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Sweet Moon Diaries: New Moon in Capricorn (January 2021)

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Sweet Moon Diaries:  New Moon in Capricorn (January 2021) is fully loaded with new moon rituals and sacred spells for setting intentions with the new moon magical energy. 

Welcome to the latest edition of Sweet Moon Diaries! Every month, I keep a diary of the moon cycles in order to record my moods, impressions, moon magic spells, and full moon rituals. The theme for the Capricorn New Moon is practical magic!

That's another thing I do. I choose a theme that matches the impressions of the full moon and new moon that come out every month. 

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It's important to note that a new moon is a dark moon that brings about a fresh start and new beginnings!  New moons bring in fresh energy, innovative ideas for change, and represent a turning point in the month.

Everyone always thinks the new year is a chance to start over and it is, but with a new moon, you have a chance to start fresh every month, not just once a year!  New moons are the ultimate fresh start that sets the tone until the next full moon comes along in a few weeks.

New moons are a time of setting goals and intentions and then, sitting back and watching the universe activate those goals and dreams, bringing them color and life!  It's with every new moon that we have a chance to start a new exercise program or plant-based diet or any other good habit we'd like to implement as we move our way forward throughout the year.  

Anything to step forward and away from 2020, which we rose from like a phoenix from the ashes!  It's great energy to step into, making things feel more positively cemented in our futures.  It's as if, this time, this new moon, we're leaving the past behind and leveling up!

It's no surprise that the world tarot card has been coming up in my tarot readings!  The world card represents tying up loose ends and closing out chapters in our lives.  It also represents leveling up, graduating to a new level, and fresh, new beginnings that align with the person we are today.  So, let's look into that, shall we?  

SWEET MOON DIARIES: NEW MOON IN Capricorn (January 2021)

The Capricorn new moon is a feel-good moon!  There will be times where things turn bittersweet, but I can't help but feel that some of that is leftover energy from the year twenty-twenty.  Let's face it, 2020 was kind of a brutal year for the world, as well as many individuals around the globe.

It's normal to have little moments of sadness creeping in and a longing to understand something, but the new moon in Cappy is a moon of feel-good starter energy!  It's an active energy that makes you want to do something.  

It's a great time to start new projects or take old projects to the next level.  So, go ahead!  Dust that old book you've been meaning to read off of the proverbial shelf and let's begin.

It's a new moon that will allow you to start clearing out old, residual past energy from things that began in the year twenty-twenty.  It's always important to sweep out the old so that we can allow the new to move in freely.

This is the kind of new moon that makes you want to get things done.  It is very practical, earthy energy that brings things from the spiritual realm into the existence of the earthly, physical mundane world.  

Practical, studious, hardworking Capricorn makes this moon much more appealing than had it been in any other sign!  This is because Cappy has a comforting, down to earth energy that resonates with everyone, not just a few minor players in the story.  

It's the kind of new moon that makes me think of practical magic.  Not the movie (though Practical Magic is my all-time favorite movie), but the kind of magic that's accessible in our daily lives.  It's the everyday mundane magic that comes with living.  

As magical people, it's easy for us to get caught up in a daydream or fantasy, but the Capricorn new moon allows us to remain grounded in the work we love to do.  It gives us a practical application to implement things and make things happen.  That's why I chose practical magic as the theme for this new moon!

This new moon just feels right.  While we may have "officially" rung in the new year on January 1st, this new moon is the real MVP of fresh starts!  It's a moon of turning your real-life magic into reality and honestly, what could be better than that?  

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NEW MOON IN Capricorn Earth Sign Rituals

For the new moon in Cappy, I've got some earth sign rituals up my sleeve!  Some of my favorite magic involves hiking magic, and since the weather has been nice in Florida lately, that's just what I'm going to do.

I've never done this before, but my plans are to take an herbal envelope spell into the forest and find a quiet spot to place it.  Somewhere private, where it's less likely to be found by anyone.  There are a few spots in the briar that I think would make the perfect hiding spot for my nature in an envelope spell!

How it works:  I'm going to write down my intentions on a piece of journal paper and fold it up with herbs and gemstones that I feel would give my herbal spell a prominent boost in magic!  Then, on the envelope, I am going to write down some key features of what's inside the envelope.

For herbal envelope spells, I always add the moon phase we're in and which herbs and spices I used, and what their uses and metaphysical properties are.  I always sign and date it!

