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Working With Archangel Jeremiel For an End of the Year Evaluation


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Working with Archangel Jeremiel for an end of the year evaluation is a great way to start the new year off with a bang! As I wrote in my, What I Love About the Winter Holidays post, this has become an annual tradition in my household. Reevaluating your life every now and then allows you to reassess and figure out where to go next in your life.

Archangel Jeremiel is one of those angels you don't hear about nearly enough, but he's always there when you need him. I've always had really good experiences with Jeremiel anytime I wrote him a letter to the universe or did a life review with him. This time of year I really like to work on reevaluating my life and business to see how far I've come and to gauge where I'm going.

With Jeremiel by your side, he'll pull out all the stops for you! This special angel is often associated with the judgement tarot card in the tarot card deck. This major arcana tarot card is known for spiritual awakenings and transformation, as well as the classic judgement day in the Bible.

This archangel is most associated with living life reviews where you work with him to make tweaks and changes to your lifestyle design blueprint (akashic records) while you're still alive.  Once you've passed over to the Other Side, where everyone gets to review the entirety of their life, including any past lives they have had.  In other words, it will be a judgement day where we judge ourselves.

In the meantime, you can work with Archangel Jeremiel while you're alive to improve your life through personal self-development!  The month of December is always about tying up loose ends and closing out chapters for me.  

With angelic guidance, I can look back on my year and see how far I've come!  I can think about what lessons I have learned and what fresh energy and goals I'd like to set for the new year.  You can do the same!

Calling on Archangel Jeremiel is easy!  You can sit down with a pen and piece of paper and ask him for a life review.  Tell him which parts of your life that you'd like to work on the most.  Then, step back, and let him assist you in higher truths and guidance!

I've come to notice that Jeremiel will fill in the blanks where you were stuck or in stagnation in your life.  He will point things out to you that you may not have thought of and remove things from your life that no longer serve you.  This angel is all about simplifying your life!

For a major glow up and feng shui, you might enjoy working with the Archangel Jophiel too!  Jophiel sits on the yellow color light ray and brings sunshine, hope, and optimism to your life when you need it the most.  

Whereas, on the other hand, Archangel Jeremiel is the keeper of the afterlife and sits on the purple light ray!  The purple light ray is known for prophetic dreams and visions, psychic abilities, and third eye chakra development.  Jeremiel is known for the visions in revelations in the Bible and is therefore known for bringing things to light from the subconscious.  

This helps us to get a fair shake in life!  If we work with Jeremiel angel, then we'll know exactly what needs to be fixed in our lives.  He is also known as the angel of mercy, so if you're facing a challenging situation, ask Jeremiel angel to bring mercy to the situation!

If you're looking to become a professional tarot reader, want to keep a dream journal, or would like to perform a fair and partial life review on yourself, then Jeremiel is the angel for you!  Jeremiel can increase your intuition and psychic abilities with ease and grace.  

Now that you've gotten to know this sweet angel, let me fill you in on just a few of the ways he has changed my life or helped me out!  Maybe if you start working with him, you'll be able to keep a record of all the good stuff he does for you.  He's a wonderful yet subtle angel to have by your side!

  • He has helped me with reconciliation in some impossible friendship situations more than once!  I find this interesting because the judgment tarot card is well-known as a reconciliation tarot card.  He has even helped me with romantic reconciliations in the past.  
  • Archangel Jeremiel has helped me with prophetic dreams and interpreting dream imagery and the meaning of numbers!  He has even helped me to choose which crystals to place under my pillow at night to increase clairvoyance.
  • When I was suicidal in the past, he helped me to do a life review without judgment!  He helped give me reasons to stay and keep moving forward with my life.  
  • When I've struggled with paying bills or rent in the past, he literally postponed it to buy me time to come up with the money.  He saved me from eviction more times than I could tell you as a single mother.  He also went out of his way to help me come up with the money on short notice!
  • Every year, Archangel Jeremiel helps me with my end of the year evaluation!  This really helps me to take stock of my life to see where I need to make tweaks and changes.  
  • Archangel Jeremiel helps me with goal setting and achievement!  He helps me take a hard look at things and see if I still want those same things in my life.  Sometimes, we hold onto relationships or things way past their expiration date, but with Jeremiel by your side, he helps you let them go!
  • The angel of mercy is also great for helping you choose New Year resolutions that are tangible and within your grasp.  He can even help you with a 12-month plan!
  • He's great at assisting business owners with putting together a cohesive business plan that works!  In addition to that, he always helps me to break down my goals into baby steps and helped me to descale my business in a way that's manageable for me to keep up with.  
  • Jeremiel has always helped me with fitness and diet plans, which is great if your new year's resolution involves going vegan or starting a yoga program from home!  He's been responsible for my eating more roughage and baby greens, as well as working on being more planet-friendly in general.

