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Snapshots of Yule Season, Christmas Wreaths, and Holiday Nature in An Envelope Spells

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Enjoy snapshots of Yule Season, Christmas wreaths, and holiday nature in an envelope spells! This is my first time "officially" celebrating the season of Yule and I thought I'd share some of the pictures I found naturally shed in the trees and forests.

You're probably wondering how I could be a solitary green witch and have never celebrated the magic of Yule. Well, it's simple really. I have only fully-embraced my title as a green nature witch this past year. Before that, it was kind of a secret that was hidden in plain sight.

It's more than that! I'm still learning and hope to continue growing in my craft throughout the new year and beyond! It's something that has instilled a lot of confidence in me as I set my sights on advanced witchcraft spells and rituals.

I kind of winged it as a witch for a while. I didn't know there was an exact name for the kind of witch I was and the spells I love to do. It turns out, I'm a green witch with a flair for hedge witchery, herbal magic, and fairy witchcraft too!

In addition to that, I have been slowly meandering my way through all the witch holidays that exist! The magic of Yule Season is just one of them. I call it forest bathing for witchcraft, as you slowly make your way through the exploration of different topics.

Right now, I'm working my way through the pagan holidays through something known as sabbats, something I plan to incorporate more of on this blog and in my personal life throughout next year! I want it to be something that stays with me, something that sticks.

I've always celebrated the moon cycles and the equinoxes, so that's not something new or foreign to me. There were a few favorite sabbats that I enjoyed throughout the years, namely Imbolc with Saint Bridget of Kildaire and Ostara to go hand-in-hand with Easter and the spring equinox!

Today, I wrote about how I headed into the hygge style heart of mother nature to celebrate the winter solstice with a nature altar on display for everyone to see, especially the winter goddesses and holiday fairies that dot the forest! It's kind of nice having this slow living energy running through my veins, reminding me good things take time to build and are meant to last.

That's how I feel when building on the foundation of my herbal witchcraft! It doesn't feel like something that I have to rush to do overnight. It feels like something I can take my time with and get to know a little better.

That feels good to me and it feels right for my simple magic practice. Be sure to stick around for a quick DIY holiday nature in an envelope spell at the end of this post! It's easy and it has a bit of Christmas spirit added to it to remind me (and you) of what I love about the winter holidays.

Snapshots of Yule Season, Christmas Wreaths, and Holiday Nature in An Envelope Spells

Sing yuletide carols, craft Yule holiday projects, and make seasonal teas for Yule Magic
Gnome Inspired Winter Wreath, holiday wreath, fairy offerings, winter magic spells
A holiday nature altar display with Santa Clause and Mrs. Clause figurines in mother nature on a bayou boardwalk in Florida landscape
Holiday plants and Christmas wreathes, holiday planters, Christmas figurines found in nature

 DIY Holiday Nature in An Envelope Spells

 To make a Yule envelope spell for the winter holidays, you might like to take an envelope made from recycled materials and fill it with mistletoe and holly. You can also add in baby pinecones, a piece of Christmas wreath, and some acorns to top it off!

Next, choose a nature goddess that resonates with you for the coming winter months! You might like to read my winter solstice article on winter goddesses and holiday fairies to get started. You can even match the color of flowers or plants you use to the season.

For example, red poinsettia flowers make a great find for your herbal envelope spell, as well as mistletoe for smooching and red, green, and gold ribbons to amplify the festive holiday season ahead. If you'd like to focus on winter magic exclusively, you can use a light blue ribbon that reminds you of a winter gown if you like. Read more about enchanting colored hair ribbons for more info on color magic!

When you pull your spell ingredients together for your nature in an envelope spell, you should keep in mind what your intention is and how to make practical magic out of it with the magical healing properties of Capricorn season! This will help steer you around the curves to make your herbal ingredients fit better.

Always keep your goal in mind and be sure to read, Nature in An Envelope: Sustainable Gifts For the Holiday Season to lay the groundwork for your spell or Yule Season gift! Giving nature-inspired gifts for Yule brings real-life magic into the lives of your loved ones and pets.

Keep focusing on the person you're giving the spell gift to or on the intention behind the spell before sealing that envelope! Be sure to leave it in a forest of your own making, make a mental note of where to go back, and go back later to retrieve your ingredients.

If the spell is no longer where you left it, that simply means a hiker or kid passing by found it so no worries! I personally like to think someone from the fairy realm took it, but that's just my hopeful optimism playing out.

Merry Christmas, happy holidays, happy Yule season to all of you! It's fun to have moon holidays and magic around every corner, isn't it? Thanks for reading, friends! xoxo
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