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How to Be a Sea Witch: A Mini-Guide to Sea Witchcraft

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This is a blog post on how to be a sea witch and a mini-guide to sea witchcraft! Living in Florida, it's almost impossible to not get caught up in the riptide and currents that working with the sea conjures up. Whether it be walking the coastline after a hurricane or visiting a freshwater lake on a sunny afternoon, sea witchery can be used anyplace, anywhere!

Lately, especially after being called upon by the Morrigan, I've been finding myself missing the sea and the sand beneath my feet.  I live really close to the beach and the water is literally a hop, skip, and a jump from where I live, but sometimes I forget the ocean is my playground, readily available to me!

Goddess Morrigan reminds me of the ocean because she is undoubtedly connected to Goddess Morgan Le Fay, a sea witch from the Arthurian tales!  Since contacting her, which I plan to share soon, I've become entranced by the sea again!

You see, I live in a tiny, seaside fishing village in Florida, better known as Ozona.  It is here that I am always close to waterfront properties and tall seagrass and sea oats line the streets.  It's a quiet little enclave with the heart of the sea pumping through its veins.  

But, somewhere along the way, I lost touch with the sea magic I used to hold within me.  I used to be the girl who would be dreaming of seashells in the summer and playing mermaid with the feminine energy in my life, whether it be my daughters or my niece, the sea was my friend.

 Getting back into sea magick is every bit as wonderful as I remember!  You simply have to head over to the beach or water and let your feet sink into the sand beneath your feet.  Scoop tiny seashells from the water and help living sea snails find their way home.  

I first started dreaming of the ocean when I was a little girl.  I grew up in the Mojave Desert of Southern California near the Salton Sea and I was always fascinated by the stories my father would tell me about Spanish Galleons and lost treasure.  

That fascination only grew louder when I got to visit the beach for the very first time!  I was intrigued and a little fearful of the long seaweed wrapping around my legs like mermaid hair and the tidal pool touch tanks welcoming me for a closer look with my sand pail.  

As I grew older, I moved to Florida and fell head-over-heels in love with the ocean blue.  I had a crush on the ocean and I'm pretty sure my blue crush felt the same way about me too!

So, the first step in the process of becoming a sea witch is to recognize the sea witch within you!  The sea is a vast, starry place that reflects off of the night sky.  It holds such mystery and makes you feel like you could stretch to eternity.  Sand angels, anyone?

Are you someone that has always held a deep fascination with the ocean?  Do you have a sea creature as an animal totem?  One clue that sea witchery was part of my path as a solitary green witch was meeting my blue whale animal totem as a child!

Having an animal totem or animal spirit guide that belongs in the ocean is a surefire way to identify if you might be a sea witch!  By the way, even if you don't live anywhere near the ocean, you can still benefit from being a sea witch.

Again, I grew up in the Mojave Desert of Southern California.  It's considered the low desert there and below sea level yet I would find shells and trilobites from the Mesozoic era!  In one way or another, we are all connected to the sea.  

My youngest daughter Chloe once channeled the ancient mermaids, the old ones if you will!  I'll never forget when she told me, per her mermaid guide, that the human species originally evolved from the sea.  We once had fins and eventually needed to develop feet out of necessity. 

I was floored by this!  But, at the same time, I wasn't surprised.  I had always felt that it made more sense for us to evolve from the ocean.  I believe some, if not all of us, are connected to our sea heritage!

Being a sea witch means you not only feel a connection to the watery depths of the ocean floor, it means you feel connected to sea creatures, mermaids and sea sprites, and sea goddesses!  You might find there's a Venusian quality about you as Venus is associated with Aphrodite and she's a sea goddess with a beauty to behold.

You can practice sea witchcraft anyplace, anywhere!  You can use your conch seashell to communicate with the sea telepathically as if the ocean is just a phone call away.  If you hold a seashell to your ear, you can hear sea angels at work in your life!

How to Be a Sea Witch: A Mini-Guide to Sea Witchcraft

How to be a sea witch, that is the question!  In order to be a sea witch, always utilize the tools and resources that you have with you.  For me, it was a giant hardcover book about all of the different whale species when I was a little girl.  

From there, the calling just kept building up inside of me until one day I found myself in Florida, swimming in a turquoise ocean on a bright summer day!  It was a little less scary than the deep, dark waters of Southern California.  

Whatever the case may be, you've got to find your reasons for being a sea witch!  Most likely, if you're reading this, there's some interest in the world of sea witchcraft already at your disposal.  We can work with that.  

Maybe you're more like me and you got caught up in life and lost your sea magic somewhere along the way.  That's okay.  Life happens and we've just got to rekindle that childhood love of the ocean we've always had!

Revisit all the reasons why you feel drawn to sea witchcraft.  Do you have water in your chart?  Have you always had a thing for mermaids?  