Working With Archangel Jeremiel For an End of the Year Evaluation

I wanted to share with you the end of the year evaluation for my life.  Twenty-twenty, was a transformational year for me, as it was for many!  I can tell you that I am not the same person that I was at the beginning of the year, that's for sure.

Twin Flame Meeting + Twin Flame Separation

This year alone, I met my twin flame and began my kundalini awakening!  We were then separated and I had to deal with the soul shock of that alone because I haven't met anyone yet who understands what it feels like to be separated suddenly from your twin flame.  It sounds crazy, but only people who have been through it could possibly understand.

It is one of the most painful butterfly transformations I have ever gone through or will go through again.  To be honest, I am still flummoxed by it and have come to the conclusion that I may never understand it as long as I live.  

In addition to a confusing twin flame connection, I also came to the conclusion I may not be meant to be reunited with mine during this life, and I'm actually okay with that.  My soul wants to be with him, my body wants to be with him, but it's best to leave some things left unsaid I think.  

I got a tarot reading at the end of the year that also told me that once I moved past this, I would be meeting a soulmate and you know what?  I'm good with that.  My twin flame was meant to come into my life to wake my soul up and bring spiritual growth and it worked because I had to build myself back up from the ground up!

Tower Moments + Mini-Tower Moments

I had a few tower moments and mini-tower moments this year that was earth-shattering and heartbreaking!  Again, I had to literally build myself from the ground up after the shock of my twin flame separation.  

There wasn't anything mini about that tower moment.  That tower moment ended in not only the loss of my twin flame, but me moving into a new home in the tiny, seaside fishing village I live in!  Because of that, I now am living out my dream of practicing tiny house living.

Late summer, I had a painful tarot reading that ended up revealing no moves or motivations from my twin flame.  Knowing that, crushed me and ended up resulting in a mini-tower moment.  I have spent the rest of the year in hermit mode, reevaluating my romantic relationships and what I'd like in a partner for the future.  

I'm actually in the stage of healing where I feel like I can live without him now.  I still feel connected to his energy and still include him in my morning prayers daily.  Simply put, I am moving on with my life, one step at a time.  

I have no choice as divine timing is at work in my love life!  I also hold out no hope of renewal with this person, though I hope someday there can be a reconciliation for closure.

But, if for some reason that never happens, I'm okay with that too.  I do feel my angels, spirit guides, goddesses, and ascended masters are protecting me from something, and therefore, I trust them with all my heart.

Increased Psychic Abilities + Intuition

In twenty-twenty, my spiritual learning leveled up!  I made a promise this year that I would learn how to read tarot cards without the book and guess what?  I kept that promise!  I am now at the professional level as a tarot reader and plan on making it a little side business in the tiny, seaside fishing village I live in!

In addition to that, I started owning the fact that I'm a solitary green witch, including coming out to friends and family.  That's something I never felt I could do before.  In one of my past lives, I was a high priestess and was burned at the stake so I had a fear of retribution ingrained in me.  

I've also reached an advanced level of witchcraft.  At the beginning of the year, I was at the intermediate level and was able to shift easily into a higher realm of knowledge.  

When I work a spell now, it's no longer like throwing spaghetti at a wall and hoping it works.  No, I go into it "knowing" my spell will work with an exact measurement on how to make it happen with ease and grace!  

This year, I discovered sigil magick, which is a form of chaos magick and sex magick to boot!  I also began to work with herbs this year.  Check out my herbal envelope spells to get started!

Yoga, Barre, And Meditation

I've also moved up to the advanced level of yoga this year!  I am doing yoga poses I never thought I could do so spiritually and physically I'm in a good headspace.  I use the Down Dog App for all my yoga practice needs.  

In addition to yoga, I've taken up Barre, which is a combination of isometric exercises.  Barre includes ballet, yoga, and pilates, as well as a healthy dose of meditation that's good for the soul.  You should totally try it by downloading the Down Dog Barre App!

Whenever I do my morning vinyasa flow yoga, I always end it with a feel-good transcendental meditation!  I have made it a daily ritual and habit to practice meditation for at least a few minutes a day.  Some days more!

I've learned a lot this year!  I definitely leveled up spiritually and I've taken my health and wellness goals to new heights.  

