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The Heart of Faerie Witchcraft: A Guide to Working With Elemental Magic

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The heart of faerie witchcraft is a guide to working with elemental magic!  This means working with the nature spirits and the elementals of the trees, caves, and forests, and in some cases, maybe in your own backyard.  You'd be surprised by the hidden gems that are available to you when you weave green magic into your life!

I became a green witch naturally over time and one of the branches of green magic is faery Wicca.  This is a branch that works with the fairies, gnomes, and elemental creatures of the forest to manifest hopes, wishes, and your heart's desires!

The easiest way to start working with nature spirits is through working with plants.  I would start with a potted houseplant that you can invest your time wisely in.  By starting with just one plant, one that draws your attention, you'll be able to develop a relationship with the built-in nature spirit that lives within.  

All plants, gemstones, and flower bouquets come with a built-in nature spirit!  What is your favorite houseplant or the one that you're most attracted to?  Start with that!  From there, you can build a collection of houseplants slowly over time.  

The biggest tip I can give you on working with fairy spirits is to head into the forest for some forest bathing!  This allows you the time, energy, and sacred space to slowly build a relationship with them.  Walking through the forest, you might feel as though something or someone is watching you from a distance.  Take heart and know that they are!

The elementals will be watching you and testing you to see what you will do next.  Will you walk past that candy wrapper thrown on the ground or will you throw it away?  Will you express gratitude when plucking yarrow slow living herb from the trees and bushes?

The faerie folk will be testing you to see what you are made of.  If you pass the test, they will begin communing with you more and more.  Find a local park and get to know the genius loci or the spirits of the land where you live.  The more you return to the park, the more you will gain their trust.  

How do you know when you've connected with the elemental magic of the fairy forest?  The elementals will leave you gifts.  I've found everything from whole bird's nests to a toy stuffed animal zebra on the boardwalk when taking a nature walk.  

You can keep the treasures the fairies bestow on you in your faerie box, which you can read more about building below.  Fairy boxes are like a fairy portal gateway into the fairy realm!

The heart of fairy witchcraft is building a connection with the elemental kingdom!  It's a connection that has to be built slowly and made to last.  It's about building trust between you and the fairy creatures in the woodland.

The Heart of Faerie Witchcraft: A Guide to Working With Elemental Magic

By now, you might be wondering what are the benefits of working with the fairies?  In truth, there are many long-term benefits to working with fairy Wicca. When you are able to connect with the magic of nature, you're able to become adept at life!
  1. You'll feel a strong connection to Mother Gaia, who then, in turn, brings about a feeling of peace and harmonious vibes!
  2. You'll be able to work magical spells with the elements of nature at play!  In turn, herbs and plant spirits will come to life for you and enhance the magic behind your witchcraft.
  3. There will be a sense of peace and oneness, better known as green therapy!  You'll see morning hikes and nature walks as herbal therapy that's good for the mind, body, and soul.
  4. You'll feel at home in nature and be able to understand the woodland creatures of the forest through telepathy.  This means you can look at them and understand them without saying a word!
  5. You'll be able to find and use fairy portals for astral travels and timelessness!
  6. There will be a prompting to make lifestyle changes such as waste-free and plant-based living.  Sustainability will be at the forefront of your mind and at the heart of everything you do.  
  7. Working with the fairies means being able to manifest what you want, wish for, and desire from thin air!  The fairies are master manifesters and they will adopt you for some lifelong learning.

Create a DIY Faerie Box

The faerie box is the heart of faerie witchcraft.  If you're not interested in making Faerie Wicca into your religion, then please know that the box is about real-life magic, not about organized religion.  It's about bridging a connection between earth and the faerie realm in a personal way.  That's why I call it the heart of the fairy.

I consider myself a nature witch and I practice light-hearted faerie magic, but I also consider myself a Christian too.  Just maybe not in the traditional, biblical sense.  It's not just because I grew up going to a Christian church, it's because at a very young age I could feel God's existence.  

I also forged a close, personal relationship with Jesus and we still talk all the time.  You see, sometimes you have to take religion out of the formula if it doesn't work for you.  Instead, pursue your own spiritual path.  Either way, you'll be led to it!

I also magick responsibly.  I never craft any spells that would cause someone else harm and I never do anything that doesn't feel good or right to me.  I guess, if I had to put a name on a religion, mine would be nature.  

Prayers are for asking for help on your behalf or on behalf of others.  Spells are taking the power and faith into your own hands.  See the difference in that?  One is great for everyday purposes, healing, and protection.  That would be prayer.  Spells are great for empowering yourself by taking a faith-oriented action.

I use my box for spellwork, automatic writing, love letters to the universe, and for quick insights that pop into my head that I want to save for later.  When working with the elementals, please note that it can sometimes cause slight amnesia that comes and goes.  

This mostly happens when a temporary faerie has stopped by to help.  He or she will tell you their name, you'll remember it, get excited to tell someone, then boom!  You forget her name completely.  That's why it's so important to write things down or capture the moment.

This is one of the reasons why my camera goes on every hike, swim, or adventure.  Sometimes humans can be real-life fairies.  Haven't you ever seen a human that reminded you of a cute little pixie or a tall, lithe elf? 

That's because they are part fairy.  Most of the time, they don't know it.  Also, just like angels, fairies can reportedly disguise themselves as humans to blend in.  They tend to disappear into thin air.  It's cool but a little freaky too.

Anytime you feel like you are losing your connection with the fairy realm, you can simply open your fairy box and let love back in!  There is no such thing as losing your connection.  There might be times when it feels like a fairy connection has been weakened and to strengthen your resolve, you need only head into the heart of a dark faery forest to forge a friendship!

That's it!  That's all you have to do, friends.  It's not about fast-paced and modern-day living when it comes to our connection to mother nature and the spirits that live there.

It's about finding a sacred space and returning to it every time!  When life gets crazy and hectic, you'll always have a safe place to land that feels warm and inviting.  That place is nestled like a squirrel in your heart and that is the heart of faerie witchcraft!  Hope to see you there :)

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