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The Golden Magic of Lord Pan and God of the Wild

A golden leaf in fall colors on a warm autumn day in early fall in Florida

 The Golden Magic of Lord Pan and God of the Wild!  Have you ever wanted to know about Pan?  This is a woodland compilation of what I've learned about him and what he can help you with!

Working with Pan is like working with all of the lords of the forest combined!  Lord pan is a deity who lives in the underbelly of the woodland with the lower body of a goat and the upper body of a man.  Whenever I see this Greek deity, he appears to me with brownish features that remind me of the bark of a tree.  

Pan literally blends into the scenery of the woods naturally!  When he appears to me, it is usually in my mind's eye and with him standing in or near trees.  Naturally, Lord Pan is a bit of a tree hugger as he walks the forest floor, tending to the needs of the fairy world around him.  

For more on Pan and his tree-hugging ways, you might enjoy reading, Trees Are Magic: Why You Should Spend More Time in Trees!  Pan's penchant for trees and forests is ingrained in his stealth belief in environmental protection.  

In addition to that, it's not uncommon to find Pan working directly with the gnomes and tree elves that occupy the forest canopy of thick oak trees and skinny pale birch trees.  Wherever there's a tree, that's where you'll find Lord Pan!

Pan is a pastoral deity with a fondness for art, music, and creativity!  He is especially fond of working with ethical, green companies!  If you have a project you'd like help with, Pan will show you the creative solutions behind it.  

He will help you to tap into your inner artist or handmade Etsian!  He has a fondness for the Great Outdoors and hiking in the woodland, covering land and sea.  

Lord Pan is often accompanied by woodland creatures that follow him through the winding forest while he plays the flute in singsong!  He is a rustic God of the woodland who reveres a great amount of respect for whoever works with him.  

His countryside love affair with green meadows and mountainous forests are riddled in deep tradition as he works with ethical loggers and green-friendly organic farming companies.  I've worked with Pan on a personal basis more times than I can tell you while taking a forest bath on a sun-filtered day.

Pan loves to work with creative types whose life purpose involves earth-friendly branding!  He also has a special place in his heart for those who are musically inclined.  

When working with Pan, always be sure to head out into the forest during the day!  Just like the in-between times of the fairy realm, those are the times of day when you are most likely to spot Greek Pan deity.  I find that early morning, noon, and sunset are ideal times for contacting this goat deity.  

If you have children with you, Pan will love working with you even more!  Pan absolutely loves the sound of children laughing and playing.  He can also help adults tap into their inner child with adult coloring books and fun creative projects.  

The Golden Magic of Lord Pan and God of the Wild

To bridge a connection with Lord Pan, you can feed the birds and squirrels while taking a hike in the mountains and transform handpicked flowers from the meadow into a DIY flower crown.  Whenever you wish to make a fast connection with Lord Pan, wear flowers in your hair or a beautiful flower crown for instant recognition!

The golden magic of Pan is in the golden leaves you'll pluck from the forest floor while walking along the trails.  I find whenever there's a golden leaf on the ground, that's when there will be a Pan sighting!

I've also noticed he tends to stay off the beaten path and in secret gardens in the woodland clearing.  He loves mountainous areas, tree-lined fairy meadows, and the evergreen forest.  Therefore, the deeper you go into the forest you're more likely to capture a secret glimpse of him!

Talking with him is easy!  Pan is a good listener with instant insights into creative problem solving on your latest project.  When you think of companies who might work with Lord Pan, you might think of smaller businesses with grassroots in earthy living.

Pan really enjoys sparking creativity into the heart of writers everywhere.  Whenever I'm suffering from a case of writer's block, Pan opens up the door to my creative writing project with bells on!  

I find that he's very easy to call on and to worship, as he is a bit of a minimalist at heart.  He's the father of the forest, but he always makes time for his creative patrons that are near and dear to his heart.  

The quickest way to Pan's heart is through green living projects!  He's all about being green, down to earth, and planet-friendly to boot.  Therefore, if you wish to gain his trust, pick up trash, get involved with urban garden planning, or teach little children music education on the side.  All of these things will score you major brownie points with him!

Pan Altar Worship

If you'd like to create an altar dedicated to Lord Pan, the lord of the forest, you might start with some wood kindling.  Gather wood kindling near your house and set it in a pile near your home.  If you're in the fairy forest, simply gather sticks and twigs and bundle them together.  

You can then leave some kind of ritual sacrifice for him!  This can be anything from a plate of golden berries to a beloved picture you find hard to give up.  You can even go so far as to give up a bad habit for him in place of his goodwill.  

If you'd like to connect with the golden magic of the forest, gather golden leaves and place them along the winding path to his nature worship altar!  Utter a few magical words or woodland poetry in dedication to Lord Pan and go about your day.

With Pan at work in your life, you'll be sure to have a deep, reverent connection to the forest and a better sex life, as Pan can bring out your naughty side if you let him.  He's an earthy, carnal deity that feels like sex in the forest is as natural as breathing.  

To him, it's fun to revel in the qualities of the earth and sex is just another fun way to accomplish that!  There are many facets to Lord Pan.  He can be your muse for creative inspiration, as well as a devilish minx who brings out your fun side through the carnal pleasures in life!

Lord Pan is the God of the wild and this means getting your primal needs met!  This can be everything from the carnal pleasures of sex to putting food on the table by foraging for mushrooms, berries, and herbs.  

Most of all, you can count on Lord Pan to be your guide into the forest and the wildness of nature.  He can be your protection in and out of earthly realms and fairy portals.  He can literally stop time in its tracks if you want him to.  

If you'd like someone fun to work with and you'd like to work on creative expression, Pan is your guy!  Once he's your deity, he'll keep you as a patron for life, infusing your projects with a sprinkle of fairy magic. The golden magic of Lord Pan and God of the Wild is his ability to create woodland magic wherever he goes!
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