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The Mercury in Retrograde First Aid Kit (January 30th - February 21st, 2021)

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Welcome to the mercury in retrograde first aid kit! Today, mercury goes retrograde from January 30th through February 21st, 2021 in the air sign of Aquarius. What this brings with it is a coming together of the people, whether through a strong sense of community or through technological advances.

Say what you will about living in the technological age, but it does bring people together!  Through blogging and social media, we now have a further reach with people.  I know, I for one, have met people that I would never have met if it weren't for the internet.  

This Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius, you might find yourself aligning with people who might be outside of the norm for you.  You might find yourself reaching out to people who have a place in your history.  You may feel more connected, more tapped into the universal flow of energy than ever before!

There's something very light and airy about this energy!  It's kind of free-floating and has the ability to lead you to places and people that you've never seen yourself communing with.  There's an open-mindedness about this Aquarian energy.

I see this as a great time to make your peace with people, learn and forgive the past, and move on from things.  There are some things in life that are always left open-ended.  You may never fully find closure in certain situations and they may weigh heavily on your heart and mind at this time.

It's like reading a book that doesn't have an ending.  Mercury Retrograde will help you find closure on your own.  With air energy, it's like you have a cool breeze to help you move past the things you cannot change.

You'll come to a place of peace and acceptance with this retrograde period, in a way you never have before.  It will bring in a fresh wave of energy that is purifying, like clean air for the soul.

With the Full Moon in Leo making a star-quality appearance in the sky, you might find yourself feeling more confident in yourself, even with Mercury in Retrograde!  Sure, there's a lot of scattered energy in the air and the classic Leo blowing fire right out of the water, but you should be able to hold it together during the retrograde period.

However, Aquarius is ruled by the Planet Saturn, indicating longevity, old age, and wisdom.  This is because its standing planet is Capricorn.  This means that you'll still have some solid footing in your life.  You'll remain grounded and stable, like a wise sage.

This kind of energy breeds responsibility and inspires loyalty.  Loyalty to what, only you may know.  You have to look deep within to find your truth, then dig even deeper, to speak your truth.

Find a way to be gracious in uncomfortable situations that will often pop up during a retrograde period.  If someone wants to apologize to you, be open to hearing what they have to say at this time.  Remember that forgiveness is really about you at the end of the day.  

If someone wants to have a heart to heart conversation, hold back a little, until you can find the right words to say.  This is a great time to resolve differences and past disputes with Mercury in Retrograde in Aquarius!

You may find that there was a lot more going on beneath the surface of the situation this entire time!  It's a grand time to heal the past and to live in the airy realm of childlike nostalgic energy.  It may give you a whole new understanding of your relationships and with the world around you.

THE MERCURY IN RETROGRADE FIRST AID KIT (January 30TH-February 21st, 2021)

What is mercury in retrograde? Mercury in retrograde is when the planet of communication appears to be moving backward in the sky from our vantage point. Energetically speaking, it's a time period that can really impact communication, travel plans, and telecommunications too!

I personally have always liked mercury in retrograde! Here's why: It's a time to go within yourself by going into hermit mode for a bit. Sometimes, we need a little nudge from the universe to tell us to slow down and choose our words more carefully.

Mercury in retrograde will affect your interpersonal relationships. Communication may be off and you might not be able to say the right words at this time or rather the wrong words might slip out. It's a time to be extra careful of what rolls off your tongue.

It's a great time to take a step back and choose your words more carefully and think before you speak. See? When the planet of travel and communication is in retrograde, it forces you to consider how you express yourself to others and that's not necessarily a bad thing.

With Mercury in retrograde, unresolved issues will need to be dealt with and resolved. Don't be surprised if exes and old friends come back into your life to work out differences or to make things right with you. It's not uncommon for blasts from the past to come out of the woodworks at this time!

I highly recommend reading, Introducing Archangel Claudius: 2020 Angel of Purification, Speaking Truths, and Using Your Authentic Voice! This angel is fast-acting when it comes to getting your voice heard, especially during a retrograde period.

If you've been waiting on an apology from someone for a very long time, the planet Mercury might just swing them back around and boomerang them into your life! This may sound like a bad thing, but it's really not. If you've got unfinished business with someone, now is the time to address those issues head-on.

How to prepare for six of cups energy? Six of cups energy comes from the six of cups tarot card. It's a card that has heavy Mercury in Retrograde vibes and often shows up in tarot readings around this time.  Basically, it means that someone from your past is feeling nostalgic and wants to come back to work things out with you.  

