comes with an instant connection to your higher self.  

Working with the hermit means having access to your akashic records, ancient texts and translations, and a backstage pass to the master book of spells from every green nature witch or hedge witch throughout time.  

He will enlighten parts of your life that are up for evaluation and he'll help you, deep-dive, into your spiritual journey without a helmet!  He will also deepen your connection to the elemental nature spirits and genius loci or spirits of the land.  

Working with the hermit means being able to unlock the mysteries of the universe and the ability to finally trust your own intuition.  He will show you worlds that you never knew existed!  

Carry the hermit tarot card on your person for a week-long rapunzel-mode celebration of life.  He will always guide you to higher truths and levels of consciousness in a way you can easily understand.  If you have a question, the hermit has the answer!

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