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What I Love About the Winter Holidays: A Fun Post


An old-fashioned Christmas spirit display with faux Christmas trees and figurines of Christmas carolers on wooden logs and tree stumps
Can you feel the Christmas spirit growing within you like a burning ember?  This is what I love about the winter holidays: a fun post!  We're nearing the winter solstice and closing out the end of the year by tying up loose ends and completing cycles.  

You might be surprised by why I love the winter holidays so much, as it is different than you might expect.  Yes, I love the Christmas spirit of the season with eco-friendly gift-giving and time spent with family and friends.  But, what I really adore during the Christmas season is being able to plan for the new year ahead!

I get really into the holiday season, just as most people do, but this time of year fuels a fire within me that reminds me of a fireplace adorned with toy-filled stockings.  That fire is the ability to create a new future and world for myself!

It's the time of year to revisit our hopes and dreams and set new goals for ourselves.  It's the ending of one cycle as we transform and turn the wheel in our favor in a new direction.  This means new beginnings with fresh plans!

I've already begun working on my new year's resolution for 2021!  I promised myself I wouldn't, as I think it's safe to say that twenty-twenty ended in disappointment and a lot of upheaval and change.  In the end, change is what is sometimes needed in order to rebalance the karma in our lives and give us a more positive outlook.  

If anything, the coronavirus pandemic has made me, as well as a lot of people, want to strive for more and maybe do things in a new way.  Online businesses are booming and there's a lot more support for local or handmade businesses!  

This was the first time in years that I didn't choose a one-word new year's resolution to steer me in a direction!  Last year, I chose the word stability and worked on building my strength and confidence with Archangel Ariel.  For 2021, I'm going to be working on self-portraits with a theme for every month of the year!

I'm planning on sharing my resolution for the new year a little later in the season, but for now, that's what I've decided on and I can't wait to share the details with you at a later date!  In the meantime, I'm practicing rough-draft pictures of my future self-portrait goal.  You can read about my future nature photography goals to tide you over!

In addition to working on goal-setting and achievement, I love the winter holidays because of the Christmas spirit energy of the holidays.  There's nothing more soothing than listening to Christmas songs and making warm foods while it's cold outside.  It gives me a warm and cozy hygge style vibe!

Working with Christmas spirit energy amplifies any spells that you might like to do during the festive season of Christmas lights!  There's an energy that surrounds Christmas and quiet magic within.  I like to leave fairy offerings with real mistletoe and reindeer mix with glitter.  

I've noticed that this time of year attracts the winter goddesses and the holiday fairies into the mix if you'd like to work with them.  Setting out Christmas displays and Christmas decorations tend to attract the winter spirits as if they were going to a winter carnival.  It's like attracts like and whatnot.  

I love this time of year because it's a time of going into hermit-mode, pulling back, and going within.  Sometimes, we need quiet time and solitude in order to figure out what really makes us happy in life.  It's good to reflect on the year and do end of the year evaluations with Archangel Jeremiel.  

Archangel Jeremiel gives you a living life evaluation, which means making tweaks and changes to the blueprint you created with your guardian angels and spirit guides on the other side.  I do this every year at this time and consider it a Christmas tradition at this point!

The Christmas holidays and winter solstice is my favorite time of year to celebrate the life of Jesus Christ!  I don't write about him nearly as much as I should, but the spirit of Jesus is christ consciousness that reaches the collective in a magical way.  That's why this time of year finds people being more generous and kind!

I also tend to work with Mother Mary this time of the year!  Mother Mary is kindness and compassion incarnate.  No matter how hopeless your situation may be, she brings you back to life!

The festive holiday season has been awakened!  This year I was given the gift of a new tree.  A unicorn Christmas tree and you can imagine how much joy that brings me.  

For more on working with unicorn air signs, you might enjoy reading, Sweet Moon Diaries: Full Moon in Gemini Lunar Eclipse + Eclipse Season!  My intuitive moon readings never go out of style and most of all, they are completely free to my readers.  Signup at the end of this fun post for free moon readings, Wiccan holidays, and seasonal shifts!

What I love about the winter holidays is everything!  I love decorating my unicorn Christmas tree, doing our annual Christmas bash with the kiddos, and walking at night with hot chocolate while I enjoy the neighborhood Christmas lights.  

I love the magic of Christmas and the warmth it creates.  It gives you a warm feeling within that reminds me of a shot of bourbon with eggnog.  It's a fun and festive season of clearing things out and ushering in the brand-new!  How about you?

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