Blog Business

My blog business has grown exponentially over the year!  I was already at a place that I could be happy and satisfied with and it would be easy for me to sit back on my laurels.  But, something told me to push myself out of my comfort zone and stop playing it safe!

So, I took some time off from blogging to reevaluate my small business earlier in the year.  I have a feeling a lot of self-employed people did that this past year.  I decided to really sit down and figure out what I want in my business and where I'd like to keep going.

I decided to shift my inner compass to my email newsletter, which I rebranded this year into Moon and Seasonal!  This year alone, I have well over 25,000 email newsletter subscribers and growing.   This ended up being a risk-taking venture that paid off for me!

In addition to that, I started getting more and more sponsors that had small businesses that were on a smaller scale than me or of nearly equal footing.  Small sponsors are ethical, green companies who want to work with me on a small budget.  This has actually worked out so well that I'm thinking about turning it into a sponsorship program with set prices.  

You can read all about how I make money from blogging about slow living, nature, and sustainability to get started!  I love shopping for a meaningful experience and I would imagine that my readers feel the same way.  By working with slow living shops with an eco-friendly brand, my readers get to support small, local businesses.

Being that my blog biz is on a smaller scale and is all about living a minimalist lifestyle as a solitary green witch, I think scaling back has been one of the greatest things I did for myself as a smart, savvy businesswoman.

This allows me to shift my focus to my writing and photography goals!  I thought about what was really important to me at the end of the day and the answer resounded loud and clear.  What means the most to me is blogging!

It enables me to be able to heal people with words and to be a spiritual teacher for the collective consciousness.  Therefore, I had to let go of some of the millions of lightbulb ideas I had imagined for my business years ago.  

I've focused on the most important thing in the world to me which is blogging and creating content!  This has created space for me to shift my focus to community and that's what I'm working on at this time.  How I want to keep growing my community, whether it be through my newsletter or through creating a community people can join.

Right now, I'm working on something behind-the-scenes that I can't wait to share with my readers!  Let's just say that building a sustainable community is at the heart of everything I do.  

Moving into the new year, I plan on moving ahead with my idea of creating a community that feels handcrafted with a magical thread running through it!  I've always had a thing for small towns and close-knit communities and that's what I'm striving to achieve on Everyday Laurali Star!

2021 Goal Setting and Achievement

As we venture into 2021, I've started to evaluate things to see where I want to go next in my business and personal life.  The main thread that seems to run through 2021 for me is sustainable, slow living!  

I can already tell that I'm going to reach my green living goals in the new year!  There's this feeling of preparation and readiness.  I've been dabbling in waste-free living for years and toying with the idea of composting and organic vegetable coops in my area.  But, I've never been able to fully commit to leveling up my eco-warrior style.  

In 2020, I became lax with my vegan plant-based diet.  I started eating dairy again and at one point, started adopting a vegetarian diet.  Recently, I've been working with Archangel Jeremiel to figure out what my biggest focus should be in 2021, and eating a healthier vegan diet is what came to me!

Making my way back to vegan is easy for me.  It's my heart's desire to eat a healthier plant-based diet that speaks to my heart this time.  I want to shift my energy to eating more fruits and vegetables and roughage.  I want to eat healthier with a mostly raw vegan diet.

I would like to give my fridge a complete makeover and clean my cupboards out to make room for waste-free containers to use at the grocery store.  I plan on filling my fridge and cupboards with mostly fruits, vegetables, and juices and I plan to get rid of dairy for good!

I want to slow down on eating vegan tv dinners and create more plant-based meals like salads, juices, and soups.  I even plan on getting involved in composting this year, as well as making almost all of my food from home.  

I'm also planning on making a windowsill herb garden in my house and eventually, I would like to create container gardens to grow organic fruits and vegetables in my backyard!  I definitely feel myself focusing on eating healthier, plant-based meals made with love.  

To go along with my sustainability goal, I plan on creating more recipes for the blog!  Well, the underground blog community that I'm working on to expand and grow my business.  I'll be sharing slow living prompts, magical plant-based recipes and all-in-one spells, and more!

As far as new year's resolutions go, I'm creating a 12-month self-portrait goal with a nature theme and an earth-friendly goal to reach every month!  I plan on writing my new year's resolution as a completely separate post as this is one of the most well-thought-out resolutions to date.

Moving into the new year, I feel bright, optimistic, and hopeful!  I find myself getting crystal clear and laser-sharp on where I want to be going in life and what kind of person I want to be.  Throughout the year, I have no doubt that Archangel Jeremiel will help me to continue to make tweaks and changes to my life!

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