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Why Imbolc is One of My Favorite Witchy Holidays (Celebration of Saint Bridget)

This is a blog post on why Imbolc is one of my favorite witchy holidays and the celebration of Saint Bridget! Happy Imbolc, everyone. This is a time of doing shadow work, going into hermit-mode, and ringing in springtime!
For more on the celebration of Imbolc and the Saint Brigid holiday, you migh…

The Mercury in Retrograde First Aid Kit (January 30th - February 21st, 2021)

Welcome to the mercury in retrograde first aid kit! Today, mercury goes retrograde from January 30th through February 21st, 2021 in the air sign of Aquarius. What this brings with it is a coming together of the people, whether through a strong sense of community or through technological advances.

Sweet Moon Diaries: Full Moon in Leo (January 2021) Full Wolf Moon

Sweet Moon Diaries: Full Moon in Leo (January 2021) Full Wolf Moon!  This moon is a fickle moon that will shake things up and spur you into action.  With a fire sign in the moon, it invites you to reignite the spark within you and make peace with your past in an effort to light the path, the heart,…

How to Be a Sea Witch: A Mini-Guide to Sea Witchcraft

This is a blog post on how to be a sea witch and a mini-guide to sea witchcraft! Living in Florida, it's almost impossible to not get caught up in the riptide and currents that working with the sea conjures up. Whether it be walking the coastline after a hurricane or visiting a freshwater lak…

The Metaphysical Properties of Lavender Herb: Lavender Magick

This is a blog post on the metaphysical properties of lavender herb + lavender magick! This purple herb is associated with the crown chakra, pairs well with amethyst gemstone, and acts as a sleep aid at bedtime. Working with the healing properties of lavender plant will open a whole new world for…

The Magical Healing Properties of Aquarius Season 2021: The Water Bearer

The Magical Healing Properties of Aquarius Season 2021: The Water Bearer!  This time around, we'll be working with air signs to create a strong sense of community in our lives.  Aquarius people are all about the connection we have toward others and the balance we have within ourselves.
I mention…

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