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The Magical Healing Properties of Capricorn Season 2020

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Welcome to the magical healing properties of Capricorn Season 2020! We're back in the swing of things with the astrological sign of Capricorn taking the lead in our planetary alignment. I love working with earth signs because it brings with it a simple down to earth energy that is grounded and tangible.

When we work our way through the Capricorn season of life, we see real and tangible results.  We see the fruits of our labor come to fruition.  Earth energy is a practical magic kind of energy that makes you want to root for things, or at the very least, activate your root chakra!

The earthy sign of Capricorn people comes to life during the winter solstice season and this year it is aligned with the great conjunction of 2020, something you'll want to read about if you haven't already.  This practical application of life that is Capricorn earth signs reminds us that there is still work ahead of us, but we may as well have fun while doing it!

I love this time of year because the shift from Sagittarius season to Capricorn season feels rather seamless, as we go from a fire sign to an earth sign.  They tend to pair well together!  Sagittarius people are fire signs that are wild and impulsive while earth signs are practical and well, earthy.

Somehow it works!  You might find yourself buckling down and really working through your plans and goals for the new year ahead.  If you want to make twenty-twenty-one your best year yet, it's totally possible with Capricorn energy by your side.  

When I think of a Capricorn person, I often think of someone who spends a lot of time in the forest, because you know, trees are magic and whatnot.  I also see someone who is not afraid to roll up her sleeves and get to work!  This is a person who knows how to earn a paycheck and keep their finances in order.  

What I like about a fresh wave of Capricorn energy is that work seems to fall into place.  Now, is a great time to sit down and write out an end-of-the-year evaluation within Archangel Jeremiel.  By doing so, you'll be able to make practical plans for the new year.  

I see this being a busy season of life that helps us to buckle down and focus on our goals and dreams.  On a less practical note, I also see this being a magical season of feeling like your making money doing what you love to do.  There will be a passion, meaning, and purpose to the work and home life balance!

For more work-life balance, try working with Archangel Jehudiel!  When I think of Capricorn earth signs, I always think of this earthbound angel who assists us in creating a strong work ethic in whatever work we do for the planet.  Do you long to do something meaningful?

Throughout the hardworking Capricorn season, we're going to be feeling a lot more focused and grounded in our everyday lives!  There's going to be more of a desire to spend time in nature, as it keeps that natural energy flowing to other parts of our lives.  

Even if you live in a winter wonderland landscape, you can still use this time to go sledding in the snow, snap photographs of frozen waterfalls, or to go horseback riding in the falling snow.  It's a time for connecting with mother nature, even if it's painted in a new light!

For me, my natural practice is centered around Florida living, and this means a very active and busy season spending a lot of time outdoors snapping photographs and wearing cute winter outfits that will be shed rather quickly as the warmth of the sun heats up the day.  

The truth is that it doesn't matter where you live, Capricorn season lights up your life!  It makes you want to get out and do things, but it also makes you feel work-oriented and career-focused too.  It's feel-good energy that washes away those winter blue with ease and grace!

The Magical Healing Properties of Capricorn Season 2020

The magical healing properties of the Capricorn season are being able to enjoy the practical magic of life!  It's a dynamic where you get to have the best of both worlds.  You'll be practical and grounded as we head into 2021 and all the hidden magic and compartments it contains.  

This is a great time to sit down and make lists.  It's a period of self-reflection where you can sit back on your laurels for a bit and imagine what you want your future to look like.  Who do you want to be?  Where do you want to go?  

You'll look at tangible ways to achieve those goals and I see this being a time where you'll start to have a lot of clarity about things that were shrouded by fog and darkness in the past.  You'll experience a hefty dose of clear thinking, which is a refreshing change from the confusion of the past!

This clarity and clear thinking were brought our way by the New Moon in Sagittarius Solar Eclipse that took place on December 14th!  It is only being enhanced by the clear channel of communication brought to you by logical Capricorn.

Air signs are known for their fresh take on ideas and their inventive minds, while Capricorn people take that idea and put it to good use!  They really know how to take something and create a practical application behind it.  Talk about taking a good idea and running with it!

So, if there's some idea you've been working on, but have been struggling with finding a way to apply to real-life, then Capricorn season will be your go-to business advisor!  It can be anything from a creative art project to designing a website.  

All that matters is that Cappy will help you make it happen in real-time!  Capricorn astrological sign brings with it the focus and concentration to fuel your ideas into action.  They are in it for the long haul and so are you!

Capricorn Season Rituals

  • Choose a word for 2021 that will act as your guide throughout the rest of the year!  For 2021, I chose the word sustainability to help me set my new year resolutions and goals.
  • Do an end of the year evaluation with Archangel Jeremiel to get started!  It's important to check in on the progress you have made while setting new goals for the future.
  • Spend time in nature!  I know, I know.  This one is kind of a given, but it feels essential to what a Capricorn person would do.  It's where they go to ground their energy.
  • Make a new year's resolution with a 12-month plan!  Be sure to include moon cycles and rituals, as well as any witchy pagan holidays you like to celebrate.  It's fun!
  • Take a winter wonderland walk!  You can practice forest bathing during the winter months with bare-boned tree limbs and quaking leaves.  If you live in the snow-capped mountains, practice earthing by making snow angels.  
  • Make a solid business plan for the new year!  Nothing says making a business plan like being a Capricorn does.
  • Make work fun!  Capricorns love working and they are damn good at it, but they also like to let their hair down and have fun too.  Turn on some hip hop music and dance in your office chair or spray glitter in your ponytail for the Christmas hair glitter recipe.  
  • Spend time with winter goddesses and holiday fairies!  You can get to know them by leaving them offerings on your winter solstice nature altar.
There are so many things you can do to ring in the new year with a Capricorn earth sign at your disposal!  It's the kind of work-life magic we all long for.  It's a great time for getting clear on your ideas and implementing them.  

Where things were foggy before, they will become crystal clear and sparkling.  This is a pleasant kind of energy that will help get you through the winter break and get back to work with bells on!  

It will be like work that doesn't feel like work at all.  You'll feel a sense of renewal in whatever you do and feel passionate about and that's the magic of Capricorn season!

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