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Meet Goddess Lakshmi: Hindu Goddess of Wealth, Prosperity, and House Blessings


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Meet Goddess Lakshmi: Hindu Goddess of Wealth, Prosperity, and House Blessings! She is every bit as successful as you would imagine her to be, whether it be working with her on money spells, crafting a business proposal, or creating an aim for your future by setting achievable goals.

To begin working with the Goddess Lakshmi, you must first get to know her well. She's pretty down to earth, as far as goddesses go! She may have acquired wealth, but she is pretty accessible when it comes to sharing her gift of prosperity with others.

Abundance goes beyond the borders of real, tangible money and cold hard cash. Abundance is a mindset you must shift into that requires ridding yourself of a lot of limiting beliefs. That's where Mahalakshmi (Goddess Lakshmi's full name) comes into play!

Working with the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi requires some work on your part. She will always address your lack mentality and money mindset before all else. Once you've cleared your limiting beliefs about money, then she will step in and do the rest!

Goddess Lakshmi is usually depicted in colorful pictures with rich, vibrant jewel tones, wearing luxurious clothing as she stands at the forefront of a waterfall with an elephant on each side of her.  She is always surrounded by coins.  

One of the first things you can do to connect with her is to visit that waterfall through a money visualization technique.  See her in the waterfall and get in with her.  See her pouring the coins on you and feel them being absorbed into your skin, into your bloodstream, and into your life force!

Let Lakshmi pour the golden coins in your hands, as they overflow all around you.  Imagine this same kind of abundance in your bank account, savings account, investments, or even in your wallet.  This visualization technique can work for any type of money problem that you have!

I have found that waterfalls, in particular, are commonly associated with wealth and abundance.  This is because water is in direct flow with money.  If you need your cash to flow, you can head on over to a moving body of water to speak with Goddess Lakshmi or call on her as you run a bath or run water in the kitchen sink.  

She is highly associated with the flow of water and water is associated with cashflow!  Goddess Mahalakshmi also likes someone who is devoted to her and that takes time and loyalty.  You can start small with her, but you must build a solid relationship with her before this can go any further.

I find that she takes to people fairly quickly and as long as you are sincere, she will most likely be willing to work with you! She is the perfect goddess to get involved with any money magic spell, career spells, gambling spells, and even good luck spells!

Lakshmi Goddess is commonly associated with the color purple and when I think of gemstones, amethyst gemstone always comes to mind. I also see her in rich colors of gold, as gold is commonly associated with material wealth and luxury.

To Mahalakshmi, quality is more important than quantity, so this is also something to bear in mind when initiating contact with her. Luxury might mean having fewer items, yet more expensive, luxurious items that are made well such as slow fashions, for example.

In addition to that, you can address Goddess Lakshmi by writing an energy healing letter to her. Pour your heart out to her about your money mindset and limiting beliefs about money. If you have a pretty good mindset about money already, you can simply talk to her about the future and the goals you have in regards to making investments, selling properties, or making business plans.

Another thing you can do to get to know Goddess Lakshmi better is to work with purple flowers and blooms.  When I think of lavender herb, for example, it makes me think of peace, calm, wealth, and luxury.  It has a soothing effect, just like the Mahalakshmi goddess does!

Goddess Lakshmi often works hand-in-hand with Lord Ganesh!  Laksmi often sets the goals with her desired patron and Lord Ganesh will come in and stomp out any vestige of obstacles and roadblocks in your way to achieving that goal.  They make a formidable force when you pair them together!

You can also create layers of wealth in and around your house via Lakshmi!  She might inspire you to create a prosperity altar in the wealth section of your home according to feng shui.  It's the far left corner of your home or room when standing in the doorway.

Bonus points for dedicating the altar to her or even giving it the name of Goddess Lakshmi worship altar!  You can add gold coins or real gold flakes to your altar.  Add in some money stones such as amethyst crystal (for a healthy money mindset), aventurine (for good luck), and citrine for the healing powers of money!  

You can keep a small bouquet of purple blooms on your Goddess Lakshmi worship altar!  Again, lavender is always a good choice, as it alleviates your worries and stress about money.  If you'd like, you can add a boost to your botanicals by adding Goddess Lakshmi prosperity oil to the outside of your vase or on the trim of your altar.  

Whatever you choose to do, the Mahalakshmi goddess will keep expanding your consciousness larger, in order to keep building on the money flow you already have!  If your ultimate goal is to be a millionaire someday and you have nothing in your pocket right now, she will work with where you are currently at when it comes to money.  

After all, it would be difficult to imagine being a millionaire if you've never experienced that before.  So, she might start small with you.  She might help you with your first large chunk of cash or help you make sales in your Etsy shop.  

You might win a free trip to a luxury beauty spa or an expensive yoga retreat in Sedona, Arizona.  These little things are to build up your self-worth and confidence when it comes to money.  She is helping you to begin learning what it feels like to live in the lap of luxury!

If you continue to work with her, within a year you could really be a millionaire!  It takes time, dedication, and practice, but Goddess Lakshmi lets you know that she feels you are worth every penny.

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