Whatever your reasons are, working with sea magic will bring something healing and cleansing to your life!  Whether you be a water sign or a fire sign, the ocean calls to you and it's okay to use what you've got on hand to become a sea witch.  

You can start working on being a sea witch by collecting sand or making a sea witch terrarium complete with shells, starfish, and tiny branches of faux coral reefs!  You can begin by working with the water element more, by making your moon water during a full moon, or doing spells on the beach by a bonfire.

Do what feels good to you!  Work spells that engage with the magical healing properties of the sea.  Using seawater in baneful banishing spells can really work magic mojo for household protection.

If you can, I recommend spending time in or near bodies of water.  If you can get to a coastline, even better!  Head on over to the shore after a big storm to see what discoveries you might find.  You can use your sea treasures for future spells!

Even if you don't live near the sea, chances are you have a bathtub or sink that you can use to connect with sea goddesses and sea angels!  Below, you can find the goddess that I worked with during the Scorpio New Moon (November 2020) to help guide you closer to your sea witch truth.

Goddess Sige - Gnostic Goddess of Silenece

Sige is the Gnostic goddess of silent reverie, quiet reflection, and peace within.  She is a zen-like goddess of gigantic proportions yet her energy can be condensed into one drop of water and a million galaxies filled with stars, planets, and suns.  

What this means is that she is everything and she is all.  She is the quiet space within and she is everything in between all time and space.  

Sige makes you think about stuff.  She makes you think about the sun, moon, and stars, and everything in between.  She will help you to contemplate your own existence and to get to the bottom of life source.  

I first got to know the Gnostic Goddess Sige through my daughter.  I mean, we read the same book at the time, but Chloe being a Pisces water sign, couldn't stop worshipping Goddess Sige!  Naturally, her attraction to Sige made me want to know more about this quiet, reflective goddess.

She's the kind of goddess that mirrors the reflection of the moon back to you.  It's within that mirror that you'll gaze at yourself, you'll gaze at the starry sky, and you'll see everything you need to see.  

Sadly, there's not a lot of information about Sige out in the world.  She's a lesser-known goddess, but it doesn't make her simple blessings any less than perfection!  Luckily, with this new moon magic, I plan on getting to know her even better and writing about her in the future.

Thanks to my youngest daughter Chloe, the Gnostic goddess of silence has a special place in my heart!  She's the kind of goddess you want to journal to, write poetry for, and spend time meditating on the Aztec ruins with.  

She's all about deep reflection and reading between the lines!  The Gnostic Goddess Sige is great for activating the life path key of your life in feng shui.  The life path key has everything to do with career, creativity, imagination, and life purpose.  

She's got mermaid energy if anything!  Maybe that's because I would always do a water-based meditation with her in the bathtub, along with the moon goddesses Selene and Luna.  She has a way of helping you to remove distractions, shut out the noise, and go deep within the dark recesses of your mind!


For the new moon in Scorpio ritual this month, I'm going to take a hot sea salt bath in something known as a mermaid energy bath!  This is where I go within and meditate under the water.  I usually go completely under the surface of the water for as long as I can hold my breath.  

While I'm submerged, I communicate with mermaids and water goddesses from deep within the realm depths!  This time, I'll be making contact with the Gnostic Goddess Sige and she'll speak to me through visualization.  

Water is one of the most effective ways to enhance psychic abilities and gifts.  Water connects us to the spiritual realm and a higher awakened state of consciousness.  Somewhere in between those worlds is where Goddess Sige lives.  

In the past, she would put her finger up to shhh me as a symbol to be quiet and still.  Usually, when I see her that's her natural pose for silence and solitude, much like a librarian would be around her books.  

There's respect in silence and solitude.  It's during my bathtub meditation that I emerge with new insights to write down upon completion.  There is so much I hope to learn from Sige with the Scorpio supermoon!  There is so much she can teach me about being a reflection of the world I live in rather than an active participant in it.  

If you too would like to try a mermaid cleansing bath, pour an entire bottle of sea salt into the tub and get in!  Invoke Gnostic Goddess Sige silently in your mind, as this is the best way to speak with her.  She's a goddess who can hear you through the unspoken words that you say.  

Then, take turns submerging yourself and coming up for air!  Get the most out of your time underwater by letting a picture of her come to mind and watching what symbols come to the forefront of your mind.  

It could be anything from a silent symbol to a book she wants you to read.  Sometimes, it can be words or phrases she wants you to lookup.  Whatever the case may be, Sige will emerge from the watery depths of your subconscious to greet you!  

Goddess Sige Offerings:

Leave a seashell or mermaid toy at the bottom of the ocean of your bathtub for the rest of the day or until it's bathtime again!

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