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The Magical Healing Properties of Yarrow Plants: A Slow Living Herb

A yarrow plant energ heaing + flower essence and practicing the art of slow living movement on a daydream in summer

The magical healing properties of yarrow plants is that it's a slow living herb! There's nothing fast about this slow-moving plant that can be used for herbal magic spells and herbal remedies that pack a powerful punch. No, this flower essence likes to take her time with things, making her the perfect slow living prompt!

By practicing slow living in Florida, I manage to spend time with sweet yarrow plant in wooded areas and on the trails on a daily basis. Yarrow is one of those flowering herbs that you use for spells that move slow and steady.

You may wonder, why in the world would I want a spell to move slow? Sometimes, you want something but you're not particularly in a rush for it. In a love spell, for example, you might use yarrow as a magical spell ingredient if you'd like the "right" person to come into your life and you'd like to take your time with it.

Yarrow is wonderful for love spells, as it is known for marriage, companionship, and romantic relationships with divine timing. For someone like me who wants love, but would like to take her time about it, yarrow is the ideal love ingredient to have on hand.

You can learn more about herbs in the magical herbarium for herbal witchcraft! It teaches you how to work with agreeable herbs and poisonous plants.

Yarrow herb is about building a future together, one brick at a time. When using yarrow in wedding plans, it signifies that you are in a relationship for the long haul. It brings two people together in a way that solidifies their commitment to one another.

You can find the metaphysical properties of yarrow in most wild places. It's a common flowering plant that grows everywhere. Kind of like its friendly counterpart, baby's breath flowers, another botanical style blend that can be used for matrimony!

What I like about yarrow is that it is considered a slow living plant. It moves energy slowly when used in slow-moving spells, but it creates long-term lasting effects that hold a spell together with ease and grace.

What I've come to discover about working with yarrow flower essence is that it sets you in the right place at the right time to meet your future soulmate or twin flame! It takes the guesswork out of it for you. You'll meet your new love interest in a bookstore on a rainy day when you least expect it.

Yarrow magic sets up the right conditions for you and your new beau to meet and get to know each other better. Yes, it takes its time and it meanders slowly, but it eventually brings the romantic love story you've been waiting for delivered right to your doorstep!

However, love isn't the only thing that makes an herbal witch's world go round! Magical yarrow plant also works for protection spells, such as banishing spells and hexes. It also acts as a shield of protection simply by wearing it!

I also enjoy using magical yarrow in all of my creative endeavors and projects! I find that yarrow helps me to slow down and enjoy the creative flow of the moment in the work I do. Just having yarrow on my desk some mornings, helps me to set easygoing creative intentions and assists with unraveling writer's block.

If you're a creator, artist, or writer of any kind, yarrow might just be your go-to herb! She's sweet, graceful, and reminds me of the compassionate energy of Mother Mary for some reason. In fact, they pair well together even though Mother Mary is often known for blooms of roses!

In addition to that, I find that the yarrow plant works really well for slow living practices and sustainability! It's a slow plant, perfect for living a slower lifestyle. Yarrow helps you to get back to your authentic self and works slowly to unthread you from your old life.

Yarrow is all about out with the old and in with the new! She's like a breath of fresh air, which makes perfect sense as she is associated with the astrological sign of Aries and Venus, the planet of romantic love!

If you have a penchant for kinfolk style, slow living, and the hygge style heart of nature, you might just love working with yarrow flowering plants. She's the kind of plant that sticks with you, long after a spell has worn off!

To incorporate healing yarrow plant into your spells, you might try an herbal envelope spell to get started! Simply meander in nature slowly to find your flowering yarrow plant and ask permission from the herb before cutting it. Be sure to leave yarrow plant spirit a plant offering and give thanks!

I've found that natural yarrow dies fairly quickly once plucked, so be sure to go right home and create your spell! Some people use yarrow for magical love spells while others use it for boundaries and protection. Find the use that best fits your situation!

You can pair yarrow with Mother Mary, the Queen of the Angels, as they have matching energy! I think it's because Mary reminds me of grace and yarrow is a graceful, slow, meandering plant that you can find while taking a forest bath.

I've also found that for creative projects, yarrow pairs well with Lord Pan and God of the Wild! If there's a special project that needs a creative boost of magic mojo, then yarrow plus Lord Pan is the perfect elixir!

If you enjoy working with yarrow, find secret ways of adding her into your life! Maybe pick her next time you're on a nature walk and see what comes to you. It's not unusual for magical creatures and woodland encounters to cross your path with yarrow by your side.

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