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My Tiny Houseplant Collection: Plant Magic Metaphysical Properties

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Today, we're talking about my tiny houseplant collection and its plant magic metaphysical properties! Plants are important for a number of reasons. They bring peace and harmony to a home and they lighten the vibes.

But, did you know that plants have magical properties too? All plants, flowers, and healing crystals come with a built-in nature spirit! This means each of your tiny plants has a distinct personality and a list of things they like and dislike, just like humans do.

This concept is known as animism and is a rich part of witchcraft everywhere. Animism is the belief that everything has a soul. Garden snails, pinecones, and even smooth river rocks are ensouled.

Once you're able to wrap your head around the concept, it opens you up to the magic and wonder of plant life. You'll begin to look at your favorite houseplants in a brand-new way!

Suddenly, it will make perfect sense that you automatically know when your plant needs watered and moved to a sunnier spot near the window. It's your plant baby speaking to you through your thoughts, feelings, and intuition.

Being in tune with your plants will help you become a better plant parent and what could be better than that when you love plants? As a proud plant parent, I can tell when my plant is unhappy or in need of extra love, care, and attention.

How do I know? My plants will tell me. My plants do much more than sit in cute planters throughout my home.

My plants help me with everything from releasing things that no longer serve me through a burial ritual in potted organic soil mixed in with some graveyard dirt. This is especially potent during a new moon solar eclipse spiritual releasement exercise!

Simply bury a tiny note with one thing you want to release written on it and tie it with a black ribbon. Then, bury it in the rich, organic soil and top with graveyard dirt or dirt from a specific gravesite you're working with for some graveyard magic!

The same thing goes for planting the seeds of intention with your favorite houseplant! Perform your new moon ritual the same way you would your releasement ritual. Then, tie a corresponding color ribbon around it to match your heart's desire!

You can read more about color magick and wearing ribbons in your hair to explore the topic of enchanting objects for fun! Colored ribbon magick really gives your plant magic spell an extra boost of braveness.

You can also gently heal yourself during challenging times of loss and grief with a pet aloe vera plant and rose quartz pairing! Pour your heart out to your aloe vera plant while holding a rose quartz crystal in your dominant hand.

If you cry, allow your tears of sorrow to fall into your plant with ease and grace. This will amplify the magic of the aloe vera plant healing recipe. By the time you're done, you'll begin to feel cleansed and brand-new!

Once you've worn your heart on your sleeve, bury the rose quartz crystal in your plant with graveyard dirt soil and let your healing come to life! There will be a sense of closure and renewal within you in a day or two.

After that, let the healing begin! The metaphysical properties of your plant will go to work on you. Below, I've listed some of my favorite houseplants and their magical healing properties. Enjoy! xo

My Tiny Houseplant Collection: Plant Magic Metaphysical Properties

Here's a list of some of my favorite houseplants!  Some of them made the list because they are easy to care for and maintain, while others made the list because they have magical properties about them.

  • Donkey Tail Plant Fairly easy to maintain.  Require sun-filtered rooms or windowsills so easy on the light and light watering.  They don't like to be fussed with much easier as the tail of the plant tends to fall apart.  Metaphysical Properties: Works to activate the stability and safety of the root chakra.  Pairs well with money, career, and success spells!
  • Aloe Vera Plants are my personal favorites.  Aloe vera is the great, sweet healer of houseplants!   Metaphysical Properties: Works with the heart chakra and is great for healing heartbreak, grief, and loss.
  • Cactus - Any kind really!  I've read according to feng shui you shouldn't keep cacti in your bedrooms because of their bristly nature.  I think it depends on the person.  I grew up in the desert so having a cactus next to my bed feels like home sweet home to me!  Metaphysical Properties:  Grounding, Calming, and Centering.  Brings life back into balance and is often associated with the throat chakra for communication spells.
  • Spider Plants - If you have asthma or allergies, then I highly recommend any air filtering plant, but most especially this beauty!  Metaphysical Properties:  Works with the lung chakra, commonly known as the heart chakra.  It works to filter things out and detox them with fast-acting powers!
  • Bamboo - Brings good luck and can hang out in dark, moist places with little to no natural sunlight such as the bathroom or closet.  Need I say more!  Metaphysical Properties:  Pairs well with the third-eye chakra, the chakra between your brows.  Helps you see things clearly and brings in a fresh wave of good luck and positive energy!
  • Succulents - Some succulents tend to need a lot of sunlight so be careful of which species you buy.  There are so many, but I recommend jade.  Jade brings wealth and prosperity with her.  Metaphysical Properties:  Teaches you patience and slow living growth and development!  This is a multipurpose plant that is really diversified, meaning it works well with any of the chakras.
  • Air Plants - Again, for the house, it depends on what kind.  Some, a lot actually, do much better outside the home.  Tillandsia is always a good choice for inside your place.  Just make sure she has some kind of habitat of her own to chill in.  Metaphysical Properties:  Air plants work great with the communication chakra, better known as the throat chakra.  With blue color magick healing, air plants also pair really well with the sun God Hermes, communication, astral travel, and spiritual journaling.
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