In addition to that, I make sure to add the spirit helper I'm going to work with for the current moon phase and cycle.  This moon finds me working closely with the moon angel, Archangel Haniel!

Then, I slip everything into the envelope and seal it with a kiss!  I actually make sure to put on a shade of my favorite lipstick application before adding my signature kiss mark to the closing fold of the envelope at its center.  This adds a certain level of finality to the spell I am creating, letting the universe know that this spell is in fact, done and complete!

For more on herb meanings and uses, you might enjoy reading, The Magical Herbarium for Herbal Witchcraft!  It will breakdown the magical properties of herbs and their secret meanings and the rituals they can be used in.

Writing down your intentions is in fact, a spell of sorts!  It lets the universe know that the things you have listed need to be manifested into physical reality.  For grounding things into reality, I plan on spending some time sleeping with a grounding stone under my pillow during the new moon shadow period!

I chose garnet as my grounding stone for the new moon in Capricorn energy healing!  It's known for working with the root chakra and acts as a catalyst for manifesting your dreams into reality.  Anytime I've worked with it in the past, my intention has always come true in some form.  

Capricorn New Moon + Working With Moon Angels

The Capricorn new moon has me working with a moon angel this month!  I started feeling the new moon energy over the weekend and began feeling the loving, healing presence of Archangel Haniel by my side.  It was at that exact moment that I knew I'd be working with her for the Cappy new moon.

I will often choose either a moon angel or a moon goddess I would like to work with based on the energy of the moon phase.  Archangel Haniel came to me with some sweet intuitive nudges and a change in direction.  

Working with Archangel Haniel means undying love and support as I create new moon rituals, new moon spells, and new moon intentions.  Asking an angel to oversee and protect your spells only enhances the experience even further!

I find that working with Archangel Haniel means a lighter touch to things, as her touch is as light as a feather or angel wings!  She's a highly feminine moon angel you can call on for all things moon-like.  Plus, she speaks to you through your intuition.

If intuition is something you struggle with, Archangel Haniel is your girl!  She will speak to you through your thoughts, feelings, and emotions and you'll just "know" stuff instantly.  This is called getting an intuitive download or an intuitive hit.

She will give you instant ideas on how to work your magic in a way that is most relevant to your craft!  She will give your new moon intentions list a magical boost that speeds things up.  She may come across as shy or a bit subtle in her workings, but she really is an angel that knows you with all of her heart.

That's exactly why I chose her (or she chose me) to be my angel guide to the moon this time around!  She makes the experience feel soft, gentle, and reassuring which is always nice to feel.  She's like a brood of cute puppies loving you all at once!

NEW MOON IN Capricorn Magic Spells

For the new moon magical energy, I am going back to basics, which is such a Capricorn thing to do!  They always refer back to the practical application of things.  This means taking a few of my new moon intentions and transforming them into literal spells!

For one thing, I plan on casting a spell to get a new laptop computer this month.  The one I have now is slow, outdated, and interferes with my work-life flow and balance.  So naturally, I'd like to change that in a permanent way!

Here's the thing with these kinds of spells: Be prepared for anything!  Spells always work, they just don't always come true the way we think they will, and that's something to always bear in mind when performing practical magic.

For example, there's a chance that I create a laptop computer spell and the spell works a little too good, making my computer go out on me and forcing me to have to buy a new one!  I'm not saying that is how it will happen, but that's always a possibility when doing spellwork for specific needs, wants, wishes, and desires.

I plan on performing a potted plant spell to manifest my laptop computer!  This is where you write your intention down on a piece of paper and add it to the bottom of a cute planter with herbs, gemstones, and graveyard dirt (whatever spell ingredients you require for your new moon magic spell) then, add rich, organic soil and a thriving plant!

For my spell, I'm going to use a golden pothos plant in order to ensure my plant spell is built-to-last!  Golden pothos plants are known for being hearty plants that can live long lives, even in a low maintenance setting.  The perfect choice for a potted plant spell to manifest a state of the art laptop computer of my dreams!

This spell, just so you know, can be used for anything so feel free to try your hand with it!  I will also be asking Haniel to give my potted plant spell a solid boost of new moon magic energy.  There you have it!

That's my new moon spell for the Capricorn new moon!  It's simple, down to earth, and it has a solid foundation for working as I have done plant spirit spells many times over.  

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