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Butterfly Animal Spirit + Butterfly Symbolism and Meaning


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This is a blog post on the butterfly animal spirit + butterfly symbolism and meaning! Butterflies often come to you during a time of great transformation and life transitions and shifts. Let's look into what your butterfly transformation journey is all about!

When you begin to see butterfly imagery everywhere, it's usually a sign from the universe that things are about to shift! You'll most likely receive intuitive downloads, prophetic dreams, and come into contact with real-life butterflies while hiking or gardening. Even just a walk around the block or sunning in the backyard can be enough to spark a change!

As it turns out, I am one of the lucky ones! My animal spirit is a butterfly spirit guide. You may have noticed all of the butterfly imagery and animation on this blog!

It's gotten to the point now, where butterfly spirits just like to chill and hang out with me when I'm taking photographs of mother nature or hiking the forests. Working with the butterfly maiden and butterfly fairies really helped me blossom over the course of the past two years!

Butterflies are symbolic of nature, fairies, flowers, and green leaves.  In a spiritual sense, butterflies are reminiscent of all things good in the world.

Butterflies are often shy, child-like, and very sweet in nature.  Butterflies symbolize our need to slough off our old ways of thinking.  They help us to render our old skin, leave our cocoons for a season, and become the beautiful, shining human being of love and light within.  

Fairies and butterflies often go hand-in-hand together!  Fairies love working with both flowers and butterflies, as well as using them to carry things and source things out.  Butterflies are closely linked to the flower fairies, a group of sweet-natured blooms with a built-in nature spirit inside!

Butterfly Animal Spirit + Butterfly Symbolism and Meaning

Butterflies are reminiscent of transformation.  If you are on a butterfly transformation journey, you'll most likely feel uncomfortable in your own skin for a while, as your spirit energy shifts and changes into something new.  

Dreaming about butterflies, on the other hand, is representative of a new beginning in life!  It means that life force energy is changing, shifting, and transitioning into a new form.  Butterflies are like the shapeshifters of the animal kingdom and the natural world.  

I've always felt that dreaming about butterflies is prophetic of the changes you are making or the transformation you are about to undergo in your life.  Butterflies are simple reminders that people can change, but that change is often challenging.  

It is only through the discomfort of change and spiritual awakening that we find our true, authentic selves.  Butterflies remind us that even though change can be scary and difficult, it brings good things into your life too!

How do you know if you have a butterfly animal spirit or butterfly animal totem?  Also, what is the difference between the two?  

Well, based on my own life experience and challenges, I've come to know that I have a butterfly spirit guide or butterfly animal spirit if you will.  The butterfly started out as something small and seemingly insignificant on my journey, only to turn out to be one of the most important lessons I'll ever learn!  

When a butterfly shows up in your life, pay attention!  It means that over the course of the next few years, your life is about to change in magical, transformative ways.  You will shapeshift in and out of form, most likely several times.  

When this happens, it means you have a butterfly animal spirit by your side!  Your butterfly spirit guide will show up in signs, symbols, and butterfly statues and imagery.  They will literally be signposts trying to grab your attention to let you know that change is coming!

On the other hand, a butterfly animal totem shows up differently!  They will be more communicative with you and you'll be able to access them through dreams and meditation.  My animal totem is the blue whale and I have known this since I was a little girl, pouring over books about the different whale species, and feeling a deep, spiritual connection to the tranquil energy of the blue whale.  

Do you see the difference?  If you have a butterfly animal totem, she will be a permanent fixture in your life.  She will be someone you can actually sit down and talk to like a best friend that you've known since childhood.  Honestly, you most likely have!

You've probably known your butterfly animal totem for many past lifetimes in faraway places, set back long ago.  Butterfly animal totems will be with you as an identifier in this life and be a consistent north star that always shines her light on you and loom.  

With butterfly animal spirits and spirit guides, they are simply here as signposts to guide you!  They are here to spark the change within you and you'll notice them through signs, synchronicities, and butterfly statues and imagery that randomly seem to show up at the right time in your life.  

They will never leave your side, but your relationship will be more symbiotic and guided more than anything!  Whereas, butterfly animal totems are like an old friend you always go to for wise counsel and sage advice.  They show up in prophetic dreams to warm you and love to walk with you in the forest for long, meaningful conversations about the meaning of life.  

If a butterfly shows up in your life, especially more than one, it is meant to symbolize the changes you are making.  They are persistent in getting their message across and not at all subtle, which I prefer, as I don't do subtle either!

Butterflies can often show up to aid us in healing our inner child.  When was the last time you were fun and playful?  As grownups, we often forget what it's like to retain the childlike innocence of children and coming of age.  

The butterfly magic is built within us and it is meant to last a lifetime!  It's something that we always have access to.  Whether it be through gardening, walking the forest floor on a sunny day, or picnicking in green meadows, butterflies are here to remind us that change is the one constant star in our life that we can always count on!

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