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The Winter Solstice Nature Altar For Winter Goddesses and Holiday Fairies

Christmas and winter solstice Christmas lights display + woodland nature altar for nature goddesses and fairy offerings

Yesterday, during the great conjunction alignment, I headed into the woods for another hiking adventure! I made my way to fern trail (Every park has one) and I created the winter solstice nature altar for winter goddesses and holiday fairies. I left it in plain sight as a dedication to the winter solstice and all the magic and wonder that goes along with that!

Okay, let's talk about the winter solstice, shall we? It's the beginning of winter and the shortest day of the year. To me, it's a time where darkness is illuminated by Christmas lights and fairy lights to light the way for you.

I feel like it's a bustling time of year where everything is darker and more focused inward. It's typically cold outside, in some places snowy with blustering weather, and it's a celebration of winter and all of the magic and charm that goes along with that.

That focus inward is what we like to call hermit-mode and it's a time where we are going to be in our homes by the fire and spending time with our families and friends during the holiday season. During the winter solstice, it makes way for us to take a long, hard look at ourselves.

We can assess our lives by working with Archangel Jeremiel on an end of the year evaluation or we can simply sit by the fire and write out our intentions for the new year ahead of us. We can use this time to make a plan for our businesses or to tie up loose ends and conclude chapters in our lives.

I always like to think of the winter equinox is a time to go inward and celebrate the magic of self! It's a time to set goals and achieve them. It's a time of starting a new diet program or morning yoga routine. It's a time of breaking old habits and making new ones!

It's definitely one of my more favorite times of the year! We're snug as a bug in the heart of Capricorn season which makes us want to work smarter, not harder when it comes to the changes we'd like to make. There's a newfound sense of passion and purpose calling for us to go within.

With all of that magic in the air, it's no surprise that the winter goddesses and holiday fairies emerge from the forest ready to do their best work! In order to attract them, you might like to make them a quick winter solstice nature altar. Keep reading to find out how!

The Winter Solstice Nature Altar For Winter Goddesses and Holiday Fairies

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Jesus Christ - Jesus Christ and Christ consciousness was born out of the birthday of this ascended master. His birthday belies all of the Christmas and holiday traditions, especially those related to midnight mass and nativity scenes. Jesus is known as the son of God and universal love and light! He can be called upon at any time, but this time of year is known to boost his spirit and spread his magical energy worldwide.

Kris Kringle - You can work with the energy of Kris Kringle energy, in which the story of Santa Clause originated from long ago. This energy can be most tapped into during the Christmas season. It's a German Santa clause that brought gifts to children and households. Whenever you feel the Christmas spirit, it is most likely the spirit of Kris Kringle at work in your life!

Saint Brigid - Imbolc celebration is what she is most commonly known for on February first of every year. She is a winter goddess and tends to be significant during the darker winter months. She burns things up and stokes the fire of passion within you. She is great a helping you with shadow work!

Holiday Fairies - A special group of fairies that come out during the winter and holiday season. They work on bringing holiday magic into your life. If you learn to work with them closely, they can work with you to create magical rituals for every holiday, birthday, and season of your life! You can find them in real mistletoe, poinsettia flowers, and in real living Christmas trees chopped down in the forest.

Winter Goddesses - You can celebrate this special focus group of nature goddesses during the winter solstice or throughout the entirety of the winter season. Winter goddesses include Mother Mary (universal energy), Nemetona, Saint Bridget, and Alcyone who nests for two-weeks during winter so that she can create calm and tranquil seas.

Honestly, there are so many that it may be difficult to choose from, but I thought it be fun to highlight a few and then create a multipurpose altar for the rest. I created my woodland altar by setting up a cute Christmas display of figurines and a faux Christmas tree.

Next, I added a secret love note on what I wanted to bring into the winter season of my life! I thought about what I wanted to work on and what I wanted to bring more of into my life.

Again, for me, nothing says winter like going into hermit-mode and doing some shadow work! You can get in touch with your dark self by doing shadow work too in my shadow work handbook with questions to help get you started.

In addition to that, I made sure to leave a half acorn with some root beer and some Christmas candies without the wrappers on. Then, I set my nature altar up by the trees on the fern trail where anyone who walks by can see the altar and enjoy it too. It encourages passer by's to add stuff to the display or take pictures with it!

The magic of creating a winter solstice altar is being able to show your appreciation for the seasonal shift ahead! It's an opportunity to share the holiday magic and joy with other hikers and outdoor enthusiasts while honing in on offering something special to your favorite winter goddesses and holiday fairies. Make a winter solstice nature altar in the dark fairy forest today then snap a picture to capture the magic of the season!

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