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Sweet Moon Diaries: Full Moon in Cancer (December 2020) Full Cold Moon

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Sweet Moon Diaries: Full Moon in Cancer (December 2020) Full Cold Moon!  This edition of my moon journal is fully-loaded with full moon rituals and full cold moon secret magic and metaphysical properties. 

Welcome to the latest edition of Sweet Moon Diaries! Every month, I keep a diary of the moon cycles in order to record my moods, impressions, moon magic spells, and full moon rituals. The theme for the Cancer full moon is hermit-mode!

That's another thing I do. I choose a theme that matches the impressions of the full moon and new moon that come out every month. 

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In the meantime, you might like to take a look at the full moon in Aries reading I did! All of my moon readings are timeless, meaning you can use many of the tips and resources with any new or full moon that comes along.

This month's full moon was coined by the Native Americans in order to keep track of the moon seasons.  By looking at the night sky, they could see that this particular moon covers the coldest part of the year in the Northern hemisphere, but the longest, darkest time of the year as well.

When I think cold weather moon, I think of a time period of deeply reflective thoughts and lots of journaling and going inward.  It's time to go into hermit-mode and spend more time at home with your thoughts.  The end of the year evaluation is always the perfect time to look back at where you've been and contemplate where you're going.

The full Cancerian moon is full of surprises as you'll undoubtedly begin to receive intuitive hits and downloads.  One thing I've noticed about the intensity of a moon of this magnitude is that it leaves parting gifts in the form of psychic abilities and dream premonitions, so be on the lookout for that.

With the great conjunction now in motion, this only intensifies the moon further with a constant stream of overwhelming emotions and heavy purging.  With every full moon, there's a chance to release something into the universe.  This full moon energy, however, means burying some things for good!

This is a full moon of grieving and saying goodbye to people and places that no longer serve you in your life.  The fact that it falls at the end of the year, only adds to the mystique.  This is the time of year to restock the shelves, so to speak.

In order to do that, you've got to make space in your life for new people and new things.  What I love about this moon is its ability, throughout all the painful goodbyes and starting over, it still manages to make you feel at home somehow, and nothing says home like a Cancerian full moon!

SWEET MOON DIARIES: FULL Moon in Cancer (December 2020) Full Cold Moon

You should definitely be feeling the intensity of the Cancerian full moon with full force!  Landing in the water sign of Cancer means there's a tendency to want to hold onto things, clutch to them, and keep them close to your heart.  This time around, you are being asked to let go and surrender the things that you've been clutching to!

At this point, you know full well what has been occupying your brain space for the past year.  The Cancer full moon asks us to bury the emotional baggage we've been carrying around in a sacred ritual.  She asks us to spend time in our homes in quiet reverie while darkness befalls us in the coming winter months.  

This is a moon after my own heart!  It's the kind of moon that reprimands us with a little tough love while serving us a batch of homemade cookies to soften the blow.  

She's like the mother who snuggles with us after a breakup or the good advice we needed after a harsh lesson.  This is a soft, feminine moon with lots of feel-good energy tangled with intense waves of emotion.  

The emotions, which have undoubtedly been repressed for some time, are brought to the surface of our emotional landscapes with ease and grace.  All moon phases do this to one degree or another, but the Cancerian moon finds its way into our hearts.

It knows the secrets we keep.  It knows all of our idiosyncrasies and inner hidden magic.  It knows not only the way we take but the insightfulness of our journey.  

If things emerge from the confines of your mind at this time, know that the painful memories and emotions are here to be dealt with and cleared.  This is the kind of moon that won't allow you to sweep things under the rug for another spell.  She wants you to deal with things so you can feel free to move on from them.  

Not only that, but she does it with love!  Cancerian people are often warm, motherly, and nurturing.  This full moon is no exception.  

She will be warm and tender on one hand and practice tough love on another.  She offers good advice and the ability to swim your way through the channel of your emotions, instead of drowning in them.  

This moon is a moon with emotional layers that dive deep into the heart of your most secret desires.  What has been hidden beneath the surface will be revealed in time, sprinkled throughout the coming weeks.  

She purposely divulges useful pieces of information to steer you onward on your journey and into the magic of another year on planet earth.  She will be your catalyst for change and the comfort of a thousand thread count Egyptian cotton sheets.  She's all things good and all things bad and nothing in between.  

