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How to Work With the High Priestess Tarot Card Energy

A sea witch girl gnome high priestess overlooking the sea like Morgan Le Fay of the Arthurian legend of Medieval times

This is a blog post on how to work with the high priestess tarot card energy! When this tarot card makes an appearance in your reading, get ready for secrets and mysteries to be revealed. This is the card that tells you to use your intuition because you already know the answer to what you are asking.

To me, the high priestess strikes a chord of all things witchy and fabulous! She's secretive and mysterious and most likely, she probably knows your secrets too. The high priestess doesn't hold her secrets forever like the moon tarot card does.

No, the priestess is all about bringing secrets to the surface and creating mysteries to be revealed in good time. She's the card that makes you want to know more, but at the same time, the kind of tarot card that assures you that you have all the answers you need within you.

Working with the high priestess is like opening a world of possibilities. She uses her intuition as her guide. She feels things into existence as she knows where the truth lies in the heart of the circle.

The high priestess tarot card energy is a favorite card amongst tarot readers, astrologers, and spiritual teachers! It is the card that tells you that you are on the right path if you have an urge to follow intuitive nudges to greener pastures.

If you are asking about a life path and purpose in a career reading, getting the high priestess can mean you will be called to become a spiritual teacher of some sort. Probably something esoteric, such as tarot readings, moon readings, and creating astrology birth charts. Of course, it always depends on surrounding cards in your tarot reading!

You might end up sharing your psychic readings, gifts, and abilities with the world if the high priestess shows up for you! You might find yourself learning new forms of divination such as tea leaf readings, using runes, and necromancy. Let this startling tarot guru be your guide to the stars!

If you have a question about something and you get the high priestess card, you probably already know the answer! That's the beauty of working with our favorite fortune teller.

Sometimes, she can be a sign of being called to witchcraft! Maybe you are standing on a precipice and are trying to decide between being a hedgewitch, a green witch, or a sea witch. Why not choose all three?

The high priestess says you already know the answer and the choice is clear. One thing that this card has taught me is that we have all the answers within us, in the still-frame corners of our mind. We just have to trust what we already know.

There's something unconventional about the high priestess as a person. She's kind of a blurred line for a lot of people because she's difficult to read, intriguing, and a great mystery. She's difficult to pin down or put your finger on!

As a person, she may be that mysterious neighbor that you'll never really know or understand. Maybe she's a person in your life that holds all of her cards close to her chest and seems to have a lot of secrets.

Whatever the case may be, the high priestess is the ultimate card of divination, fortune-telling, and all things witchy! This is a great card for pinning down a specific calling or career path, especially if you've been receiving intuitive nudges in the same direction.

Maybe the high priestess wants you to spend more time with your tarot cards, holding them in your hands, and listening to their messages. What images pop up? What song comes to mind?

Anytime spent with the tarot is time well spent, says the high priestess of the tarot deck. She is a powerful entity to work with in tarot readings dripping of intrigue and mystery. Even if you are writing a mystery novel, she can help you set the tone of your story!

Much like the hermit tarot card energy healing, the high priestess is a very spiritual card to get for a divine connection, especially when combined with another major arcana card like the Lovers tarot card.

If this particular card pops up in a love tarot reading, know that someone in your relationship could be keeping secrets. Someone might not be telling you everything or could be wearing a mask, especially when combined with the devil.

It can also mean that there are some things that universe isn't ready for you to know at this time. No worries! All will be revealed at a later date and time.

Okay, but how do you work with the high priestess tarot card energy? First, get to know her by spending time with her. Keep reading to find out how!

How to Work With the High Priestess Tarot Card Energy

One of the things I've learned to do is sleep with the high priestess tarot card under my pillow at night!  I'll often combine her with other mighty forces and sleep aids such as amethyst gemstone, lavender herb plant, and bay leaves for psychic abilities and dream premonition.

 What this does:  Sleeping with the high priestess under your pillow and using her as a sleep aid creates a portal between the subconscious mind and physical reality.  This tarot card will bring secrets that have been submerged to the surface while you sleep.

Why?  Because your subconscious mind already knows the truth.  This is known as your intuition, a sacred connection between your higher self and your spirit guides and animal totems.  The high priestess energy healing bridges that connection.  

It might be helpful to keep a dream journal while you work with the high priestess while you sleep.  This way you can record immediate thoughts, feelings, and impressions.  Write down all the colorful details of your dreams.  

Another thing the high priestess will do is to assist you with dream premonitions!  Dream premonitions are dreams that feel "real" and are usually a warning sign of something yet to come.  It's usually a milestone or event or an awakening.  

For me, it has always been dream premonitions before the death of someone I love or a world event.  The morning my grandson died, my daughter had called me and she was walking him in his stroller.  When she called me, she had woken me from a beautiful dream that felt so real!

It was a dream of my daughter holding Baby Noah in heaven and there was a triple rainbow in the sky.  The colors were more vivid than my usual dreams and everything felt more real somehow.  A couple of hours later, he had died in his sleep.  

I now know that Noah and my angels were letting me know that he would be leaving this life for another!  I caught a glimpse into his new home before he passed on and I knew he'd be safe there, nestled in God's loving arms.

Dreams, especially premonitions, can be a powerful tool to wield events and understand them!  Obviously, those kinds of premonitions are saved for major life events and catastrophes, but dream premonition can be used for other things too!  It can be used to help people.

Therefore, bringing the high priestess to bed with you is always a great idea!  She will wake you up to the dream state in your mind.  You might go to bed with a problem and wake up with the solution.  That's the high priestess at work in your life!

She may not have the life of the party energy of the three of cups or the calm of the temperance card, but she falls somewhere in the great in-between. She's the mystery of life and she knows all your secrets.  Do you?

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