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How to Work With the Moon Goddess Aspect of Fairy Queen Aine

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This is a blog post on how to work with the moon goddess aspect of the fairy queen Aine! I have written many posts about this Irish goddess who lives in the woods and runs entire grassroots communities, but none specifically about how she lives her life by the moon. Today, we're going to do a quick deep-dive into the moon goddess with fairy wings!

To give you a little background on Goddess Aine, know that she's a fairy queen first and foremost.  Fairy queens are like the archangels of the plant and animal kingdom.  They run entire plant nurseries, butterfly meadows, and woodland pathways with a magical healing touch!

Working with the Goddess Aine is a downright magical experience!  She's lighthearted and fun to work with, as she flits in and out of your life leaving metaphysical properties in her wake.  She pairs well with another favorite fairy queen of mine, Goddess Aeracura!

I've spoken in length about how the Aine goddess has swooped in and brought me back to life through grounding rituals, forest bathing, and walking barefoot in the grass with earthing!  She's like the paprika of creative projects and fun endeavors.  

When I'm at a stalemate with picture taking, Aine goddess infuses me with fresh energy and wild imagination.  In turn, this has helped me come up with nature flat lays and crystal grids which tell a story through forest photography.

Energetically speaking, Goddess Aine is like a sprinkle of magic that you can carry in your pocket and take with you wherever you go!  When you need something wild and creative, she will always be there for you as long as you are respectful of your woodland surroundings.

How to Work With the Moon Goddess Aspect of Fairy Queen Aine

But, what about the moon goddess aspect of fairy queen Aine?  The moon magic and seasonal shifts of sweet Aine goddess aren't lost on me.  Aine works with the energy of the moon to activate things, to bring them back to life!

Full Moon Rituals For Releasing the Past

With every full moon, Aine helps you to decide on what to release into the universe!  I've worked with Goddess Aine a lot throughout the past two years and have had nothing short of stellar experiences with her.  She helps you release the past in such a way that it is no longer weighing you down or feeling heavy on your heart.  

If you don't know what you'd like to release and let go of, I recommend heading into the forest to work with this Irish deity!  She can easily hear your voice loud and clear as you hike the trails and spend time in grassy meadows peppered in wildflowers.  

When you reach a spot that is sacred to you, sit down and meditate amongst the trees, grass, and wildflowers in bloom.  Be still and let her images carry you where you need to go!

Ask Aine silently in your mind what needs to be released and allow images and flashes of insight to come to you!  If you can spend time with Irish Goddess Aine hiking in the moonlight, even better!  She will guide you to where you need to go and help you create a space within the context of the forest for releasing the past.  

What do you need to release in your life with the latest full moon?  Working with the fairy queen and moon goddess will assist you in being able to discern what needs to be surrendered in your life.  She can also help you determine who needs to be released in your life too!

She can make an entire campfire full moon ritual out of spiritual releasement of the past!  Simply write down what needs to go in your life and release it by burning it over a campfire or your cauldron with scraps of paper or by sending floating lanterns over the sea or lake.  

By turning it into a full moon ritual and adding Goddess Aine to your arsenal, every full moon and eclipse season, you'll feel like you're drawing closer to something.  Don't be surprised upon releasing something, if something brand-new appears in its place!

New Moon Rituals For Creating Intentions

Working with the moon goddess aspect of Aine goddess is also great for new moon energies too!  New moons are all about welcoming things in and ushering in the new.  It's a time for setting intentions and making plans for the future and seeing how they develop.  

With Goddess Aine by your side, you can write down your intentions and create a new moon ritual for crafting your intentions.  Write down what types of things you'd like to bring into your life over the next 28-days or the entirety of the moon phase.

What I love about Aine and working with the faerie folk, in general, is that they work with great speed to manifest the things you want into physical reality!  They are quite adept at the practical side of the earthly realm, including instant manifestations, forest magic, and ensuring your material needs are met.  

Adding moon goddess Aine to your spell ingredients ensures the success of your spell, not to mention the acceleration of speed!  She can teach you how to manifest your wishes from thin air.  This is due to the fact that fairy goddesses need only to simply think about what they want and it appears with ease and grace.  

Why do you think fairies are so good at glamour spells?  They can think and feel things into existence!  Working with the moon and a moon goddess allows you to open yourself up to the possibilities!

The new moon is a time for planting the seeds of intention.  What are yours?  Sit down in a garden or serene setting in nature and allow images, intuitive downloads, and moon readings to come to the forefront of your mind.  

What do you see?  What do you hear?  What speaks to you the loudest?  Fairy queen Aine will help you to discern which intentions bring out the intrinsic motivation in you.  

Intrinsic motivation is where you have motivation and inspiration to do something that comes from within.  Try as you might, you may never feel like getting on your yoga mat until it comes from the still frame corners of your mind.  It absolutely has to come from a fiery, burning passion within!

Moon Aine helps you tap into that!  She helps you to tap into where the intrinsic motivation lies dormant within you, much like a volcano, and wakes it up and brings it to life!

You may be surprised to discover hidden talents and abilities you never knew you had or wanted.  Working with moon goddess Aine recently, brought me back down to earth and simplified things.  She made me realize that I wanted to get back to eating plant-based meals and vegan recipe creation with a twist of magic!

This was an important step for me because I used to make DIY vegan, gluten-free recipes all the time.  My intrinsic motivation for eating a pure diet with more roughage foods is part of my plan for the new year by celebrating seasonal foods.

My point being, this came from a passionate place within me that had been lying dormant for some time.  When working with the onset of the moon, Aine will help bring out the flavor and vivid colors of your life in new and unexpected ways!

When you set intentions with Aine goddess, you set crystal clear intentions that will be solidified in moon magic and bathed in the moonlight!  That's why working with the moon fairies is so important for your spiritual practices.

Moon Goddess Aine Moon Altar

You can even create a moon altar or Goddess Aine worship altar in the forest of your own making!  Choose a wooden log or tree stump and leave sticks, twigs, blooms, and fairy figurines for Aine to marvel at.  

Fairies and fairy queens are always attracted to fairy images and statuary.  It's like attracts like and whatnot.  Next, pick a dandelion and make a wish to your moon goddess!  Leave your materials in the woods and let goddess Aine work her magic mojo on you.

Most of the natural materials will be scattered by wild creatures in the night or on the winds of change.  The fairy figurine or statue may be picked up by another hiker along the way, and if that happens, no worries!  By then, Aine will have picked up the energy and essence of the object.  

If you can, go as deep into the woods as you can and find the secret, hidden places where you can visit her at a regular place of worship for every new moon, full moon, or half-moon!  She will inspire the moon's magic and charm within you every time.  Deep dive into the moon with moon goddess Aine!

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