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How to Work With Three of Cups Tarot Card Energy


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This is a guide on how to work with three of cups tarot card energy!  Three of cups is minor arcana in the tarot deck, but it's always a welcoming card to get in your tarot reading.  Let's talk about the celebratory nature of three of cups energy, shall we?

Whenever I see the three of cups it evokes images of friendship and celebrations, as well as a strong sense of sisterhood and community.  The threes are about creativity, growth, and expansion with the three of cups tarot card being no exception!

Working with the three of cups s a great way to bring more positive energy into your life.  It's a card that tells you to let loose a little, let your hair down, and have some fun.  This card gives you permission from the universe itself to go out and have some fun!

On a smaller scale, this tarot card reminds us to celebrate the little things in life and count our blessings.  It commands us to find the hidden gems buried in every challenge and difficulty, simply because it is readily available to us.  

On a larger scale, the three of cups can mean anything that's worth celebrating.  It could be a proposal, a wedding, or some really good news coming in for you.  It reminds me of the smaller-scale version of the sun tarot card in the tarot deck.  

This can especially prove to be true when you ask a specific question and the answer that pops out in your reading is the three of cups!  Always look to surrounding cards to see where this card is taking you.  

In a lot of ways, the three of cups comes out as a resounding yes to a yes or no tarot reading!  Again, it must be followed by other cards unless it's the very first card to pop up.  I would then still pull a few more cards at this point to verify the answer.  

In my last post, I wrote about how to work with hermit tarot card energy!  This kind of energy is major arcana, meaning that it will likely be a time period of your life where you need to be in reflective, solo energy.  Major arcana represents major life events, whereas minor arcana represent the minor details to fill out the rest of your reading with color and description.  

Getting back into the meaning of the three of cups means getting to the heart, energy, and essence of it!  You must first get to know this highly feminine energy card and in order to do that, you must spend time with her card on a regular basis.  

See what thoughts, feelings, and impressions come up for you?  Relate this card to major life events that may be coming up for you.  Do you have a wedding to attend in the fall?  Is someone in your family having a baby?

These are major life changes that pack an emotional punch and emotion is what the cups are all about.  The cup's energy is reflective of psychic abilities born of the watery, mermaid realm.  If you have an empathic or highly intuitive nature, you will get a lot out of the three of cups energy healing card.  

The cups are also about feelings, romantic love, friendship, and tuning into your emotional landscape. They are often associated with water signs energy, which is Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio.  These are people who are highly sensitive, creative, and deeply spiritual.  

In addition to the cups overflowing with feelings and emotion that you'll find in any cups suit, you'll also find the answers you've been looking for, which is exactly what the three of cups will bring to the table!  It's always good news to pull three of cups.  It's the kind of card that sinks into your heart space.

Where is your sacred heart space?  That's where the answer will be.  If you were looking for good news and positive outcomes, she's your tarot card guru.  

Three of cups has become immensely personal to me lately as it has shown its place as ringing in not only the new year but yet another season of my life.  It's a card of welcome relief after a period of intense heartbreak, sadness, pain, and loss.  

The three of cups tell me that I may soon overcome my difficulties then she proves it by opening my eyes to the positive changes I'm making.  This particular tarot card has been stalking me and for once, I actually don't mind!

Three of cups has become my thematic card for the new year and the forecast ahead.  She's not saying that everything will be butterflies and rose gardens every moment, but she is saying there's so much left in life to celebrate.  She is telling me to kick up my heels and enjoy!

Three of cups is steering me toward family, friendships, and community right now.  I am feeling a strong bond of sisterhood, as our little family is growing.  

I recently found out that my oldest daughter is pregnant with baby number two!  Guess what card popped out when I did a reading about her pregnancy?  You guessed it, the three of cups!

Sometimes, depending on surrounding cards, the three of cups can indicate a baby girl if you are reading on someone who is pregnant.  It's a tarot card filled with feminine energy and essence, with three sisters (or friends) raising their glasses in celebration.

No wonder I love this card so much!  I do have three daughters and two granddaughters, plus one on the way.  Lots of feminine energy in our family!

How to Work With Three of Cups Tarot Card Energy

In order to utilize the full joy and tribulation of working with three of cups, you might like to carry this card with you in your purse or spend time holding it while you sip your coffee in the morning.  Gaze at her while you are in down dog on your yoga mat and place her where you can see her for meditation.  

I work with the three of cups whenever I need a burst of celebration style energy.  The kind of energy that reminds you of sparkling champagne and warm bubbly in your belly.  

It's the essence that feels like fun and laughter, good times, and happy memories of living in the magic of the moment!  It's the card that is steering me forward in 2021 despite how dark and painful twenty-twenty was for me last year.  It's a sacred reminder of all the good things in life.  

To really enjoy her energy, you might like to pour a glass of champagne bubbly for both you and Goddess Freya, who pairs very well with three of cups energy healing!  Offer the other glass to bold Goddess Freya and you drink the other.  

Talk to Freya about the three of cups and how you'd like to utilize her power.  It could be that you'd like to have more fun in life and you need to shake up the snow globe of life.  

Maybe you tell her you'd like her help in being bolder and living in the moment fearlessly!  She might give you the courage to ask that guy out or give someone your number.  

Then, ask her to connect you with your three of cups side, which is highly feminine, festive, and fun!  She can help you plan a party or a wedding.  She can help you to look damn good while doing it too.  

In addition to working with Freya, feel free to connect with the three of cups card directly!  Write down everything that comes to mind when you think about three of cups.  It could be anything from planning a baby shower for your sister to finding a green witch coven that works magic with you. 

Think of songs that remind you of three of cups and write them down too.  Keep a mini three of cups journal to get to know this party planning card a lot better.  It's a fun way to see what the personal meaning of the card means for you!  Thanks for reading...xoxo

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