It could be a friend or a friend with feelings that were never said.  It's not uncommon to hear confessions from the heart at this time, especially with Mercury in Retrograde in Aquarius!

Six of cups give me heavy mercury in retrograde vibes.  It's very dreamy, receptive, and nostalgic and often speaks of past friendships and lovers.

This could be a welcome change to your relationships, so be prepared for anything!  Yes, sometimes the past needs to stay in the past, but sometimes the past needs to be dealt with so we can move forward fearlessly in life, don't you think?  

Well, Mercury in Retrograde certainly thinks so!  When the planet moves backward, it's time to revisit the past.  I often find this is a good time to visit the gravestones of deceased loved ones and put flowers and trinkets on their graves.  

It's a time to remember and a time to say goodbye when you need to.  It's a time to rekindle old flames and it's also a time for healing closure.  It's all part of the grieving process of planetary alignment.

It's a very healing, cleansing time to work on yourself and go within, especially with the air element at play!  When we work on ourselves, we can become better people for each other and that's hella important.  

For more on the air element, you might enjoy reading about unicorns!  Unicorns are ruled by air signs and communication and live in the realm of the crown chakra, which always gives off heavy air vibes to me.

How to Make Travel Plans During Mercury in Retrograde:  Luckily, there's not as much traveling going on right now with the pandemic.  There are still times in life where we need to go out of town and attend a wedding or God forbid, a funeral.  Whatever the case may be, my suggestion is to be prepared for anything!

It's not uncommon for there to be mix-ups with luggage during retrograde or for online tickets to not go through because of technical difficulties.  Even while I was writing this post, my computer shut down on me out of the blue!

A retrograde period is where you just have to make plans and spring for surprises!  In a way, this can be good because it forces you to take the scenic route and go on more spontaneous adventures.  

If you can, travel light during a Mercury in Retrograde!  Also, use luggage that has been enchanted or blessed in some way or maybe holds some sweet nostalgic memories for you.  

For example, I carry my vintage red suitcase with me from the 1960s whenever I travel because it was given to me by my ex-mother-in-law.  She was one of the few people who always believed in my writing, maybe even more than I did.  

It holds sentimental value to me and I've made it into magical traveling luggage by stuffing the interior pockets with charms, traveling gemstones, and a tiny Lord Ganesh statue to remove obstacles while I'm traveling.  By adding a little magical healing protection to your travel bags things might just go according to plan!

Then again, they may not.  That's the point of Mercury in Retrograde energy.  You never know what surprises are hidden up her sleeves so your motto should be to be prepared for anything!  Expect the unexpected at this time, especially when it comes to travel and communication.

How to Go Into Hermit Mode During Mercury in Retrograde:  It's simple:  Just spend more time by yourself and use your time wisely!  I find that journaling, writing poetry, and looking through old pictures really feels very healing during Mercury retrograde.  

I find that sometimes it's good to spend time alone and contemplate life.  It's time to break out the yearbooks and think about all the ways you've changed since you were a teenager.  

It's a great time to get organized too!  Maybe you can spend time doing some scrapbooking or organizing your digital photo albums online.  

It's a wonderful time to craft your own grimoire if you are a solitary green witch too!  Or, any kind of witch really.  Creating your own book of spells is a great way to get in touch with your emotional self.  

It's a fun time to shop for birthday and holiday gifts, while you still have plenty of time and margin of error.  There's nothing more fun than drinking some vino, listening to retro music, and doing some online shopping for your loved ones and pets.  

Another thing you can do is some mercury in retrograde decluttering and feng shui.  For more on feng shui, you might like to do a major glow-up with Archangel Jophiel, the angel of aesthetic beauty and feng shui.  

You can declutter your closet and create a green nature witch time capsule wardrobe that feels more in tune with who you are now, rather than living in past energy.  It's fun to look back, but it's even funner (is that a word?) to look forward to your future and reach for the stars.  

That's the magical healing properties of mercury in retrograde!  It really connects us with our past in an effort to heal the wounded warrior parts of ourselves.  The more this happens, the more we become the truest, purest forms of our true selves and that's really kind of beautiful when you think about it.  

It's a time for going deep!  Get on the diving board of life and take that leap of faith in yourself.  Everything starts with one single drop of water and before we know it, we have an entire ocean we are swimming in.  

That ocean is our emotions and they often get reflected back to us through retrograde energy, acting as a mirror for all to see.  The good news is if you see something you don't like, you can always change it during a retrograde.  

That's the beauty of deep-diving into planetary energy!  It's better to embrace it rather than to hide away from ourselves.  Thanks for reading, friends! xoxo
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