The Cancerian full moon reminds me of that sacred space between all things where the magic happens.  She's lives in the watery realm where there are legions of the depth of feelings lying beneath the sea.  That is where you'll find her and that is where she'll stay.  

In her heart of hearts, she wants you to grab a cozy blanket and look up at the stars in your backyard.  She's the mother goddess of influence, sending us in the right direction to begin a fool's journey into the unknown.

Better yet, when you make your way back home on your journey, she will be there waiting for you with open arms and a mystical kiss.  When you think of the Cancer moon, think of a loving mother with divine universal love and return home to her with a story to tell.

Why?  Because the Cancerian moon mother loves a good story and an inward journey.  She loves to see her children make room in their heart space for their dreams.  

Go ahead.  You can tell her anything and there will be no judgment.  Your Cancerian mother will simply nod and wink and send you off to the school of life with a love note in your lunch box and call it a day.


This month, I've decided to work with the full moon in Cancer spirit herself!  I often write letters to the moon monthly, but I usually choose a specific deity I'd like to work with or a moon angel.  This month, I'm really feeling the nurturing, loving energy of the Cancerian full moon herself!

My moon sign is Cancer so I feel a deep, reverent connection to her at this point.  She always reminds me of a stay-at-home mom who is always there for you when you need them.  She's there when you get home, ready to greet you at the door with a warm smile.  

In addition to that, I am going to be working with the hermit tarot card in the tarot deck.  The hermit is a wise sage who knows when to pull back his energy and go within when he needs to.  

Being that this month's theme revolves around spending time in hermit-mode, I felt that it would be fitting to work with hermit card energy.  This means most likely I'll be flying the hedge.

Flying the hedge is a term used in hedge witchery in which you visit the in-between realm or middle earth in order to perform some magic and do some experiments on your life.  It's a netherworld part of witchcraft that is done completely in the subconscious.  Nothing says subconscious like a full moon in Cancer does!

I often visit a thick old tree there and whenever I do, the hermit is always there to greet me with new sparkling insights and intuitive downloads.  To make this visit even more impactful, I'm planning on canoodling with both the Cancerian moon goddess and the hermit together!


Falling in the watery sign of Cancer means meaningful conversations and subconscious rituals.  This full moon finds me doing the majority of my spiritual work through my subconscious dreams and astral journeying.  

I plan on spending most of this full moon indoors and in the confines of my own mind.  If ever there were a time for daydreaming and astral traveling, this moon is one for the ages!  You'll have instant access to the dream world in your sleep, as well as in the waking hours of your imagination.  

For me, this means paying a visit to the oak tree I live in within the heart of the fairy realm.  That's where I will visit both the hermit and the Cancerian full moon goddess.  I'll spend time with them there and record my thoughts.  

While I'm there, I will be performing a burial ritual.  I will bury a heart locket with the people, places, and things that need to be let go of.  I will slip the heart locket and chain into the grounds of my oak tree home while flying the hedge and bury it alive.  

Then, I'll work with the Cancerian moon goddess and the hermit to plant fresh blooms for spring over the spot where things were buried deep within the grounds of my oak tree home on the Other Side.  While I'm away, both the hermit and the Cancer moon goddess will act as the groundskeeper to my deepest, darkest secrets.  

This creates deep healing within me and the burial grounds I'll walk on in the future.  Who knows what kind of garden I'll have by spring!


The full moon magic of the Cancer moon brings with it the comfort of home!  This means that I'll be tidying up my home and spending some time practicing the fine art of feng shui.  

What this does is act as a spell with flowing healing magic that will sweep through your home with expansive heart chakra energy!  I'm not so much cleaning my home as I am spiritual cleansing every nook and cranny.  

I'm finding corners and sacred spaces for more secret altars.  Sometimes, I like to create altars out of purses, decorative boxes, and between the pages of my favorite books.  

I use these altars to make a specific intention come to life!  For example, I'm using the hardcover edition of King Arthur and the Knight's of the Round Table to activate the romance key of my life.  What could be more romantic than a classic book about knights and chivalry in Medieval times?

I'm writing a list of everything that comes to mind when I think of romance and unfolding it in the book.  I'm also adding a pressed flower to the pages, as well as any tiny gemstones that can fit inside while closing it.  

I plan on spending time working my way through the house and interweaving the magic!  You can try this at home too.  To cap it off, I plan on making a batch of oatmeal cookies with love to send good energy to my home and blow a kiss into my oven.  Give it a try!

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